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Let's pray for the legendary queen , I hope she can come back safely .

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A generation of legendary singer Celine ・ What happened to Dion ?

recently , celine ・ Dion (Celine Dion) stay Instagram A message was posted on , Personally announce , Due to health problems , She was scheduled to 11 month 5 The concert held at the newly completed scenic world theatre in Las Vegas on the th was cancelled .“ This decision broke my heart .” She wrote ,“ My team and I have been working around the clock for our concert 8 Months , Can't be in 11 My disappointment on the stage in the month is beyond words .”

She continued to pour out her sadness ,“ Disappoint fans who plan to come to Las Vegas , Letting them down makes me feel very bad …… Now? , I must focus on my health to get better as soon as possible …… I want to get rid of it as soon as possible ”.

Then , His team issued a press release , Which revealed that , The Quebec star “ Suffering from severe and persistent muscle spasm , This prevented her from performing on the stage . Her medical team continued to evaluate and treat her , But the symptoms she was experiencing did not allow her to participate in the rehearsal of the new program ”.

The United States time 2019 year 1 month 8 Japan ,“Celine Dion the final shows at Las Vegas” celine ・ Dion opened the last round of farewell concert in Las Vegas , Titanic theme song 《my heart will go on》( My heart will go on ) Again , It was already 50 Year old Celine ・ Dion's voice is still like the sound of nature , The goddess is still elegant .

At the subsequent Paris Fashion Week , Reporters, she has become like this in the camera . For foreign media “skeletal frame”( Skeleton shape ) To describe her figure .

In an article entitled 《 Is she OK ? Look at Celine ・ Dion's terrible skinny photos in Paris recently 》 In the article , The authors wrote ,“50 year 《 My heart will go on 》 Singer Celine ・ Dion continues to scare fans with her skeleton shape .”

Her physical condition may have had serious problems by then . But soon after “ Hard air ” Responded to those who spoke about her body :“ I'm very good , You don't have to BB.”

According to Canadian media , celine ・ Dion's health deteriorated further , I can't get up anymore 、 Move or walk . One of her close relatives revealed , The pain in her legs and feet paralyzed her , She is very weak , I lost a lot of weight . thankfully , Her sister Linda is taking care of her three children .

For many people , It's from the movie 《 Titanic 》 Theme 《 My heart will go on 》(My heart will go on) Know her . actually , She created a legend in the singing world , Far more than this song .

The highest selling French album in history , Two female singers who have sold more than one million English singles ; The first female singer with four consecutive studio champion albums ; And the first to win an Oscar , A female singer with two Oscar winning songs .

She was awarded 5 Grammy Awards 、12 World Music Awards 、7 American Music Awards 、7 American billboard Award 、21 Juno Award 、43 Felix Music Award …… Her global album sales totaled more than 200 million , This includes two consecutive albums that have sold more than 3000 The number of 10000 sheets .

These world records , There is only admiration !

Legendary queen

1980 Celine, who entered the singing world in ・ Dion , At that time only 12 year . That year , She took part in a Quebec singing competition . In that singing competition , She moved an agent named Angel , The latter decided to discover this talented girl .

She is definitely a natural singer . After entering the industry, I was magnanimous all the way , It's almost a soft hand to win a prize .

1981 year ,13 Year old Celine ・ Dion released his first French album 《La voix du bon Dieu》.1982 year , Participate in the Yamaha World singing contest , And sing songs 《Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi》 Won the championship .1983 year , With a single 《D'amour ou d'amitié》 Become the first Canadian artist to obtain gold record certification in France ; Same year , Get four Félix prize .1988 year , She won the annual European singing competition in Dublin , Then sign up for Sony .

1990 year , She released her first English album 《Unison》. This album ranked 74th on the billboard album list in the United States , Album Collection 《Where Does My Heart Beat Now》 Ranked fourth in the billboard top 100 single list . She also used her album 《Unison》 For the first 21 Juno Award “ Album of the year ” and “ Female singer of the year ” Other awards , This makes her the first Canadian French born singer to win this award .

Her first French album after joining Sony records 《Des mots qui sonnent》, Get France in one fell swoop 、 Canadian gold record and double platinum Certification , And won the Juno Award “ Best selling French album ” prize .

1992 year , Years old 24 Year old Celine ・ Dion by virtue of 《 Beauty and beast 》 The classic theme song in 《Beauty And The Beast》 Got the Grammy .1995 year , With her explosive songs 《The Power of Love》 Come to the champion position of the American bulletin board , And released the best-selling album in France and the highest selling French album in the world 《D'eux》.

