The opening score of "deadly desire" fell to 4.7. Why didn't the suspense play win? Three major causes

Tencent Entertainment 2021-11-25 17:45:36

A popular suspense play in iqiyi video fog theater 《 Fatal wish 》, douban 4.9 Open up . I didn't pass , A low enough score , After a few hours , It's straight down 4.7 branch . Forelegs , Broadcast at the fog theater 《 Octagonal pavilion fog 》, The same is true. 5.7 Low scores float over .

Misty theater last year , In order to 《 A secret corner 》 and 《 The truth of silence 》 The two play , Like thunder on the ground , Started the domestic suspense drama market , Let's look forward to them this year . result , Two plays before and after this year's meeting with audience friends , The scores are very low . More Than This , Several suspense dramas promoted by several other platforms , The quality is not particularly high .

Like a mango TV sharpen one's knife , Wanxi was specially invited to join , Adapted from Douban's high score novel 《 The twelfth second 》, It fails to achieve the desired effect . And in Youku Video 《 The truth 》, Under the Douban score , Even more bad reviews are one star and two stars .

Earliest , When the audience sees these suspense dramas to be broadcast this season , It is generally believed that , This autumn and winter , There will be a scene of fairy fighting . Who wanted to , The fairy to fight , In a moment , It becomes a vegetable chicken pecking at each other .

Cause this situation , There are three main reasons .

The first point is the top priority , About the screenwriting level of these plays .

《 Octagonal pavilion fog 》 The chief screenwriter is director Wang Xiaoshuai , He does 《 forever 》, Such a brilliant and amazing work . But , Throughout his previous film and television dramas , Not all suspense types , Therefore, he is not very familiar with and has a deep grasp of this subject matter . Yes, of course , He is not the writer of the play , There are other writers involved , The past works of those people , It's all in 4.8 branch ~6.4 Minute wandering . I thought , The Three Stooges , How can you stand up to Zhuge Liang . The final result was also seen by everyone , Zhuge Liang is not so easy to replace .

《 Fatal wish 》 He is also a screenwriter, that is, the director himself , And his screenwriting score is 3.9 branch ~6.8 branch , The highest score is the movie 《 Big shot 》, The highest score has just passed , Isn't this a sweat ? What is the level of other writers 4.1 branch ~7.5 Within the range of points , Obviously, most of them failed , Be beaten out 7.5 Share this , Only 1500 Multiplayer rating .

《 The truth of silence 》 and 《 A secret corner 》 The two play , Is adapted from what is called yes “ Guiwu Dongye of China ”, Two suspense novels by writer Zi Jin Chen . In Japan, where the suspense market is very crowded , Get such praise , It is conceivable that Zijin Chen is powerful . This shows that these two dramas became popular last year , The quality of his novel is excellent , The script is mature . Professional people do professional things , Zijin Chen is good at writing suspense novels , And has been deeply rooted in this market . From this point alone , This is a big part of these new dramas this year .

Second point , These are some suspense dramas that failed to satisfy everyone this year , Too many elements superimposed .

It's all suspense , But the focus of each suspense drama is different . Because in the face of today's market full of suspense dramas , To play tricks , Play fresh , You must show your unique side .

Just opened 《 Fatal wish 》, Actually That's exactly where I lost , Light science fiction + The suspense The elements of , Let it roll over more violently than others .

Set the future of science fiction , It didn't produce strange and novel effects for everyone , But there is a kind of carelessness and carelessness everywhere . It's hard to say , Some netizens think , That's the feeling , It's not as good as it was more than ten years ago 《 Magic cell phone 》.

《 Octagonal pavilion fog 》 Not really “ To be unique ”, Want to be similar to 《 A secret corner 》 Direction closer , Focus on native families , Under the “ Family ethics + Suspense detective + Youth campus ” Banner , It has severe schizophrenia 、 Transvestism 、 Excessive doting and so on . If it really becomes a hot money , that , It will also become a good material for the official account of major media. . It is a pity , Stacking of elements , It doesn't make the plot exquisite .

The third point is , Audience expectations are too high .

What else can I say , The audience can only share their hands , Express :“ Blame me !”

It's not just iqiyi fog theater , It was broadcast in Youku video before 《 Chasing murderers in the daytime and night 》 The performance was excellent, too , Include 《 Chinatown detective 》 On the Internet , All this makes everyone feel , Has Chinese suspense drama begun to move on the right track , The future prospects will be better , Wider . therefore , Before you know it , Everyone raised their expectations for suspense drama . Expectation is demand , The audience has a request , The supply side cannot be satisfied , It behoove people who have needs to make complaints about it. .

Make complaints about the audience and netizens 《 Dense desire 》 Wait for suspense , Not at all , More hate iron than steel , I hope it can do better .

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