Retrofit and install Limin ax120r lga1200 fan on x79 lga2011

Liu Kunpeng 2021-11-25 17:38:14

The first thing I saw was xuanbing 400, Later I saw someone say Limin AX120R The fan is good , The height is also lower , So a brain cripple impulse , bought . Take a look at it , Silly eyes : I won't support it LGA2011.

A friendly reminder : Before you buy , Be sure to ask the customer service .

If you don't support it, return it ? I thought the seal of the box had been removed , Can't return . What do I do ? So I thought , Can you transform ?

  • The first thing is certain , The fan really can't be installed in LGA2011 On the socket .
  • I want to see others LGA2011 Socket , Except for the circle seat , Other parts are part of the motherboard . It is impossible to disassemble .
  • Tried two beams , Just fit the two screw positions of the ring .
  • The difference between the pillar and the ring seat , The ring seat is too high , About half the height .

The solution is : Find about half the washers , Place the beam between the two washers , The radiator can be installed .

How to solve this half ? At first I wanted to put another 4 individual AMD The washer is cut in half . That's too hard , If something goes wrong, there is no remedy . If only it were elastic . silica gel ? No, ; rubber ? either . wait …… I just took the exam , Isn't there an eraser ? The result is shown in Fig. :

  • Ring seat

  •   Screws and gaskets

  • The installed angle is one  

  •   Installed angle 2

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