Beauty Guo keying Guo keying gave up her comfortable life, signed up for Hong Kong sister, and then returned full of awards

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She is a poor Phoenix man , Pay off millions of debts for her husband , Bear 60000 monthly rent alone .

Husband and actress wear ambiguous , She forbade her husband to cross the river and tear down the bridge to get a divorce , She refrained from going back, only to fulfill her husband's dream of soft rice . This is what it was tvb One of the four big ladies signed up for Hong Kong sister , Then he returned full of awards .

People first knew that Guo keying was in the criminal investigation file , Gao Jie, who she plays, has become the goddess that the audience will never tire of , With Tao Dayu cp It has become a difficult problem in people's hearts .

Maybe the goddess halo is too dazzling , So that people ignore the fact that it is hundreds of millions of gold .

Guo keying was born in Hong Kong , My father is a billionaire plastic tycoon , And run the diamond business , And master a number of export companies .

Although there are three brothers and sisters in the family , But Guo keying is a very popular one in his family , Since childhood, the eldest sister has been in power , But my father is always looking forward to letting Guo keying take over the family business .

2011 year , Guo's father died of illness , His last words were to make Guo keying the host of the plastic industry , But Guo keying didn't accept , Maybe it's to prevent conflicts of interest with my eldest sister .

However, the spoiled environment has also developed Guo keying's rebellious personality , The whole family has a passion for business , Sister, housekeeper , Younger brother 、 My sister has her own export company , Only he prefers to deal with the entertainment industry .

1993 year ,23 Guo keying gave up his comfortable life , Sign up for Hong Kong sister , Then he returned full of awards , And sign tvb Enter the entertainment circle . Maybe it's a background bonus , Guo keying's career and fame come easily , In less than two years, he became popular with Gao Jie in the criminal investigation file , Then follow Xuanxuan 、 Ada Choi 、 Chen Huishan is also called tvb Four big flowers , But he is not attached to fame and career , In the same year that she became popular, she dated her future husband Lin Wenlong .

Lin Wenlong is a Hong Kong actor , She once cooperated with Zhu Yin in urban fairy tales and set off a wave in Hong Kong “ Longyinfeng ”, Guo keying will love it , Maybe there is the idol worship psychology of Lin Wenlong , But the process of their success has a long test period , Start living together in the first two years , It took nine years to finish the long-distance race and officially get married , But the married husband immediately showed his true colors .

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