Reviewing Zhen Zhili, I found that the ruthless queen was really miserable!

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Reading guide : Prosperity is a thing of the past , Everyone is chasing... All his life , Maybe , In a life without love , It can also be regarded as a place to place hope .

Remember ten years ago , Just started to see 《 Zhen � Of board �》 When , I think empress Yixiu is a dignified and grand , A virtuous and virtuous woman , As the plot develops , Her true face was gradually revealed , It can be said that the city government is quite deep , be extremely cruel and merciless .

If imperial concubine Hua is obviously cruel , The queen is a secret poison , Many things seem to have nothing to do with her , In fact, they all have an inescapable relationship with her , Encourage concubine Qi to give Zhen � frame ⒛� The noble man poisoned , Use anling Rong to do things for yourself , Specifically for women in the harem …… Everything is her dominant trick .

Even Zhen in the play � Nephew Deng � Is an unstoppable opponent , The Empress Dowager repeatedly prevented her from framing her concubines .

According to the principle that , She has been standing in the highest position of the harem , There's really no need to think about doing those things .

But she not only did , Even more, he left no room to do it to the end , Didn't give anyone a way to live .

It can be imagined that when the queen didn't marry Yongzheng , Until she had a baby , She shouldn't be like that , At least I don't have so much hatred in my heart , The heart is not so bad .

Then I looked slowly , We will find that she is also one of the women with a hard life , Although it has the status of the head of the harem , Supreme honor , The glory of the family lies in her , But she's not happy , Even often live in pain .

There is such a scene in the play , It's raining and thundering outside , The queen remembered her dead son , I couldn't help crying sadly , Because that child is to her , It's everything to her , It is her hope and reliance .

Then why didn't she take the emperor as her hope and dependence ? There are three reasons .

First, the emperor's feelings for her are not husband and wife , Not a lover .

The man the queen should marry is the Emperor , It's doomed that she can't be his only woman , Even share him with many women , Have him , This is what she should have as a queen .

Take the society at that time , Even if the person she married was not the Emperor , It is also impossible to practice monogamy in today's society , This is affected by many factors , Succession is an important factor , What's more, he is the Emperor , Think long-term for the whole country .

For the queen , This is not the most painful .

Everyone hopes that the man he marries can regard himself as his wife , But although she has the identity of being a wife , But did not get the emperor's wife's treatment and love .

That's because the emperor loved her sister Chunyuan , In the emperor's heart , Chunyuan is his wife .

Speaking of Chunyuan , It's really a character who never appeared in the play but runs through the whole play , She knows everything , Just won't live , Even if she died for many years , Still competing for the favor with beautiful and moving women .

Even if the emperor had too deep feelings for Empress Yixiu , But the existence of my sister , Plus the passage of time , That love, which was not hot at all, slowly cooled down .

Then there were younger ones , More beautiful women , Like endless flowers blooming around the Emperor , There seems to be no time to wither , The queen can only watch , Pretending to contain , Coax the emperor happy .

In the past, the emperor loved Chunyuan , Later, she transferred this love to Princess Hua , And later Zhen � It's worth Naxi � The queen was never really loved by the Emperor , Not to mention the so-called lover .

in addition , The Emperor himself didn't notice that the queen also needed love and company , As if she were just a tool in the harem , Help him take care of , Pruning , And her role is only so .

Smart as a queen , She already knew , Just trying to bear it , Bear with , For a long time , Which woman can stand .

But she's alone , A woman who is not as strong as she imagined , The loneliness and solitude of the deep palace , Will invade her dream night by night , It's hard to sleep .

The second is the promise made by the emperor to the queen , Broke his promise for another woman , Failed her .

Empress Yixiu was the first woman to marry Yongzheng , Yong Zheng promised her that if she gave birth to a son , Then he let her be his own Fujin , As a result, when Yi Xiu's sister Chunyuan appeared , Yong Zheng couldn't help falling in love with her , And decided to let Chunyuan be his own Fujin .

Later, even if Yixiu gave birth to a son , But I can only step back and do side Fujin , In ancient times, there was a clear distinction between the legitimate and the common , The differential treatment suffered , It's very obvious .

Yixiu made a side Fujin , It means that Yixiu's son will also be forced to become a common son , As a common woman, I should practice , I learned from childhood , The pain of becoming a concubine , Of course, we can't accept such changes .

