The Internet revealed that Gu Tianle and Huang Jiying were secretly married and had a 10-year-old son, but they divorced 8 months ago

Tencent Entertainment 2021-11-25 17:52:12

In recent days, , Gu Tianle's private life has been hotly discussed again , There are rumors that he has been secretly married and has a ten-year-old son .

It is reported that , It was a Hong Kong entertainment reporter who broke the news , She often reveals some gossip in Hong Kong in her personal account , Two days ago, a netizen asked about Gu Tianle , The entertainment reporter replied that Gu Tianle and Huang Jiying had already married and had children , Two and a 10-year-old son .

It is reported that , Huang Jiying is the only girlfriend admitted in Gu Tianle's emotional history , But netizens also questioned , Didn't they break up early ? In this regard, the entertainment journal continues to make strong news that the two divorced only eight months ago , For this explosive , Many netizens are skeptical , After all, at Gu Tianle's current age , Netizens don't believe that he will have children in secret marriage , But because this entertainment journal often reveals some gossip in the circle , So the credibility is high .

Actually , There was also news of Gu Tianle's secret marriage with Huang Jiying , But both parties have not responded , In this case , It's really possible that they've been together in private , Just because they're all public figures , Don't want to attract too much attention , So there has been no official announcement .

Gu Tianle's debut has been maintained for many years “ Lone noble ” Personal design , Throughout his acting career , I have worked with many beautiful actresses , But Gu Tianle seldom has an affair with the opposite sex , The only one composed by netizens CP Xuan Xuan , But they also said many times , In private, it's just a relationship of close friends , Emotionally, I didn't cross the line .

Therefore, as the only girlfriend recognized by Gu Tianle , Huang Jiying's position in Gu Tianle's mind is bound to be extraordinary ,1994 year , Huang Jiying participated in the selection of Hong Kong sister in that year , Finally, with superior appearance and excellent temperament , The award for the “ The most photogenic lady ” The title of .

Then Huang Jiying and Gu Tianle cooperated in the play 《 There are Song family for meals 》, In the process, they fell in love because of the play , At that time, it was widely spread , Since Huang Jiying is still a new comer , Early exposure of a relationship , It caused great twists and turns in her acting career .

At first , Their relationship went well all the way , Unfortunately, I didn't escape in the end “ Seven year itch ” The curse of , In the seventh year of love, they finally choose to go their separate ways .

The reason for their breakup , Neither party has given a clear response , But once asked about the topic related to ancient Tianle , Huang Jiying was very open-minded , Never took the opportunity to scold each other .

And Gu Tianle mostly chooses to avoid talking , As he said before :“ The relationship is over , There's no need to say , And talking about this relationship , It just makes your ex girlfriend unhappy .” In the early years , Huang Jiying was in the most difficult time of her life , Gu Tianle also offered to help , Help her overcome difficulties together .

Later, Huang Jiying gradually disappeared from the performing arts circle , He runs a beauty shop , But I've been single emotionally , And Gu Tianle has been single all these years , Gu Tianle was shooting 《 The Apostle 2》 When , The crew has filmed in Spain and Myanmar , It's a coincidence that , At that time, Huang Jiying also appeared in these two places , So they were secretly married , Most netizens are not surprised .

It may be that seeing this matter has caused a lot of public opinion waves , The entertainment story of this disclosure 11 month 8 But he changed his mouth to deny , He claimed that he had not said anything about Gu Zi's disclosure , However, he did not claim that what he had said before was false , Therefore, Gu Tianle and Huang Jiying are still in doubt , Later, there will probably be netizens to make textual research .

If the disclosure is true , It is also enough to prove that Gu Tianle and Huang Jiying are people with long enough love , Young love itself is unforgettable , It's a beautiful thing that two people can get back together , After all, for fans , Gu Tianle has already reached the age of marriage and family , And Huang Jiying is undoubtedly the best choice around him .

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