Breakthrough: all the tricks are in vain. Lin Xiaowei's ungratefulness is the fatal blow to Lin ManJiang

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The infighting in the breakthrough gradually became white hot , The audience was worried , A doubt lingers in my mind :

Have a good one “ Sally ” Grand Opera , In the end, it became “ The Shop of Lin Family ” Fighting inside , Lin ManJiang alone 、 Qi BenAn 、 It's enough to fight among Shi Hongxing .

Before that, I showed my face frequently , I even got a lot of shots Fan Jiahui 、 Niu Junjie 、 Qin Xiaochong 、 Niu Shiyan and even Lin 、 What role does the younger generation of the LV family play ?

exactly , In front of the plot , I feel that the supporting roles above have nothing to do with the vortex between the protagonists , Breaking the sky can only be regarded as a branch plot .

Because it has nothing to do with Zhongfu corruption in Jingzhou , The audience once suspected that this was pulled out by the screenwriter for a long time .

But in fact , no .

exactly , On the bright side , These supporting roles are similar to Lin 、 Qi 、 The struggle between brother and sister of Shi San Shi has nothing to do with , But in fact , As a, I have created 《 In the name of the people 》 For Zhou Mason, a screenwriter with such an excellent script , Obviously, this is the possibility of a waste pen , not big .

And as the truth gradually surfaced , Lin ManJiang's figure also gradually emerged from the clouds .

Those who turn their backs on the people , Will eventually be abandoned by the people . The fate of Lin ManJiang is self-evident , And when all the clues come together , We can be surprised to find , These supporting roles , Not only is it not redundant , But full of deep meaning !

Fan Jiahui : A keen sense of smell , Lin ManJiang's character “ The Revealer ”

Fan Jiahui played by Qin lan , She is a strong woman in the play .

As 《 Jingzhou times 》 Chief editor of , Fan Jiahui is quite superior .

When he learned that his old Qi would be transferred to Jingzhou , The first reaction was to stop her husband .

Because he has no , Like she said , she As the head of the times , We also see the situation quite clearly .

Jingzhou Zhongfu is now a mess that no one cares about , I don't know how many problems left over by history , Qi BenAn, now , It's like entering a tiger's Den , Make it clear that it will offend all parties .

She was swift and resolute , Even called Lin ManJiang directly , Try to use your own “ The posture of a female tiger ” Let him withdraw Qi BenAn's appointment .

After Qi BenAn gradually discovered the truth 、 In the process of fighting with Lin ManJiang , She didn't give little advice , More directly speculated that Lin ManJiang was behind the scenes , As early as when Qi BenAn had no gap, he repeatedly reminded him to be careful .

so to speak ,《 Jingzhou times 》 Fan Jiahui, the leader of the , To Lin ManJiang of Zhongfu group , Is a set of corresponding , Fan Jiahui's repeated reminders , It seems that women think too much , In fact, there was a hint .

Qin Xiaochong : Invisible undercover , Zhongfu group's Secret “ Whistler ”

Qin Xiaochong played by Chen Xiao , It was really annoying at first .

I drank Beishan soup because I was wronged , Qin Xiaochong, an in-depth investigation reporter, opened , It can be said that people mistakenly thought it would be a city government .

But in the later plot , He repeatedly ignored his professional ethics for silver, which also disappointed the audience .

But although the characters are somewhat “ low-level ” Some points , But there is no denying that , On Lin ManJiang's original road , Qin Xiaochong provided many warnings and clues .

Undercover Angel company , He found out 5 The secret behind Geyi and Wang Ping'an , And because of his report , The corruption case of Zhongfu gradually surfaced .

In the process of recovering debts with Li Shundong , He left a lot of heart , To fan Jiahui 、 And then it was conveyed to Qi BenAn , There are also many .

so to speak , Although there is no intersection between the two characters , But Qin Xiaochong told Zhongfu group 、 Caused to Lin ManJiang “ threat ”, Not a little .

Niu Junjie : Sing on the stage , Lin 、 The two of pi “ Old rival ”

Geng Le plays Niu Junjie , It's the whole film's military responsibility .

In the play , Others as they are called , No matter what you say or do, you always have a momentum , Qi BenAn has just taken office . I was almost hit by this old cow .

Fortunately, although the old cow rushed a little , But against Lin ManJiang 、 In the course of pidan's camp , But it's unambiguous , Even became Qi BenAn's good partner .

