Private life is chaotic, with 675 million gambling in five years, and some directors have gone further and further on the road of "death"

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Tencent has launched a new program , Name is 《 Director, please give me some advice 》.

Many people heard the name , I feel familiar , Didn't there be a similar program called 《 Actors, please be in position 2》 Do you ?

It turned out last year 《 Actors, please be in position 2》 in 4 A director served as a mentor , result 2 Something happened to you , The program is therefore cool , You can only change a vest and go online .

Similarly, , There was another show last year 《 I am the actor 3》, It's not a few days since the broadcast , It's also 2 Accidents happened one after another , Only Zhang Ziyi was left to comment .

Netizens joked that , It's an actor competitive program , The actor hasn't been eliminated yet , The director is eliminated first 2 individual .

The program team can't , Had to find Zhang Jizhong temporary rescue site , Ironically, Zhang Jizhong was also frequently exposed to hidden rule scandals .

It seems that the actor circle is chaotic , The circle of directors is not reassuring , Many people don't understand why so many directors have accidents , In fact, the reason is very simple .

In the entertainment world , The director is at the top of the chain of contempt , A film and TV play , There may be hundreds of staff , The final decision is often made by the director ( Producers has the final say. ).

We often listen to “ The best is the best ”, Have you ever seen “ Leading and excellence is acting ” Of , It can be said that the director is the highest goal of film and television practitioners .

But it's very cold up there , Stars face many temptations , The director faces more temptation .

Making movies often costs hundreds of millions of dollars , As a clapper , Can the director not use that crooked brain ?

A play has dozens of characters , The role of a servant girl is being robbed by many beauties , An actress knocks on your door in the middle of the night to discuss the script , Can you hold it ?

Directors also have a circle culture , The clique is like the enemy while the dissident is like the enemy , A traffic star obviously has poor acting skills , But the circle is holding , Can you stop saying a few words against your heart ?

so , The director is really a sugar coated shell “ High risk industries ”, Many directors are swallowed up by desire , Finally embarked on the road of death .

Pigo summed up , These directors “ To die ”, There are three ways .

Blinded by lust , Someone has been 3 God, whoring , Someone's private life is chaotic

The so-called warm thinking and lust , Directors are most likely to fall in one “ color ” word .

In fact, the director directs the actors to act , Wipe the gun and let it go , Feelings are inevitable , The relationship between the two is also very common .

For example, Chen Kaige and Chen Hong , Jia Zhangke and Zhao Tao , Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun and so on , They are all married , Become a good story in the entertainment industry .

Even like Zhang Yimou and Gong Li , ambiguous 8 year , Finally separate , But respect each other , Many years later, he also cooperated in film 《 Return 》, The emotional entanglement of that year has also become a joke .

But not all directors can grasp this measure .

The most typical example is Wang Quan'an .

He was originally the leader of the sixth generation of Directors , He worked with Yu Nan 《 The Waking of Insects 》、《 Eclipse of the moon 》、《 Tuya's marriage 》 Etc , Hold Yu Nan as a movie queen , They have also been in love for ten years , But the relationship ended without a hitch .

Later, Wang Quan'an met Zhang Yuqi , To please the beauty , stay 《 White Deer Plain 》 Li gave her the role of Tian Xiaoe , Added a lot of plays to her , Almost 《 White Deer Plain 》 It's done 《 Biography of Tian Xiaoe 》, The end result is to hold the beauty back , But the movie's reputation collapsed .

《 White Deer Plain 》 after , Wang Quan'an's aura is gone , Also dazzled by the color words .

2014 In, Wang Quan'an was arrested for whoring , The police revealed that he had been 3 Tianzhao whoring , During this period, I also talked with 2 Two women have sex at the same time , Even the film studio as a place to vent .

He and Zhang Yuqi 3 The marriage ended abruptly , And almost ruined his career as a director .

Similarly, , Another director we are familiar with, Chen Sicheng, also encountered a similar dilemma .

Where are Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya 2010 Shooting in 《 Beijing love story 》 When you become a lover , And in 2014 Years of marriage .

As a result, less than half a year after marriage , Chen Sicheng was photographed meeting hot girls late at night .

Tong Liya also clarified for her husband at that time , He said that his royal husband had skills , The media is all graffiti .

Then they recovered their sweetness ,2015 In, Chen Sicheng relied on 《 Chinatown detective 》 Usher in the peak of career .

2016 Tong Liya gave birth to a boy , The screen couple were envious of others for a moment .

can 2017 year 1 month , Chen Sicheng was exposed to spend the night with two hot girls again , This time, Tong Liya couldn't bear it .

