Pig toothed fish number intelligence efficiency platform unveiled at 2021 China open source annual meeting

10 month 30 solstice 31 Japan , Sponsored by open source 、 The most influential open source annual event in the industry  2021 The 6th China open source Annual Conference (COSCon'21)  It was held successfully . This conference uses “ Happy open source ” The theme of , It is held in the form of combination of online and offline , come from Apache Software foundation 、Linux  The foundation 、 China Academy of communications 、 Peking University, 、 Tongji University 、 Shanghai Open Source Information Technology Association and other celebrities from all walks of life at home and abroad gathered , Let's talk about Cloud Computing 、 big data 、AI、 The Internet of things 、 database 、 operating system 、 Open source education 、 Technologies and hot topics such as open source governance .

The pig toothed fish number intelligence efficiency platform from hande information made a wonderful debut at this annual meeting , Online forums and offline venues shared the technical concepts and application practices related to digital efficiency in multiple dimensions .

2021 China open source annual meeting

Pig toothed fish cloud native continuous delivery implementation – Technology sharing

On the conference's project governance online forum , Mr. Zhong Ziling, Han de architect, was invited to deliver a speech entitled 《 Pig toothed fish is based on GitOps Cloud native continuous delivery implementation 》 Technology sharing .

Zhong Ziling introduces the core points of cloud native technology

Mr. Zhong Ziling pointed out that , Now it is “Ops” The prevailing Era , As CI/CD Pipeline scheme ,GitOps Known as the of software development process “ grail ”, It can meet the continuous delivery in the cloud native environment . Pig toothed fish is a product developed based on cloud native technology , Able to provide collaboration 、 test 、DevOps Containers and tools , Help improve team effectiveness and implement enterprise digitization . During the development of the product , The development team referred to... When building the continuous delivery pipeline GitOps Model , Build a repeatable and reliable continuous delivery process , Thus, integration is provided to users GitLab Unified code management capability 、 Support multiple types of product library management capabilities 、 Integrate CI And CD Automated assembly line 、 Built in code scanning and quality analysis , So that users can efficiently follow up the development process in the whole process , Ensure development quality , Improve delivery efficiency .

Pig toothed fish number intelligence efficiency platform based on cloud native technology

Application of pig toothed fish products

Mr. Zhong Ziling mainly introduced GitOps The principles and patterns of workflow , And its application in production environment and large-scale operation Kubernetes Practical experience in , Taking the product R & D center of hande platform as an example, the effect of pig toothed fish on GitOps The practice and implementation of the project . at present , Only in hande platform product R & D Center , The daily average of the pig toothed fish platform The pipeline trigger is as high as 1700-2000 strip , Stably support the product release of each team , Ensure the efficient execution of the team assembly line .

Play around the community , Pig toothed fish is recognized by developers

The participants stopped at the pig toothed fish booth

At the Chengdu Branch venue of this annual meeting , Pig toothed fish set up an exchange booth , Actively interact with the developers present . Yi Daqiang and Zhong Ziling, architects of hande information, talked about the technical practice of pig toothed fish concerned by users 、 Efficiency improvement cases 、 Answer questions such as the future development route one by one , And then DevOps、 Communicate with technical enthusiasts on project management and other technical issues , The sparks of collision ideas and Technology . Pig toothed fish's leading technology application and powerful product functions have been recognized by the participating developers , Beautiful surroundings are also loved by everyone .

With the continuous development of technology and the deepening of digital construction , The implementation of enterprise digital strategy and the improvement of team efficiency are becoming more and more important . As a leading digital intelligence efficiency platform in the industry , Systematic methodology and collaboration will continue to be provided 、 test 、DevOps And containers and other tools , Make the team efficiency faster, stronger and more stable , Boost the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence of enterprises in various industries .

About the pig toothed fish

Pig toothed fish is a digital intelligence efficiency platform , Transfer systematic methodology , Provide collaboration 、 test 、DevOps Containers and tools , Make the team efficiency faster, stronger and more stable . Poke here and try pig toothed fish

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