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A summer vacation in junior high school , I came to Shanxi , The terrain of Shanxi Province is a parallelogram from northeast to southwest , It is a typical loess covered mountain plateau , The terrain is high in the northeast and low in the southwest . Since ancient times, there have been signs of human activities in Shanxi Province , And one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization . The primitive population thrives in the southern Shanxi Province .

The first day , We came to Taiyuan ,“ The forts of the four fortresses , Controlling the capital of Wuyuan ” The ancient city of history . The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides , Fenhe River, the second largest tributary of the Yellow River, flows from north to south , There has been... Since ancient times “ Beautiful Taiyuan City ” The reputation of the , Taiyuan is a famous national historical and cultural city , One has 2500 An ancient city with many years of history ,“ Control the mountains and rivers , On the shoulders of the world ”.

We came to the China Coal Museum , The museum is located at the intersection of Yingze street and Jinci Road, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province , China Coal Museum is a national coal industry Museum , It is a historical relic of the national coal industry 、 specimen 、 The literature 、 Data collection center , It is a popular science education institution of coal industry 、 Scientific research institutions and publicity and education institutions .1989 year 9 month 30 It was built and opened on the th . China Coal Museum is a national coal industry Museum , It is a historical relic of the national coal industry 、 specimen 、 The literature 、 Data collection center , It is a popular science education institution of coal industry 、 Scientific research institutions and publicity and education institutions . Because Shanxi is a big coal producing province . I came to this museum , When you enter the museum, you will see a map of the distribution of coal resources , This hall mainly introduces the formation of coal , Coal mining , Development and utilization of coal , And the display of coal products . From this, we can see the distribution of coal in China . I also learned a lot about Chinese coal culture here , Learned a lot about coal .

the second day , We came to Xinzhou , Xinzhou has Mount Wutai, the holy land of Buddhism ,“ Jiusai respects the first level ” Yanmenguan and other well-known tourist attractions have “ The land of wrestling ”、" The land of eight tones in China "、“ The capital of coarse grain in China ”. In the Neolithic age, there were human activities in Xinzhou .

We went to Wutai Mountain scenic spot in the northeast of Wutai County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province , Square circle 250 km , Total area 2837 Square kilometers . Take Taihuai town as the center , There stands the East 、 In the west 、 south 、 north 、 Five peaks in the , Higher than the cloud watch , There are no trees on the top of the mountain , Like a platform of earth , It's called five . The highest point is yedou peak in Beitai, at an altitude of 3058 rice , go by the name of “ North China ridge ”. Mount Wutai is the ashram of Manjusri Bodhisattva , It is the only Buddhist ashram in China where green temples and yellow temples complement each other . Existing temples 47 It's about , Inside the stage 39 It's about , Outside the stage 8 It's about , Many of them built temples , Many emperors came to visit . The famous ones are : Xiantong temple 、 Ta Yuan Temple 、 Bodhisattva Top 、 Nanshan Temple 、 Dailuoding 、 Guangji temple 、 Wanfo Pavilion, etc .

According to legend, Wutai Mountain was originally called Wufeng mountain , The weather is very bad , Water drips into ice in winter , Spring is full of sand and rocks , It's hot in summer , Farmers can't go to the fields to grow crops . Manjusri happened to preach here , See people suffer , Decided to change the climate here .

Come to Wutai Mountain , Five high mountains stand towering in the sky. In front of us are five mountains , Majestic and spectacular , Rain or shine , It always stands there like a Hercules , Shrouded in fog as thin as cicada wings , Hazy , Indistinct , Ethereal , Like an illusion . Wutai Mountain is not as steep as Huangshan , There is no Taishan majestic , There is no song mountain leader . But it gives people a feeling of closeness , We climbed to the top of the Bodhisattva , Atop the , There are many temples at the foot of the mountain , Cigarettes are everywhere , There are white clouds on the mountain , It's like a fairyland .

We came to Bodhisattva top, also known as Zhenrong Hospital 、 Or the great Manjusri temple , It is said to be Manjusri Bodhisattva ashram , Bodhisattva is famous , And because he was a royal temple in the Qing Dynasty , The Qing emperors believed in Tibetan Buddhism , If you go to Tibet to worship Buddha, it's too far away and inconvenient , So many Tibetan Buddhist temples have been built in Wutai Mountain , The trip to Wutai Mountain made me gain a lot , It has greatly purified and enriched the mind , Correct my understanding of Buddhism .

