Liangliang vision completed the C1 round of financing of RMB 100 million, and Yizhuang Kechuang, liandian fund and Anxin securities jointly invested

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In recent days, , At home AR+AI The platform pilot announced the completion of C1 round 1 Billion yuan strategic investment , Under the background of rapid changes in industrial structure , Take the lead in entering the acceleration track , Lead the way of digital empowerment and upgrading of the industrial chain . This round of financing is provided by Yizhuang Kechuang 、 United Power fund 、 Anxin securities joint investment , from Scale Partners Shicheng capital acts as the exclusive capital Consultant , It reflects the influence of capital market on AR Confidence in the track and bright vision .

Bright vision founder CEO Wu Fei said ,“ After this round of financing , The company will continue to rely on natural interaction 、 Machine learning and AR Intelligent hardware, etc AR+AI The core technology , Committed to becoming the builder of enterprise meta universe entrance , Work with upstream and downstream partners in the industry , From a technical 、 standard 、 Explore and support the construction and development of enterprise meta universe industry from the application level .”

Investor : Industrial chain companies can produce butterfly effect

Bright vision is established in 2014 year , Always as AR+AI The leader of the platform , Provide relevant hardware products and software services , And widely used in industry 、 Security 、 Medical and other industries , Become the first in the industry to achieve “ closed loop ” Developing enterprises , It has also become the first to complete B Wheel and B+ Financed AR company .

President Deng of Yizhuang Kechuang said , Yizhuang Kechuang appreciates the vision of building an industrial meta universe entrance with a bright vision , Recognize the achievements made now , And optimistic about and support bright future development . Yizhuang Kechuang and Liangliang will continue to go deep into the industry , Lead the upstream and downstream linkage of the industrial chain through leading projects , The accumulation of sand into a tower promotes the industrial meta universe to become a reality .

Go back to the history of the Internet revolution , Whether in the process of intergenerational alternation between the old and the new era, the new and old leading forces are handed over , Or take the meta universe as the most advanced form of the Internet , Both point to the competition for the right to speak and the dominant position of the industrial chain . Li Fan, managing director of Anxin securities investment, said :“ Throughout the AR Track , Liangliang creates a higher dimension 、 Digital platform with higher resource allocation efficiency . The advanced technology and the scarcity of product mode are our particular values. , We firmly believe that the company will achieve rapid and sustainable development under the leadership of Wu Fei .”

Shen Jinyao, President of United Power fund manager Jinjue capital, said :“ Liangliang team has profound technical background , This provides an excellent experience for the industry AR Digital products . On this basis , Liangliang team is based on the industry , Joint industry parties , We are building an industry-leading innovation ecological platform . As a bright industrial chain partner , We have the honor to witness the rapid growth of bright vision in technology and marketization , We have reason to believe that , Liangliang will make outstanding value creation for the industry .”

Scale Partners Liu Yinghang, partner of potential capital, said ,“ Based on years of deep cultivation in the field of science and Technology 、 Experience of cooperative star start-up enterprises , We think AR It will usher in a new round of global development opportunities , It is expected to become the entrance of the meta universe , Create a new interaction mode and platform . Bright vision has accumulated for many years , Have AR Hardware + Software +AI The full stack solution , The landing of the industry has been recognized by many lighthouse customers . The current round of financing was successfully completed , The company will also enter a new stage of accelerated development .Scale Partners Shicheng capital has the honor to participate in it , Provide in-depth capital services for bright vision , Help the company accelerate its development .”

AR Potential rise : Stepping into B End development golden period

With 5G、AI、 The Internet of things and other large infrastructure are mature , In the past two years, China AR The track is developing well . According to the Greenlight forecast ,2020 In the world AR Market scale reaches 450 One hundred million yuan , Global investment in related products and services continued to grow rapidly . According to IDC Published data display ,2020 year , In the Chinese market AR/VR Technology related investment will reach 57.6 Billion dollars , More than global market share 30%, To be the country with the largest spending .

In a matter of 2-3 Year ,AR Industry from trough to revival and then to growth , Two factors about bonds :

One side , Represented by bright vision AR Enterprises are willing to be lonely , In the low tide of the industry , Breakthrough and accumulation of intensive Tillage Technology , Do your homework firmly in the necessary links , Wait for the opportunity with a positive and calm attitude .

stay “ Trough period ”, Bright vision, not disturbed by the external environment , Concentrate on AR The optics of the track 、 Calculation 、 operating system 、 Interactive applications 、 Cloud platform and other core technologies continue to be implemented AR Practical transformation , Through the key optical 、 Edge of computing 、 End to end technology stack of functional platform , To promote AR The industry has stepped into service 、 Easy to use 、 Easy to use stage , It has laid the foundation for the large-scale commercialization of the company and industry .

