Early reading class

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9.1 Join the morning class

I came into contact with the morning class by chance , Thinking is also an opportunity for progress , So he initiated an application , Join the class group .

At first I didn't take it too seriously , I didn't punch in on time the first day , In the evening, I received the supervision from the class committee , Ask why you didn't punch in .

After a few words with the class committee , I understand the clock out process , know 12:00 front 51 A bit of clock in will gain sound correction , After that, I punch in for the first time according to the punch in steps , It can be regarded as officially joining the early reading class .

The first stage

I personally prefer after dinner in the evening , Probably 9 Point to 12 Clock in at half past ten , But the cut-off time for this morning class is 8:30 , So calculate it , So I can't punch in on time every day .

Because of this, I also asked the monitor , The monitor said that some classes cut off cards earlier , After knowing this , I thought about it , Only change yourself to adapt to this class , Otherwise you'll have to quit .

Exit is simple , Rejoining is also easy , But one thing , As long as you give up , You don't know when it's another start .

And I thought about it , I have to punch in every day , Why not seize the opportunity to correct the sound ? So I asked myself to punch in and arrange the time in 12 Before you order , Try to get something out of every sentence you read .

Then I'll clock in more in the morning 8:00-8:27 This free time , It's just finished. It's still some time before work , Otherwise, the time will pass when you turn over your mobile phone .

A few days after joining the morning class , I don't have much impression , Just as required , Punch in the group from Monday to Friday , Free clock in on Saturday and Sunday .

Be praised for the first time

I read it every day , There will be some problems with more or less large and small , but 9 month 10 On the th , That's the eighth day I followed , I received praise , It was completely unexpected .

I still remember that the early reading content at that time was three sentences about the teacher ,“ The average teacher teaches his class . A similar teacher xxx. Good teacher xxxx.”

Maybe every sentence is short , It's easier to read . In addition, I also listened to the voice of other students in the group before following . Under dual factors , Let me receive from Ben “great” Commentary , It makes me happy .

Because of being praised , In the next few days, I will listen to the teaching audio and the pronunciation of other students in the group again and again before reading , But I haven't received anything like 9 month 10 The result of No .

Again and again, my enthusiasm was eroded by my problems in pronunciation , Later, every day seems to be just a mere formality , Listen to the explanation video and punch in , I didn't hope much , Not too much disappointment .

The second stage

In the second phase , There is not much change about following reading , I just received a tweet one day , It can be regarded as a summary of the students' achievements .

Attracted by the title , I ordered in , The author tells about his from joining the early reading to slowly becoming a class committee , To finally become the leader of the sound correction team .

I also got a lot of inspiration from it , What impresses me is , In the article, the author wrote , When he first joined the morning class , I don't feel much gain , I didn't pay special attention to the number of clock days , I just punch in on time every day . But read and read , Gradually received the monitor's praise , Interest was suddenly brought up , Each time I punch in and add my own follow-up days , Record your growth . And then , Infected by the whole team , And love of English , Also want to join . Began to learn to be a school committee , Then apply for the class leader of sound correction , With the continuous improvement of their ability , Finally, I got what I wanted and still punch in .

When reading this article , I still punch in on time every day , I don't feel much progress , I don't care about a stage of my clock in days .

As the number of follow-up days increases , I will also click on my own voice to listen to , Listen to others , It feels more authentic , More fluent , More rhythmic , And my own doesn't sound so pleasant , Although the reading is the same , But it sounds completely different .

The initial feedback is to point out some problems in the process of reading , Later, the feedback gradually came that there was no problem with a single word , You can imitate the pronunciation and intonation . So? , I pay more attention to my pronunciation and intonation , But the pronunciation and intonation notice that there will be some problems in reading .

So I decided to adopt the principle of protecting one against two , First , Ensure pronunciation and intonation . On this basis , Pay attention to some problems that need attention , Step by step , After all, you can't eat a mouthful of fat .

therefore , When entering 11 Since the month , He was praised by the monitor one after another , This has also greatly improved my enthusiasm , I began to sum up the problems and suggestions the monitor pointed out to me , Pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation and the weak reading of continuous reading , I also feel that I have a new harvest in reading English .

Summary and prospect

Punch in every day , Not just a mere formality , It's more about ensuring quality , Gain something .

I'll stick to the morning class , And will stick to it for a long time , Progress with like-minded people , It must be a very happy thing .

I also strive to improve my strength as soon as possible , Be part of the team , Make progress with everyone !

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