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Fish and bear paw ,

You can't have both. .

To do word-of-mouth variety ,

Gimmicks alone are not enough .

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Actors are tired of competitive variety shows , The high-level version of the director's competitive variety is connected with .11 month 5 Japan 、6 Japan , Tencent video homemade variety show 《 Director, please give me some advice 》 It's a big show , Two days later 3 period .

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“ I believe you will encounter some difficulties ”, stay 《 Director, please give me some advice 》 In the leading piece of , Er Dongsheng said .

So far , This variety show did encounter some “ difficult ”, The last hot search was # Please make complaints about the conference. #.

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Output strong views VS A gang quarrel

The team that produced this variety show was just before 《 Cast, please be in position. Season two 》 The team ―― Coordinate system studio . With the experience of actor competitive programs , This time, we will create a director's competitive program , Naturally, it's also easy to pinch .

It's not on yet ,《 Director, please give me some advice 》 Start building momentum . According to the incomplete statistics of Yujun , The material of the program group exceeds 20 Categories , From director posters to actor videos , From the common official propaganda posters to the unique set OOTD, Enough exposure .

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After the official broadcast , Welcome to the full screen hot search , premiere 3 The number of hot days reached 97 individual , In terms of time , Basically every 1 There will be a hot search in half an hour .

According to Yunhe data ,《 Director, please give me some advice 》 In the popular opinion list of the whole variety show , Go online and board TOP3, stay 11 month 6 Day summit TOP1.

However, these heats do not directly lead to the conversion of data , According to Yunhe data , Highest ranking in the first weekend of broadcasting , Only fourth . say concretely ,《 Director, please give me some advice 》 The effective play of the positive film on the first day of broadcasting is only ranked No 7 position , And TOP1 The difference in market share exceeds 5%, Compared with the previous one, which is also a self-made program of Tencent video 《 Supernova games No 4 season 》 The gap is also a cliff .

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Show such a playback effect , It is directly related to the process setting of the program .

When a movie is released , The director will face scoring , There may be a huge gap in your viewing experience , Applause and bricks fly together , It is directly reflected in the difference of Douban scoring and the debate in the film review area . In order to restore the real industry ecology , The program team also specially reserved enough time for 4 A producer 、50 A professional photographer and 200 A public viewer fully expressed his views .

There is another setting in the program ―― In the hands of the audience “ Exit key ”, This represents the attendance of the film . The audience can click the button to leave at any time when watching the film , When 200 There are more than 80 I left the table , The movie will stop playing . This rule is simple and rough , Namely “ If you don't like it, you can make it disappear ”.

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Based on these rules , at present 2 The period is approaching 180 In a ten minute positive , Only... Was broadcast 4 A short film by a director . After each director's work is played , Will retain a period of communication time equal to the length of the work . But a lot of times it comes out of the mouth , It's hard to avoid using inappropriate words when you speak with passion on the spur of the moment , Thus causing greater controversy .

For example “ Exit key ” Under the rules , The first Liang Long who was forced to stop the show , It triggered a big debate on the spot .

The works brought by Liang long are adapted from 《 Crazy aliens 》, It's a short black-and-white story about an alien trying to find his own kind , The film style is more avant-garde .

The professional film critics praised the work , I hope the audience can give more time to obscure films , But in oral expression, it directly changed the taste :“ We ( movie critic ) Is using our experience to guide you ”. This sentence puts the film critic and the audience at different heights , It will inevitably make the public judge feel disrespected , Right away :“ Listen to your professional appreciation and then go to see ( The movie ), I think if the film is made like this, it will fail ”.

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back and forth , So again and again , Whether it's on-site or off-screen audience , Have forgotten the content of the director's film itself , There were only fierce arguments left in the program . Like hot search , Most of the entries are negative emotions .

I have worked in the film industry for more than ten years A After watching the program , A little disappointed ,“ This program just wants everyone to see the stench of this circle ”.

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《 Director, please give me some advice 》, It seems to have become 《 Director, please quarrel 》.

New people VS Traffic

Directing competitive variety shows ,《 Director, please give me some advice 》 Not first gear .

stay 11 Years ago , Hunan Satellite TV has created a file 《 I want to make a movie 》. Producer long Danni's original intention of doing the program is now 《 Director, please give me some advice 》 Our production team is the same ,“ Chinese directors don't have the opportunity and platform ,( draft ) It's an opportunity for individuals , To put it bluntly , He won fans through the draft , Give him a dollar each , The movie was made .”

But the choice of guests in the two programs , Not quite the same .

《 I want to make a movie 》 from 8000 The sea of people chose 60 people , Mainly new Directors .

In terms of results , Indeed, a number of young directors have been sent . Zhou Nan, the champion of that year , It is the recent net drama 《 My Babylonian lover 》 The director of . Last year with 《 The truth of silence 》 Well known director Chen Yifu ,《 I'm not a druggist 》 Wenmuye, director of 、《 beneficiary 》 The director's bid for the Olympic Games 、《 Liu Lao root 3》 Director Li Chunxiao 、《 Detective Pu Songling 》 Director Yan Jia 、 Tian Zhuangzhuang's student Han Yi et al , All from that show .