Her social media has not spoken , But I took pictures of my son in my circle of friends , Allocation :“ restart ! Yaya, come on !”

And this chat record with a friend shows her anger .

Their marriage broke up , Then they seem to be divorced , Chen Sicheng also began to speak out in public , Make no secret of your vulgar desires .

In an interview, he talked about “ Sex and love are an inseparable whole ”, Say in front of your wife “ There was such a stage when I was young , I want to be in bed every day ”;

He ridiculed Tong Liya as a female version of Wang Baoqiang , I also remember scalding my wife with cigarette butts , It's interesting to be frank ;

He even openly questioned monogamy , Frankly, anyone will cheat , Tong Liya told him to go home .

The apparent marriage between the two lasted 3 More years , Finally this year 5 The month came to an end , and 《 Tang Dynasty detective 3》 The collapse of word of mouth may mark the beginning of Chen Sicheng's low career .

And Chen Sicheng 、 Tong Liya and her husband are similar to Feng Xiaogang 、 Mr. and Mrs. Xu Fan .

Feng Xiaogang created China's new year comedy by himself , For a time, Zhang Yimou was on a par 、 Chen Kaige's great director , Naturally, there are beautiful women around him .

Before Xu Fan married Feng Xiaogang , Feng Xiaogang had a marriage . stay 《 Venus show 》 On , Venus asked Xu Fan if she could see Feng Xiaogang ?

Xu Fan replied :“ No look , Our family is male , You let him take advantage of it , It's not us who suffer .”

Xu Fan's remarks and Tong Liya's “ Just go home ” The same is true , It seems that learning to turn a blind eye is the self-cultivation of many director wives .

Foreign directors are also involved in peach news everywhere .

The movie 《 pianist 》 Director Roman ・ Polanski is actually a demon , When he sexually assaulted 13 A - year-old girl has committed a felony and is wanted , So he fled the United States 42 year , Escaped legal sanctions .

Last year, the French Caesar Award awarded him the best director , Many actors left the scene angrily , The off-site fans also couldn't accept his award .

《 The last emperor 》 Director Bertolucci is recognized as a film master ,《 The godfather 》 Brando, the actor, is recognized as the benchmark of acting , But they also conspired to do bad things .

1972 year , Shooting 《 The last tango in Paris 》 There was a rape scene , In order to pursue truth, director Bertolucci asked Prynne to do a holiday play .

In a later interview, Bertolucci revealed that , Without communicating with the heroine Maria in advance , He winked at Brando , Brando raped Maria in the name of so-called art .

The scene was certainly true , But it crossed the boundaries of the director , Actor Maria never wanted to recall the play again in her life ,“ Captain America ” Evans wrote many years later that he would never see the film in his life ,《 The last tango in Paris 》 It also became a stain on the life of Bertolucci and Brando .

Bound by capital , Knowing that bad films are going to be made , play “ Money game ”, Take the side door to get money

In addition to color , Money is also a disaster area that directors are easy to fall into .

Once directors fall into the eyes of money , It's hard to create viable works .

Take our most familiar director Zhang Yimou .

near 20 year , Although his works are mixed , But mostly above the standard , The only thing that suffered Waterloo was 《 Three shots in surprise 》 and 《 The Great Wall 》, It's all about money .

pat 《 Three shots in surprise 》 when , Zhang Yimou has just directed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games , Fame has peaked , And partner Zhang Weiping is a producer with great business acumen , He and Zhang Yimou “ Two combinations ” It was the guarantee of commercial blockbusters in those years .

2009 year ,“ Two ” Bought the Cohen brothers 《 Blood maze 》, And adapted into a sketch film 《 Three shots in surprise 》, They also found Zhao Benshan and Xiao Shenyang, the hottest stars at that time , Finally, the box office sold well , Word of mouth collapsed .

Many years later , Zhang Yimou talked about the film again in the interview , To be frank “ I didn't intend to make this play , But the production company wants to make money ”, Also called “ I feel like I fell into the ditch ”.

Then shoot 《 Jinling thirteen hairpins 》,“ Two combinations ” A complete break , Since then, it has become a stranger .

And shoot 《 The Great Wall 》 when , Zhang Yimou was also coerced by capital , The crew packed a lot of traffic actors , The script is also a combination of Chinese and Western , Neither fish nor fowl , Wang Jing said that with Zhang Yimou's strength, she must have known that the film would collapse , But you still have to bite the bullet , Finally, it is expected that the reputation will be bleak .

