Are you the so-called "good old man"?

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writing / Wang Xiaohao

Have you been judged a good man ? Have you ever been a good man ? Or you still play the good guy ? Whether there are good people around you ?

There is no doubt that the old man , Really a good man , He is a kind man , But is it a little too kind to become weak , There is no bottom line ?

Before my life 35 In the year , I'm a good man , At least I think so . Because everyone asked me for help , I won't refuse . But one thing that happened yesterday , Suddenly let me question this practice .

It's actually quite simple , Is to order a limited number of special oranges , And has paid , Agreed to pick it up the next day . But at night 11 A.m. , The other party informed me , An unscheduled customer took advantage of his absence , Just take my share , Take it and tell him , When he tells the other party that there is no extra , The other party said that it meant asking her to send it in the evening .

Because I was familiar before , I let something out , Help the seller save too much , So this time he discussed with me again and said he was sorry to let others send it back , I wish I could give you a share , Give me a refund , Or change to other goods .

When I finished watching the screenshot of the conversation between the other party and him , I'm not feeling well , I'll tell the seller directly , This makes me feel raped , What can't be said is visual perception . I also clearly tell the seller , Look at the face he usually takes care of me , This time I let the pain go .

But when I saw the seller today , Shout in the crowd , Who bought the orange has not taken it yet . At that moment, I suddenly felt like a fool . Since there are still people who haven't taken their oranges , Why was it my share that was taken away .

Same payment , The same fair deal , No one else's can be taken away , Only my share can be taken away , Can be let out .

With what ? Why? ? I was completely lost in thought , Start looking at yourself 35 Over the years , Why is life getting worse . I finally came to a conclusion . Because my good old man , Because I have no bottom line , Because I don't refuse .

In the workplace , A good man doesn't refuse , I have undertaken a lot of work that is not my own job , Because I have no bottom line , Give up their own promotion space and income .

This is not about haggling , It's the truth . Blindly grievance and perfection , It can not be exchanged for the so-called good popularity , It will also make you a stepping stone for others , Be a fool in the eyes of others .

Everyone wants to take advantage of us . We can hold the idea that loss is blessing , But our never stopped , To set no limits is to indulge . Those who are used to taking advantage in the future , The heavy price paid , We've done something . When the tragedy happened , Whether we will regret , Why didn't you stop yourself at the beginning .

I admit that the goodness of good people is a virtue , But not everyone is worth . meanwhile , Kindness also needs to be measured , Excessive kindness will help the tyrant , Hurt more people .

The road of life is so long , We can be good people , But be a bottom line , Dare to refuse , A good old man who knows how to distinguish . At least not to please others , Wronged myself !

Because the good man himself deserves love , Worthy of love , More worthy of their love . Don't forget that the premise of loving others is to love yourself .

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