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and 《 Director, please give me some advice 》, Candidates are not limited to newcomers , The age span of competitive directors is 41 year .

According to the experience of shooting feature films , Some are already employed 37 year , Others have just graduated from college . The reputation of people's representative works is also very inconsistent , Even two extremes , For example, Guan Jinpeng, one of the contestants, has added several word-of-mouth works , Won many international awards , Another contestant, Bi Zhifei, created the lowest film score in Douban's history “ The king of bad movies ”.

As producer Xu Yang said :“ Each director has his own style , Through differentiated presentation , Let the audience feel the diversification of the market .” Compare the two programs ,《 Director, please give me some advice 》 Undoubtedly, it has more flow type ―― Both famous directors are responsible for the quality of their works , The controversial director is responsible for causing public opinion , And the actors / host / Cross border directors in music and other fields joined .

but 《 Director, please give me some advice 》 In the lineup , New directors who really need to be supported and have characteristics , It can be regarded as a jade that has not been discovered by the audience , Such as the degna , Very few .

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Except for the director , There is also an actor pool in the program , The strength faction, such as Youtu people 、 wai 、 Hu Xinger , There are also trainees who are not yet considered actors ―― Huang Minghao 、 Zhu Zhixin 、 Zheng Yibin et al , They bring their own topics . The good news is , In the broadcast 4 In a short film , The actors basically played a plus role .

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There is also Li Chengru in the actor pool , See his name , It seems more certain that the program group wants to be controversial and topical . As soon as he speaks , That means hot search is coming . classical “ Sanru ” stem ( sit on pins and needles 、 disturbed 、 Like a fishbone getting stuck in the throat -- necessary to give vent to one's pent-up feelings ) And “ Sanwei ” stem ( Insipid 、 It tastes like chicken ribs 、 So boring ), A fresh eat all day .

Li Chengru is also worthy of the trust of the program group , On one's own 3 Hot search , One by one “ A poisonous tongue ”.

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Purely support new directors and make a variety of directors with flow , from 《 Director, please give me some advice 》 According to the present effect , It chose the latter .

Original intention and reality

Return to the program content itself , Not so much a director , It's more like a reality show .

Producer Xu Yang has previously shared the purpose of this program ,“ We create such a program , I hope to give an excellent director who can face the market and audience directly 、 An opportunity to show your talents .” But two shows come down , Few new directors are remembered , This can be directly reflected on the barrage .

The number of bullet screens of the participating guests TOP10 in , have only 3 One is the competition director of the program , The rest are either actors or producers , and 3 Among the Directors , Xiang Guoqiang and Bi Zhifei, who have been shown in a short film, are not included , What's more popular is Cai Kangyong, who presided over the start-up .

Director the program , The most watched is not the director , This is a bit sad .

In Douban special group and microblog , Everyone has different opinions about the program . I'm glad to finally have a program that can focus on the soul characters of the film , And dry goods are exported ; What you don't understand means a director's program , Why show the audience 2 A rough work made by heaven .

More people's controversy comes from the discussion of the original intention of the program ―― In the end, I want the audience to know all kinds of things behind the film creation , Still have to compete with the level of the director , Or give the new director a platform to show himself .

Coran mentioned in the program “ Director filter ” The word" , In short, it is the industry and the audience's demand for the director “ stereotypes ”. This means that if there are too many bad films , Then the director's filter must be covered with ash .

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This is particularly evident in Bi Zhifei , He's like a soft persimmon , Being manipulated by everyone in the program . Regardless of his works and previous epic films 《 Pure mind : Dream of acting circle 》 Whether it has made progress compared with , Just want to talk to this “ Bad film director ” Start a debate .

In the program, Baubel brought the progress of the director's career 《 Which zha 》, Everyone at the scene praised , But Bi Zhifei's progress is not recognized , Even Li Chengru frankly denied that this work belonged to bi Zhifei .

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If before the end of the short film , No one knows the name of the director , Evaluate whether there will be disruptive changes ? Whether the director's filter will be broken ? On the competitive stage , We should put everyone on the same starting line in order to achieve greater fairness .

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The directing industry is a very cruel industry , The survival status of young directors , It is a topic that continues to be discussed today . Nortel every year 、 Chinese opera 、 A large number of students from the director department are being output in the last play , Finally, I can do this job , very rare .

On this level ,《 Director, please give me some advice 》 Face the cruelty , It is difficult for the new director to get out of the circle . But just facing cruelty is not enough , The audience is looking forward to seeing “ The next good director ”, Instead of just seeing the self entertainment of industry practitioners .

Judging from the current program , A program group that is good at sports variety , The past “ Traffic password ” Set on the director's variety show , By editing 、 Debate topics, etc , Created a number of embarrassing scenes , It seems that all parties are trapped in their own information cocoon , Committed to exporting ideas , No one cares about the short film made by the director . The more valuable information , Such as the film Sino American technology flower live show 、 Discussion on Chinese film history ,《 Spring in a small town 》 The display of female consciousness and so on , Did not have time for deeper discussion and exchange .

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“ Give a good director who can face the market and audience directly 、 An opportunity to show your talents ”, The original intention , I hope the program doesn't forget .

That's the only way , can “ Go against the wind , Break the situation and rebirth ”.


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