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On a May Day holiday , My partner and I came to Guizhou , This is a beautiful Guizhou, a place many people are fascinated by , There are mountains 、 Cloud cover 、 Waterfalls and fountains , It makes people feel immersive . This summer vacation , I was lucky to come to this picturesque Province , Go to see this intoxicating landscape painting .

The first day , We came to Guiyang , Speaking of Guiyang , It is said that due to the perennial overcast and rainy climate in Guiyang , People have “ It never clears in three days ” The common saying of , Guiyang is because “ Yanggui ” name . Another is that the place name here comes from Guishan , Because Shannan is Yang, it is named Guiyang . Guiyang's name comes from Guishan , Guishan is also called Guiren peak , Although Guiyang is named after the sun of your mountain , However, the location of Guishan has always been controversial .

Let's go to Guizhou Museum first , The total number of museum collections in Guizhou Province is 8 More than ten thousand , National cultural relics 、 Guizhou paleontological fossils 、 Artifacts unearthed in the Paleolithic age 、 All kinds of cultural relics reflecting local history, humanities and cultural diversity are the highlights of the collection , Among them, China's Miao clothing library and China's Miao silver jewelry library rank first in China . Covers an area of 70860 Square meters , Gross floor area 46450 Square meters . Walking into the museum, you can feel the profound history of Guizhou 、 Cultural diversity 、 The perfection of art is brought to life , Know the time behind those collections , Feel the colorful culture of Guizhou .

Come to the historical Guizhou theme exhibition hall, based on the historical development of Guizhou , Focus on Exhibition “ Visit Guanyin Cave 、 Yelang seeks 、 The way to build a province 、 Cultural and educational development and the red trail of Qianshan Mountain ” Five parts , There are bronze carriages on display 、 Flat broadcast clock 、 The customs seal of the military department of Guizhou Qingjiang Association 、 Carved lion copper belt hook 、 Lacquer ear cup, etc .

In the evening , We came to Qingyan ancient town with a long history , This is one of the four ancient towns in Guizhou , It is the most charming town in China . Located in the southern suburb of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province , I saw Zhao yijiong's residence and Longevity Palace . The town is exquisitely designed 、 The ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties are interwoven with exquisite workmanship , Temple 、 Pavilions painted pillars and carved beams 、 Flying angle and double eaves . Qingyan ancient town has a profound historical background . Climb up the hill not too high on the side of the town to overlook the panoramic view of the town , The town is not built on a flat surface, but on a rugged hillside , Look from a high place , The layout of the whole town gives people a three-dimensional beauty that is difficult to see in other ancient towns . Fireworks in the thousands of fireworks in qingyanshi town . Eat snacks all over Guizhou .

the second day , We came to Xijiang Qianhu Miao village , Xijiang Qianhu Miao village is located in the northeast of Leishan County, Guizhou Province , Now we live in Miao village 1300 Many families ,6000 Many people , This is the place where the Miao people migrated five times in Chinese history , It's China , It is also the largest Miao village in the world , From ancient times to the present , There has been a 1700 Years of history . Miao village is surrounded by mountains , The mountain is so high that it can withstand the clouds , jammed with visitors . There are winding roads all the way, so people don't know where to go . Destination , Maybe at the moment of turning , Maybe blocked by thousands of mountains . The hustle and bustle , It doesn't match the remoteness here . If it weren't for all kinds of modern objects to remind me , I really thought I was back in the town hundreds of years ago . When we came to the viewing platform of Miao village , Look down from the highest observation deck , The stream divides the stockade into two , The pedestrians passing on the wind and rain bridge are as big as soybeans . In the distance , Over the mountains , Seems to be able to see through the horizon . I think here is far from the downtown , Hidden in the corner of the hillside , It's no longer remote . A place that can make people very quiet .

On the third day , We came to Huangguoshu waterfall , Huangguoshu Waterfall , Huangguoshu waterfall . It was called Baishui River waterfall in ancient times , Also known as “ Huang Ge Shu ” Waterfall or “ Ficus virens ” The waterfall , The myth of Huangguoshu waterfall has been spread among Guizhou people since ancient times , The name of Huangguoshu waterfall comes from the knot in this fairy tale “ HuangGuo ” The tree of . Located in Zhenning Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, China , It is a branch of Dabang River, a tributary of Beipan River, a tributary of Nanpan River, a main stream of the Pearl River system , It is the largest first-class waterfall in Huangguoshu waterfall group , It is one of the world famous waterfalls . Yes. “ Doupo pond waterfall ”, This is the widest waterfall in the Huangguoshu waterfall group , The waterfall is wide 105 rice . This is a spectacular , The green bus took us to tianxingqiao scenic spot .