1996 year , English album 《Falling into You 》 Let her climb to the first peak of her career . Not only won the Grammy again , The single on the album 《Because You Loved Me》 It is also popular all over the world , Let her win the World Music Award “ The world's best selling artist ”“ The world's best selling pop artist ”“ Best selling artist in Canada ” Wait for three awards .

so to speak , She is in the French and English world , Are talented singers with great influence and sales .

after , Just for 1998 Years of film 《 Titanic 》 Sing the theme song 《My Heart Will Go On》( My heart will go on ),30 Under the age of, she is popular all over the world with this song , The winner of the first 70 Oscar for best film song , Then he was promoted to the queen of international songs , Climb the second peak of your career .

According to Celine ・ Dion himself called , She sang this song for about 100 Ten thousand times , Sometimes I really feel “ It's this song again ”? But every time I see the fans hear this song , Someone stood up excitedly , Someone was moved to cry , Just forget everything .

except 100 Ten thousand times 《My Heart Will Go On》, celine ・ Another miracle created by Dion is , since 2003 year 3 Month to 2019 year 1 month , near 16 Over the years , celine ・ Dion is already at Caesar Palace in Las Vegas The Colosseum The theatre performed more than 1000 Concerts , As many as... People participated 450 10, , Not only the record holder so far , It is also a miracle to save the Las Vegas economy .

Fight for love

celine ・ Dion himself once said , She from 12 I fell in love with myself at the age of 26 Agent Angelil, aged .

That year , Angelil took the young Celine ・ When Dion toured with her mother , Even mortgaged and sold all the properties , Help Celine ・ Dion released her first French album .

Maybe it's company , Maybe it's love over time , Maybe there is a sympathy between bole and Qianlima , This love affair has challenged the taboo of the public , Not many blessings . Dion's mother even forced her to die , Against their being together .

1992 year , celine ・ Dion decided to sing , Announce the relationship to the world , She issued a picture called 《the Color of My Love》 The album of , And wrote such words on the inner page ――“ When you fall in love , You want to shout to the world .”

As stubborn as a child , celine ・ Dion's firm belief ,“ Even against the world , I want to be with you ”!1991 year , The two are secretly engaged ;1994 year , A grand wedding was held in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Montreal .

However , In Celine ・ Dion by virtue of 《My Heart Will Go On》 When it's red and purple , Angelil was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer : And Celine ・ Dion resolutely chose to be in the heyday of his career , Quit music for a while , Take care of her husband .

This time, , They got the feedback of fate : Angelil recovered two years later , And they held a traditional Byzantine wedding , Reiterated their wedding vows , And through artificial pregnancy , With three lovely babies .

And then , She's back in music , Use one 《A New Day Has Come》 Sing love to the world .

2013 year , Bad luck came again unexpectedly .

Angelil's cancer has relapsed , And Celine ・ Dion once again chose to take care of her husband . at that time , Angelil's body is quite weak , Rely on the stomach and esophagus to eat , And his only wish , Said he wanted to be in Celine ・ Dion left in his arms .

Three days later , In the place where the wedding was held , Dion attended her husband's funeral .

The strong woman once again chose to turn grief into strength ,“ I try to tell my children , Life is full of sickness and misfortune . But you can't keep crying , Always depressed ”.

She chose to continue in the singing world , Finish her live concert in Las Vegas . from 2003 Year to 2019 Year of 16 Year , The death of husband Angelil , as well as 2017 year 10 The casino shooting in June , Without interrupting her performance .

But actually , Her body had already issued a warning .

Before , She suffers from a disease called “ Abnormal opening of eustachian tube ”(Patulous Eustachian Tube, abbreviation PET) The disease , It is a kind of eustachian tube dysfunction .

According to the official website of the U.S. Department of health ,PET The main symptom is “ Self sound distortion or self sound too strong ”, That is, the sound made by the patient's body is heard by the patient himself in a way of exaggeration , Including breathing 、 speak 、 Swallow and chew 、 breathing 、 heartbeat 、 The sound of a pulse . This not only makes the patient nervous , And it creates an illusion , Seriously interfere with their pronunciation and communication . Patients can't know the intensity of their voice , It often leads to low voice , Or the sound is too high due to over compensation .

Besides , The patient will feel low pitched tinnitus , Ears bulging , It's like a big bucket over your head , Be commonly called “ Barrel top effect ”. Abnormal opening of eustachian tube can also cause chronic rhinitis and pharyngitis , In the worst case , Can cause deafness .

Although the doctor didn't say that Celine ・ The cause of Dion's illness , But many fans guess , It was the perennial live performance that hurt her hearing and pronunciation system ―― Many of her songs require great energy to sing .

Now , It came that she was weak because of pain , Can't get out of bed , It really makes people sigh .

today , Troubled by illness and pain, she still chooses to believe . It was her single a week ago 《That's the Way It Is》 issue 22 The anniversary of , She shared the lyrics with her fans on the social platform .

Don't give up on your faith

Don't give up your faith

Love comes to those who believe it

Only those who believe in it can get love

Let's pray for the legendary queen , I hope she can come back safely .

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