It is said that : A word from a gentleman , what has been cannot be withdrawn . Since Yongzheng had promised Yixiu to be Fujin , You shouldn't betray your promise later , Abandoning the land all the time breaks the dream of Yixiu in an instant .

Yongzheng only cares about his temporary love , Regardless of the repairable feeling , Inconstant in policy , It is by no means a gentleman's act , How can Yixiu not be sad .

When Chunyuan is pregnant , Yixiu's son died of a high fever on a rainy night , Yongzheng's attitude is completely opposite between the two , Celebrate happily at Chunyuan , It's a hindsight for Yixiu to lose his beloved son at the same time .

It can be said that , Chunyuan and Yongzheng , Not a qualified sister and a qualified husband at all , The palace is not big , It's impossible not to know such news , Without the slightest care and greeting , Can still laugh so happily , It's really chilling in the end .

It can also be seen that Prince Yong Yin, who was not the emperor at that time �G, Yes, it is , Marry her back , And didn't fulfill the responsibility of being a husband , Greedy for the new and tired of the old , Break your promise first , Ignore after , There is nothing wrong with loving what you love , But there is no bottom line , Hurt a woman without principle , I really can't forgive .

That's why , It's appropriate to cultivate and kill. The heart is dark , She is unwilling and unable to hurt Yongzheng , So she can only pick Chunyuan , Everything starts with her , It's her turn to end .

Chunyuan's death , Yongzheng himself has a responsibility , It can be said that he caused it , Lose the love of life , Is the greatest punishment for him , It was also his own sin .

Yong Zheng really underestimates a woman's jealousy , I overestimate a woman's tolerance .

Third, the emperor can hurt the queen at any time , It is appropriate to repair but can't make a mistake , Otherwise, the consequences will be serious .

Yixiu later became the head of the harem because of the support of the Empress Dowager , I get along well with the Emperor , After all, the external face should be maintained , You can't lose your style .

Time flies , Yixiu is getting old , It's no longer suitable for childbirth , This can be said to be the last thing a woman wants to face , Lose the right to be a mother , Also lost the future dependence .

So she can only be her queen , Wrap all her pain with this identity , All self-esteem , Don't let anyone know , Don't give people a chance to blame .

In fact, a situation like her , The emperor should be more considerate of her , Comfort her lost heart , Maybe the heart suitable for cultivation will not be so cold , So that they often do things secretly behind the harem , There is no love , There are also en , If the queen hadn't been in charge of the affairs of the harem , How could the emperor concentrate on the affairs of the previous dynasty .

But the emperor did not do so , As soon as something happens , Always hold the queen accountable , She also repeatedly connived at imperial concubine Hua to suppress the queen , Regardless of , Let the queen live in the harem for many years .

There was a meeting in the harem , When it comes to other princesses , The emperor said in front of everyone :“ The queen has not been a biological mother for a long time , Naturally, I don't remember taking care of a young child , How cumbersome and tired .”

Is this what a husband said to a woman who has lost her son for many years ? So inhuman , The Queen's face darkened in an instant , The expression on his face was full of pain , I must think of my children , If it weren't for early death , I'm afraid it's already very big .

In his eyes , The queen is like a sandbag , It doesn't hurt anyway .

Princess Hua made a mistake , He can tolerate three or four times , Zhen � Address GA Shun Sheng � He can persuade himself to forgive her , To make her happy , Don't hesitate to lower her head to comfort her mood , Even Mr. Qi, they are acting like spoilers without reason , He is willing to give some patience to understand , Go all out .

But only the queen , She can't be wrong , The emperor was very strict with him , Blame for small things , After a big event , Especially Zhen � only � The fall of the fetus and how queen Chunyuan died .

It's not that there's nothing wrong with Yixiu , But Yongzheng really didn't think about it for her from the perspective of appropriate cultivation , There was no such thing as , Then there was no , Even a little trust , No tolerance at all , Just want to waste , And gave her “ I'll never see you again ” My farewell .

Take a closer look at your life , Have love , There is hatred , Yes. , There is a mistake , All for the unwilling in my heart , And irresistible desires , She values fame and fortune too much , As a result, he wrapped himself firmly in it , Until old , Until death .

She never got love , I didn't get the glory I wanted , Married a man like Yong Zheng , She can only recognize , It's pathetic .


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