Sun Yining and both Meizhu and Mai teach how to fight people in the live broadcasting room. Sun Yining is not very happy

Tencent Entertainment 2021-11-25 17:47:37

Both Meizhu and sun Yining began to connect wheat together , And realized the dream linkage in the live studio .

This wave of operation can be said to be the ceiling of the net red world , Even in the studio , Du Meizhu also asked sun Yining how to deal with people , Sun Yining also responded well !

Is this a master fight ? Do you have any plans behind this linkage ?

It's in the studio , Du Meizhu took the initiative to find sun Yining, Lian mai , Then both sides interact and exchange greetings in the live studio , During this period, sun Yining still showed relatively mature and calm , And ask netizens not to swipe the screen maliciously .

I saw two “ master ” Gather in a room , Netizens will not miss this opportunity to leave a message , And brush it all over the screen “ Wu F” And Wang Sicong .

But for these messages , Sun Yining shouted to stop , During her interaction with Meizhu, she didn't feel too happy in the whole process , Instead, it is perfunctory praise. The beautiful songs of Meizhu people are sweet .

Du Meizhu took the initiative to find sun Yining and Mai this time , After entering the live studio, I asked sun Yining if he could pay attention to each other ? I also hope the other party can teach me how to hate others !

It seems that she is going to take the online popular route like sun Yining ? But for her questions , Sun Yining seems a little depressed , It just gives “ Okay ”“ A beautiful voice is sweet ” These are some responses .

Combined with the rumor that Du Meizhu was passed to drop out of school , She also sent a document denying the matter . He said he left Zhongchuan just because he wanted to leave Beijing , Leave the city that oppresses you , Get back to health early .

Judging from the fact that she and sun Yining took the initiative to connect wheat , What kind of depression is she , Nothing at all . Maybe she wants to enter the online red circle , That's why the next operation . But it also shows that she seems very slim about her future , There is no definite direction .

Since it describes a change of environment , Then why take the initiative to find sun Yining Lianmai ? Doesn't she know something about sun Yining and your circle ? Didn't she think of avoiding these topics ?

Obviously, Meizhu has its own plans , ' : Tear it first and then broadcast it live , Today's stars really can't play online popularity . Both are experts , But this kind of master is actually not very valued .

In the flow age , They seem to have mastered the password of traffic , I hope they don't make any trouble in the entertainment circle .

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