In the evening , Come to Xinzhou ancient city , Xinzhou City was built in the 20th year of Jian'an in the Eastern Han Dynasty ( A.D. 215 year ) existing 1800 Years of history . Most of the past dynasties were counties 、 The State Administration , A dangerous fortress , the greatness of a man lends glory to a place , Business dealings , A strategist must fight , There are “ Northern Shanxi lock and key ” Known as the . Xinzhou has profound cultural accumulation , Traditional art has a long history , Yes “ The land of wrestling ”“ The sea of folk songs ” The reputation of . After entering the ancient city , A gate tower sits high on the tall city wall , Under the eaves “ Northern Shanxi lock and key ” plaque on the gate of a house , Extremely majestic . Whenever night falls , Xinzhou ancient city lights up , Gongchen gate has become the most beautiful place in the night view . That antique street : Qingshiban Road , High wall narrow lane , Wear a suit of Chinese , It's really a dream to go back to the beginning of the ancient Chinese Lantern , The ancient city is another scenery . In the ancient city , We ate Shanxi snacks .

On the third day , We came to Linfen , Linfen has a long history , It is one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese nation and the cradle of the Yellow River civilization , Yes “ The first capital of China ” Known as the ; The city is rich in natural resources , It is one of the three high-quality main coking coal bases in China ; There are many kinds of intangible culture in the city , There are Puzhou Bangzi 、 Various folk art forms such as majestic gongs and drums , Known as the “ Hometown of plum blossoms ”、“ The hometown of paper cutting ” and “ Hometown of gongs and drums ”.

We came to the mouth of huwaterfall on the Yellow River , Hukou Waterfall is a national scenic spot , Hukou waterfall is the second largest waterfall in China , The largest yellow waterfall in the world , The Yellow River runs here , The cliffs on both sides of the river are steep , The mouth of the river is as narrow as the mouth of a kettle , It's called Hukou waterfall . The water surface of the Yellow River upstream of the waterfall is wide 300 rice , In less than 500 In meters , Be compressed to 20—30 The width of meters .1000 Cubic meters / Seconds of water , from 20 It pours down on the precipice which is more than meters high , formation “ Thousands of miles of Yellow River ” The spirit of . Until we came near the Yellow River , Hear the roar of the Yellow River , See the magnificent water flow , Feeling ‘ Yellow River Chorus ’ It's so appropriate , This immersive feeling is wonderful , I feel very small . After all, the Yellow River comes to the west to decide Kunlun , Roar and touch the dragon's gate .

The fourth day , We came to Jincheng City , It was called Jianxing in ancient times 、 Zezhou 、 Zezhou Prefecture . It is the southeast gateway of Shanxi Province , It has been a land contested by soldiers since ancient times , Known as the “ SanJin portal 、 Taihang first rush ” The reputation of the . Jincheng has a long history , Gaodu was left 20000 years ago 、 Tashui River 、 Xiachuan and other human sites . The Eastern Jin Dynasty set up counties , The Northern Wei Dynasty set up a state , Qing Zhifu , It is a millennium old city . Jincheng was the hometown of coal and iron in ancient times , Yes “ Nine heads and eighteen carpenters ” Known as the . It's the Warring States period “ Yang a ancient sword ” Place of Origin .

We came to the prime minister's residence in Jincheng , It is located in Beiliu Town, Yangcheng County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province . The royal palace ( Also known as Wuting mountain village ) Total area 3.6 Thousands of square meters . The royal palace , Original name “ Zhongdaozhuang ”, Because Emperor Kangxi stayed here twice , So the name “ Imperial City ”. Here, the pillow mountain faces the water , The walls are majestic and strong , The house is simple and elegant , There are many tall buildings and pavilions , The building is magnificent , It is a rare Castle style official residence complex of the Ming and Qing Dynasties , go by the name of “ The house of the first cultural giant in Qing Dynasty ”. The Imperial City prime minister's residence complex is divided into inner cities 、 Two parts of the outer city , There are courtyards 16 seat , House 640 between , Total area 36580 Square meters .

Ming and Qing Dynasties , There are many talents in the Imperial City , The canopy is like a forest , A total of 41 A Gongsheng ,19 A few people ,9 Jinshi among people ,6 People enter the imperial forest , It's also 《 Kangxi dictionary 》 Chief reader 、 Emperor Kangxi 35 The former residence of Chen Tingjing, lecturer of the annual classics banquet .

Fifth day , We came to the ancient city of Pingyao , The ancient city of Pingyao is located in the middle of Shanxi Province , It was built during the reign of King Xuan of Zhou Dynasty , Three years of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty (1370 year ) The expansion of the , Already existed 2700 Years of history . It also retains the basic features of the county in the Ming and Qing Dynasties , It is the most complete ancient city in China's Han nationality areas. Pingyao, Shanxi, is known as “ The four best preserved ancient cities ” One of . When you come to the ancient city, you will see the ancient city walls , Tall and magnificent , Simple and thick , Firmly enclose the whole ancient city in its arms . I feel the profound cultural atmosphere here .

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