Tianxing cave is a place where karst landforms are concentrated , There are many colors in the cave 、 Strange peaks and rocks with endless changes ,4 A large stone column reaches the top of the cave , Stone flowers cluster on the column . Tianxing bridge is a natural stone bridge , Yes “ On the bridge, on the bridge ” The title of , Because there is no running water under the bridge , As if you could hear the sound of running water , It was an underground river . When we came to the water stone forest , The most beautiful silver chain falls in the water stone forest , The water overflowed oval stones , Flow down from the top , Like falling jade , I don't know where the water flows . And the largest cave hall is high 50 meters , The diameter of 150 rice , The total area is 1 ten thousand 8 Thousands of square meters , In the hall 4 root 20 How high is it? It's covered with “ Crystal flower ” Carved stone pillars , It's like going straight to the sky “ Skyreach pillar ”. The colors in the sky star cave are colorful , A variety of shapes with rich colors , Make the sky star cave look exquisite and clear , wealthy , beautiful , grand , splendid and imposing . Looking at the accumulation of various colorful caves , It's a jade carved ice sculpture , It's Cloisonne , Tri colored glazed pottery .

The fourth day , We came to Zhenyuan ancient town , It's afternoon when we get to the ancient town , We'll have tea here , Zhenyuan ancient town is under the jurisdiction of Zhenyuan County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province , Located on the Bank of Wuyang river , There are mountains all around . The river winds , With “S” Shape goes through the city , The north bank is the old city , The south bank is the old Acropolis , It's quite like Taiji in the distance . Both cities were built in Ming Dynasty , There are still some city walls and gates . Ancient buildings inside and outside the city 、 Traditional folk houses 、 There are many historical docks . The county borders Xinhuang, Hunan Province in the East , It faces Sansui in the south 、 Jianhe , Xipi Shibing , It is connected to Shiqian in cengong and Tongren areas in the north , Known as the “ Dian Chu lock key 、 Qiandong gateway ” Known as the . It's cool in autumn . Suitable for climbing

In the evening , The ancient town at night is even more beautiful . We sat on the cruise ship and enjoyed the night view , Old houses stand on the hillside by the river , The colorful lights are reflected on the river. It's very beautiful ! Both sides of the river , One side is bar street , On one side is night street , It's called a bustle . A bustling crowd , The cries of vendors , The vocal music of the bar , A beautiful song of Zhenyuan .

Fifth day , We came to Zunyi , Zunyi is one of the first national famous historical and cultural cities , Hailongtun, a world cultural heritage site 、 World Natural Heritage Chishui Danxia , Enjoy a long life in China 、 China's high-quality green tea producing areas 、 Hometown of famous tea in China 、 The hometown of guitar manufacturing in China , It is also one of the three famous wines in China , Maotai, one of the five swords of Mao, is the hometown of Maotai liquor .

Let's first come to the scenic spot of the conference site in Zunyi , Zunyi Conference memorial hall is located in Ziyin Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province 96 Number , Total floor area 40000 Multi square metre , Gross floor area 18457 Square meters , Exhibition room area 6083 Square meters . Zunyi Conference memorial hall was established to commemorate the Zunyi Conference , It was first established after the founding of new China 21 One of the revolutionary memorials . Cultural relics in the Museum 1551 Pieces of . Of which the original 726 Pieces of , The replica 667 Pieces of , imitation 158 Pieces of .

Come to the memorial , We were awed by the sight , In this place we yearn for , It's written by the front door “ Site of the Zunyi meeting ” A few gilded characters , Powerful , The brush is so vigorous and fluent , Vivid image , It's so unrestrained again . After entering the gate, you can see a building with two floors , There is a corridor on the first floor , The building is surrounded by colonnades , The floor area of this building 528 Square meters . There is a hall here , There is a rectangular wooden table in the middle of the hall , There is a circle of armchairs around . People concerned said , at that time , Zunyi Meeting was held here .

In the evening, we came to laoshaxiang food street in Zunyi, which is a famous food street in Zunyi , Laosha Lane , One has 200 An alley with a history of years . It's a must-have food street in Zunyi , Antique doorway , Tall and magnificent , Red window tile roof , Ancient rattan climbing the wall , Bluestone paves the floor , The well is in the yard ” Typical characteristic alleys in northern Guizhou . This one is two or three meters wide on weekends and holidays , The 200 meter long alley will be full of water , It forms a unique landscape . We are eating Zunyi food here .

Sixth days , We came to Maotai Town in Renhuai , Maotai town is a town under the jurisdiction of Renhuai City, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province , Located in the northwest of Guizhou Plateau , North of the west section of Dalou mountains , Zunyi in the north , South of Sichuan . Maotai town is located on the Bank of Chishui River , It is the throat of water and land transportation in Sichuan and Guizhou ; Maotai town has always been a famous town in northern Guizhou , Ancient have “ Sichuan salt goes to Guizhou , Qin merchants gather in Maotai ” A portrait of . Maotai town is the holy land of Chinese sauce and wine , The Baijiu industry flourished in the region. , It is the first wine town in China .

According to the record : The ancient puliao tribe lived in the ancient land of Maotai , There are mulberry trees all over the mountains here . Therefore, the name “ Masang Bay ”. Later, a pure spring was found on the East Bank of Chishui River , Pu Liao tribe built a square well , It is convenient for pedestrians to drink , win the hearts of all , After a long time , People call this place “ Square well ”, Instead of “ Masang Bay ”.

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