When I first found out that I was not a passionate person

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I'm not a passionate person , A lot of people have told me , My mother also said .

I grew up in my father's hometown , Until junior high school , The whole family moved to my mother's hometown . Every winter and summer before moving here , I will also go to my mother's house with my mother , It's reasonable to come here once or twice , Don't say afraid of strangers , At least not very familiar . But I like playing with my cousins here , She is also very close to my aunt .

But until junior high school really moved here , I've lived here for a long time , I don't know my cousin so well , And don't hang out with them , It's also very polite to meet aunts or other relatives , Some people may think it's polite , But being too polite to relatives , It can also be said to be a kind of distance .

I don't know why , It can only come down to growing up , Think too much , Or what they said , I'm just a non enthusiastic person .

The summer vacation when I graduated from junior high school , I'm bored walking in the street . More than a month before graduation , I've decided to submit to the county high school , So I was different from them in the last month , Others are trying to review for the high school entrance exam , And I'm just playing , So when the summer vacation comes , I'm tired of playing .

I went out to the bookstore that afternoon , I'm heading home , I have an ice cream in my hand , I'm thinking about doing something in the evening . Suddenly I heard my name in the air , It's weak, but I heard . I thought I had an auditory hallucination , He knocked on his head and went back , I heard it again after a few steps . I'm sure someone is calling me , Look up and look around , I didn't find anyone , I'm going to keep going , Suddenly found that “ Chinese Jordan ” A girl at the door waved to me again , I narrowed my eyes and looked carefully , It seems that my junior high school classmate , But I don't know very well , She is familiar with those with poor grades , I don't usually play , Don't say much .

Now that she waved , I went up and said hello to her , It's embarrassing. I can't remember the name for the moment , Can only smile question mark . I saw her wearing the same clothes as the other employees in the store , Guess if she's working here for the summer vacation , Just ask her . Unexpectedly, she said she worked here , The kind of formal work .

I was surprised. , Asked hurriedly :“ Go to work ? So you quit high school ?” She smiled , A little shy , I'll say frankly in a minute :“ Can't , I can't read , I can't go to high school , I have to work out .” I was speechless for a moment , I don't know what to say , After a while, I felt embarrassed , After a few vague words, he found an excuse to go , When she left, she said “ I've been working here for the rest of my life , Come and play with me when you are free .” I replied with a good , Hurried away .

I'm ashamed to think about it afterwards , They are all classmates , People are so enthusiastic , And I'm so cold , There were even people who didn't want to touch others , Especially such students . I just think of , If you don't have any intersection in the future , Finally, don't contact . Even if there are intersections , Just keep a distance .

Then I learned a word , It's called social terrorism . It seems like , It's not like , Social fear is for everyone , And I'm not exactly . I think I'm narrow-minded , Biased , But he always deceives himself and others that he is not such a person , Feel fair to others , Without prejudice , This is really a dog learning to walk from a cat —— I think it looks good .

I'm old now , It's been a lot , Understand a lot of interpersonal things . The world is so big , There are so many people , There are so many interesting people , Sometimes be warm to people , Maybe it's not that bad ?

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