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macOS System requirements

To be in macOS Install and run on the system Flutter, You first need to meet these requirements of your development environment .

operating system

macOS(64 position )

disk space

2.8 GB( Excluding for IDE/ Disk space for tools ).


bash curl git 2.x mkdir rm unzip which

Integrated development environment

Xcode( official )

obtain Flutter SDK

step 1: download macOS Of Flutter Installation package of software development kit . To download Flutter SDK, Please visit its official website ​ ​ Website ​​.

The first 2 Step : When the download is complete , decompression zip File and place it in the desired installation folder or location .

Unzip the file to the destination path , such as :

$ cd ~/development
  • 1.
$ unzip ~/Downloads/flutter_macos_2.5.2-stable.zip
  • 1.

The third step : To run Flutter command , The system path needs to be updated to include flutter bin Catalog .

To configure ​​flutter​​ Of PATH environment variable :

$ export PATH="$PATH:`pwd`/flutter/bin"
  • 1.

The first 4 Step : Next , Use the following command to enable the updated path in the current terminal window , Then verify .

source ~/.bashrc
  • 1.
source $HOME/.bash_profile
  • 1.
echo $PATH
  • 1.

The first 5 Step : Now? , function $ flutter doctor command . This command checks Flutter All the requirements of application development , And display Flutter Installation status report .

$ flutter doctor
  • 1.

Step six : When you run the above command , It will analyze the details of the system and all missing tools , These tools need to run Flutter And development tools that are available but not connected to the device .

step 7: If Flutter doctor Tool report , Please install the latest Xcode Tools .

Step eight : Install the latest Android Studio and SDK, If Flutter Doctor The tool reports .

step 9: Next , You need to set up a iOS Simulator or will iPhone The device is connected to the system to develop iOS Applications .

The first 10 Step Set again android Simulator or will android The device is connected to the system to develop android Applications .

The first 11 Step : Now? , install Flutter and Dart Plug in to Android Studio Build Flutter Applications . These plug-ins provide the ability to create Flutter Templates for the application , Provided in Android Studio Run and debug in itself Flutter Options for the application .

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