There are still many directors who fall for money , For example, we are familiar with Inda , He directed 《 I love my family 》 The series pioneered Chinese sitcoms .

But 2017 year , Inda was arrested in the United States , The reason for the media coverage is “ Filming money laundering ”.

According to US prosecutors ,2011 Year to 2012 Year of 11 In a matter of months , The INDAS will 46.4 Ten thousand dollars was secretly deposited into the couple's joint account , To bypass surveillance , They always save less than 1 Ten thousand yuan , A total of 50 Time .

Although Inda came forward to clarify “ Was arrested ” said , Say just “ Illegal deposit ”, But his reputation has been greatly affected .

And he had a criminal record before , As early as 2013 He went to court in , The plaintiff claimed that Yingda borrowed 500 Ten thousand yuan is still overdue in April , It caused quite a stir at that time .

Although Yingda returns this year , Become 《 Golden comedy class 》 Tutor , But I'm afraid these stains will accompany him all his life .

The more common way for directors to make money is to bet .

Some big directors have become slaves of capital .

For example, Stephen Chow , He was in 2016 In, he signed a gambling agreement with Shanghai New Culture Company , The agreement requires Xingye to follow 4 Years to complete 10.4 Billion net profit , The part that is not enough is out of his own pocket .

For this reason, Stephen Chow's output suddenly increased greatly , Shot one after another 《 Mermaid 》、《 The west journey fu demon 》、《 The king of new comedy 》, At the box office , Feelings and reputation are exhausted , Finally, he sold his property to fill the vacancy .

Zhang Guoli is 2013 In, he also signed a gambling agreement .

Huayi contributed 2.52 Billion , Bought his company 70% Shares of , Ask him next 5 Annual net profit 3000 All the above .

Zhang Guoli is a director again , Acting again , Be the host again , Too busy .

Later, he also publicly expressed his regret :“ My life is very hard ”.

But some directors are in collusion with capital .

Feng Xiaogang 2015 In, a strange gambling agreement was signed .

The company he founded is in debt 5000 ten thousand , But it was used by Huayi 10.5 Billion bought 70% Shares of , Huayi asked Feng Xiaogang to 5 Years to earn 6.75 Billion .

Pay 10.4 Billion , Demand return 6.75 Billion , Even if Feng Xiaogang doesn't do anything , Can also make money in vain 4 $ , This is a typical left hand down right hand , Huayi's share price also fluctuated to a certain extent .

Big directors eat meat , The little directors can only drink some soup .

A few days ago, director Shen Juhui used the guise of shooting art films , Seduce an actress to shoot “ Indecent film ” Millions were caught making profits .

Shen Juhui is not the best director in the circle , Can do whatever they want for money , It can be seen how much the whole circle is beyond the public imagination from top to bottom .

Plagiarism , Break through the bottom line of ethics , One by one

The directors have completed the pursuit of color and profit , The next step is to find a name .

A director should be famous , Just need the work to speak , But many directors are not talented enough , Just take crooked ways to get together .

Some directors rely on plagiarism .

Like something we're familiar with 《 The little time 》 The director started by copying ,20 Year refused to apologize , Go to a variety show and be a tutor , In case of industry consolidation , He just came out to apologize .

Some directors do not hesitate to take the black and red line .

such as 《 Dream chasing show business 》 Director Bi Zhifei , Shoot out watercress 2.2 Divide the film , But I have no idea , Participate in variety shows everywhere to publicize their advanced theories , Instead, he became famous .

Some directors for what they think “ art ”, Break through the bottom line of ethics .

such as 1993 year , Director Yao Shougang made a film 《 Dog King 》 when , In order to pursue the so-called truth , The general dog blew up alive , Years later, he remembered with a smile , It's outrageous .

Some directors sell badly .

In those days, producer Fang Li wanted to 《 Birds pay homage to the king 》 Kneel down and shock the whole country , Many people began to follow , For example, some time ago 《 Five boys splashing in the water 》, Good reputation , But director Song Haolin's promotion of eating looks a little ugly , Selling in the live studio , When it comes to the sad place, tears are in my eyes , This approach is counterproductive , Finally, the film can only go offline .

All in all , Summed up so much , To sum up, it's just three words : color 、 money 、 name .

In fact, any industry will be corroded by these three things .

But the director is the pyramid of film and television , Get more resources , The contact crowd is more miscellaneous , The chance of becoming famous is also faster .

This also makes a large number of directors go one after another on the road of collapse , The ugly things they did after being swallowed up by desire may be more memorable than their works .

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