Niu Junjie's hostility to Lin ManJiang , From the resentment of Shi Hongxing's blind worship of other men , It also comes from various corrupt behaviors inspired by Lin ManJiang .

Before, it was because the Lin shop was in power , Even if he complains, he points out , No one dares to respond ;

After Qi BenAn came , He saw it “ dawn ”.

Set up a platform for Qi BenAn , Pick Shi Hongxing for his wife in public to clear the suspicion , Suspected of those activities secretly operated by Lin ManJiang , He shook off a clean at the meeting without mercy .

If the relationship between Qi BenAn and Lin ManJiang , It was only later that it broke into tit for tat , that Daniel is the only one in the film , People who dare to face Lin manjianggang . Old cow, old cow , A man is his name !

Niu Shiyan : Stick to justice , Honest and self disciplined “ Control ”

Niu Shiyan was born in a strange family :

Mother Shi Hongxing worships Lin ManJiang crazily , Even hanging portraits of each other in the living room at home ;

His father Niu Junjie hated Lin ManJiang very much , In his work, he often disagrees with the big Chairman .

so to speak , Among the supporting actors , Niu Shiyan has the most contact with Lin ManJiang .

But for the convinced big man who called his mother , Niu Shiyan met politely and shouted uncle Lin , I usually act very disgusted .

She even visited Lin ManJiang , The portrait was replaced by that of President fan Jiahui in advance .

As 《 Jingzhou times 》 An in-depth investigation General of , She won't fail to understand this worldly sophistication , It's just to express dissatisfaction under the guise of mischief .

After the Big Bang , She went deep into the settlement of shantytowns to interview , The interview with Secretary LV Deguang was even more crucial , Let the other party shout straight and sweat behind his back .

As a non factional Junior , Niu Shiyan can be said to perfectly inherit her father's ambition , It is in sharp contrast to Lin ManJiang's appearance and back .

If you throw Lin ManJiang the problem that he is not afraid to offend power for justice , I wonder if he can get through it safely ?

Lin Xiaowei 、 LV Jiajia : Happiness and contentment , Lin ManJiang tried his best “ Satirist ”

This little couple , It can be said that he has the least appearance in supporting roles .

Especially Lin Xiaowei , As Lin ManJiang's son , The scenes are really too few , But even if there are few , Lin Xiaowei's existence still has profound meaning .

In the original version , The reason why Lin ManJiang “ Batu world ”, On the one hand, it is to surpass his grandfather Zhu Changping who refuses to reuse himself , On the other hand, it comes from the heart of parents all over the world to protect their children .

He has cancer , To leave his son “ property ”, It can be said that there is nothing to do with it , Leng Sheng twisted democracy and equality into a speech hall .

But the irony is , Lin Xiaowei doesn't want to be here at all .

The little seen Lin 、 The two younger generation of the LV family , It can be said to be the epitome of many young people today , They don't care about material enjoyment , More hope to live an ordinary life with the people you love .

In the original version , When Lin ManJiang realized that all his possibilities would be empty , I thought so :

“ Lin ManJiang looked out of the window at the night , My heart is getting heavier .

In the twinkling of an eye, my son has grown into an adult , My son has ideas 、 Have ambition , It's no longer the little angel who rode around his neck laughing . The son who grew up in a rich material environment pursues the spirit , Just like Zhu Changping .

He didn't know , Is it worth what he did for his son ?”

However, no matter how he thinks , Everything I've done , It will be difficult to recover .

Two ungrateful young people , It can be said to be the biggest mockery of Lin ManJiang . Lin ManJiang, who committed unforgivable crimes under the guise of being good for his son , It will be empty in the end .


Many viewers said at the beginning , The existence of supporting roles is meaningless .

But this one “ the people ” Series , Obviously, it's not a whim to start talking without a pen , It's not to add a branch line for the sake of time .

if , Qi BenAn is Lin ManJiang's grave digger , So these five supporting roles , At that time, it was his “ The coffin bearer ”.

For Lin ManJiang, the biggest behind the scenes in the play , Their existence may be insignificant , It's not as good as Qi BenAn can fight with himself , But throughout the anti-corruption campaign , Without them, it's not complete 、 Don't live 、 Not even credible enough .

The play is like life , Not everyone is as ambitious as Lin ManJiang , There are also people with justice , Go ahead fearlessly , calm , March forward courageously .

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