On the other hand , We have grasped the foothold . As the next generation of interactive revolution Technology , Before really subverting the human-computer interaction experience , Just rely on the adventure experience and games ,AR It is difficult to form user stickiness . Want to popularize ,AR This technology needs to answer a core question : What value can it bring to consumers ? This should be measured from three dimensions :

§ Uniqueness : It's just AR Capable ;

§ Superiority : It's for AR Do better 、 More efficient ;

§ pertinence : Who can maximize from AR Benefit from technology .

Stand in the present and look back at the past , The answer is already clear ,B The end industry is AR The industry has entered the origin of commercialization . In the Chinese Academy of Communications 、 Andersen Securities Research Center 、VRPC Jointly released 《2021 VR/AR Industry depth report 》 Pointed out in , Because of technical problems , oriented C End market Google Glass、Magic Leap One The sales of such products are far from expected , Then most manufacturers adjusted their product strategies , from TO C to turn to TO B. This year, 6 I can still remember what happened in June , That year AR The first share of the industry MagicLeap, Cut off all means of retreat 、 Break your arm and save yourself , Through the reorganization of enterprise structure to the field of enterprise service .

At Accenture about 14 individual G20 Country 、14 Industries 、432 Labor force data for three occupations show that , Almost all industries can learn from AR Benefit from strong productivity growth driven by , Especially in medical 、 education 、 Manufacturing and mining .

And bright vision is as early as 2016 In, he put forward the great B、 Small B、 Big C、 Small C Four step stage , Wu Fei thinks ,AR Business will and must experience from To B To To C The stage of —— First solve the needs of some people , Then solve everyone's needs . It is also based on accurate forward-looking judgment and targeted technical layout , At present, bright vision hardware products and software services have been widely used in industry 、 Security 、 Medical and other industries , It has become the most abundant and solid landing scene at present AR Enterprises .

AR My next scene : How to become the entrance to the meta universe

2021 year , scientific and technological circles 、 The hot word in the investment community should have been determined without suspense , That's it “ Meta universe ”. Although to this day , Even for a long time in the future , There may not be a unified definition of the meta universe , But what is basically certain is , The yuan universe is the poetry and distance of the digital world , and AR/VR Is the best entrance to the meta universe .

How to pry open this entrance , How to find the direction ?

about 137 100 million years ago , A singularity appears , This singularity is infinitely small , The quality is infinite , It contains all the elements of the universe , One day , The singularity exploded , So a universe was born . So will the birth of the meta universe .

Wu Fei thinks , To form a circle around “ Bottom - Middle level - top floor ” The ecosystem of technology and product architecture , And in every layer of the ecosystem , There are different enterprises involved , Eventually form around AR/AI technology , Ecosystem of products and services , This singularity can be established .

Created in bright vision 7 In more than years , In the opinion of Founder Wu Fei , The company has now gone through the first stage , That is, the connection between auxiliary reality and data platform , It is now in the second stage , take AR The capability is coupled with the existing mature ecology of all walks of life . Wu Fei said , This is the basis for us to become the builder of the enterprise meta universe entrance , We're not integrating solutions for customers , It's about working with customers to create more efficient 、 A more intelligent enterprise meta universe .

Besides , In tencent CEO When explaining Quanzhen Internet, Ma Huateng pointed out , From emptiness to reality , From reality to emptiness , Help users achieve a more authentic Internet experience . Most people agree that , The technological development of the current society defines the realistic possibility of the meta universe as “ utilize AR/VR And other software and hardware technology , Create a virtual space , To enhance the authenticity of this virtual world .”

“ real ” It is the biggest difference between the meta universe and the digital world in the past .

Wu Fei said , Like Microsoft to PC Time , Apple to the mobile Internet era .AR The era should have its own display and interaction mode , That is, all the digital content displayed in front of you is highly authentic , And through human body language 、 Sound language can interact with it naturally .“ Upgrade fusion , Integrate reality , This is a new stage to be opened after our current round of financing .”.

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