Liaoshen landscape (32) heavy snow is flying all over the sky, and Qionghua is filling Shen city

Photography 2021-11-25 17:16:42

The poem / Muye mountain

chart 1, A bird's-eye view of a corner of Shen City

chart 2, The court was closed by heavy snow

Looking at the snow all over the sky , Qionghua flies down the city wall . The earth is full of scales , Enchanting and rich mountains and rivers .

The building has a novel and strange appearance , Jingshu is unique . Pavilion capping wax casting , The corridor is covered with a crown and carved with jade .

The trees are dressed in silver , Flowers and plants are wrapped in plain clothes . The clouds of the universe are white and thick , Fog and smoke all over the world .

Road stick slip and block increase , The path barrier . There are few green courtyards , There are many catkins under the fence .

People say that autumn goes to the cold day , It is said that the winter moon . Must tune the wind Ling rhythm , Let's look at the music playing Geometry ?

2021 year 11 month 9 Rishen City

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