Tips for promotion and salary increase of IT personnel large factory vs small factory

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Recently, a friend came to me to discuss job hopping .

He works 4 year , Currently in a small company , I feel no future , I'm going to change my job .

He got ants and a start-up company OFFER.

I replied to him : This year's environment , Let's go to the ants , Start up companies don't think about it .

He went on to say that : This startup is very strong in the industry , It has just been established for two years , Annual revenue growth 10 times .

To hear that , I will think of the choices I made before .

Work 2-5 I've been working for years , yes 「 Workplace capital 」 The biggest period , It is the favorite group of enterprises .

At this time, the choice of work is very important .

In response to this question , Talk about shortcuts to career development , Let's talk about the choice of large or small factories ., Give you some practical suggestions .

Please note that , The following recommendations are for work only 2 People aged and over , Fresh students and old career birds , No reference !

A shortcut to career development

Why does workplace development need shortcuts ?

Shouldn't we be steady, step by step ?

in fact , Watch the good friends around you , In addition to efforts , They must have taken a shortcut .

Of course , The shortcut here is by no means a small action such as holding the leader's thigh .

But experienced a period of rapid development of a company's business .

One side , The business is in a period of rapid development , There are many opportunities .

Business development , Naturally, more management posts and expert posts will emerge .

This is the time , A slightly better person , Will be promoted by the fire , Achieve rapid promotion .

On the other hand , Rising business , Bonus to employees 、 Stocks, etc , Will be more generous .

Because the essential logic of motivation , Is to put the increment ( Not the stock ) Take out some to share with employees .

therefore , You look at , If you can participate in the fast-growing business . Hard work and a little luck .

It is likely that material civilization ( Income bonus options )、 Spiritual civilization ( Position ) Together we have achieved .

please remember 「 Business is developing at a high speed 」 This shortcut , The logic of choice later will also be related to it .

Talk about big factories

Work for a few years , If it's always in a small factory , Gold plating in big factories is the idea of many people .

In the workplace , In fact, the blessing brought by the platform is more important than personal ability .

From personal experience , Big factories will give you a hard 「 tickets 」.

Then when you change jobs , Send a resume, one is accurate .

in addition , The talent training mechanism of big factories 、 Promotion mechanism and talent density , Better than small companies .

It also means that , Growth after joining , The probability is better .

But choose big factories , You need to choose a core product line .

Large factories will have many business departments , Each business unit will also have different products .

Every business unit 、 The importance of each product in the company is different .

The importance of products is different , It will greatly affect the staffing 、 Right to speak 、 Resource acquisition capability, etc .

These factors will affect whether a person can make achievements in his post , And then affect development .

The product lines of large factories can be according to “ Main revenue generating products 、 Business support products 、 Strategic layout products 、 Innovative experimental products ” There are four categories .

The first two are the core product lines , The latter two belong to the edge product line .

These four categories of products , Resources obtained from more to less , Importance in the company from high to low .

Join the core product line of large factories , And they are excellent , Willing to work hard , There will be good prospects .

What about the strategic layout product line and innovative experimental product line ?
For work 3、5 For people in , It also belongs to the development period of the workplace .

In the development period , Try not to choose growing , Even product lines with uncertain prospects .

Some bloggers will refute : Isn't strategic layout and innovation important , Isn't wechat an innovative product at first ?

That's right , But we have to look at the probability , The innovative products of big factories 90% above , Will eventually fail .

Large factories only need to firmly hold the core product line , As for the dead edge product line , Another one is .

Take WeChat , In order to seize the mobile social network , At the same time, four teams have been set up to make similar products .

Finally, Zhang Xiaolong led the wechat team to run out , What about the outcome of the rest of the team ?

Um. , Have a guess ???

How do we judge the core product line of a large factory ? see CEO You'll know in your public speech .

Or look at the company's earnings , Find the business with the largest cash flow , That's it .

Ali's e-commerce 、 Meituan's takeout 、 Netease's game , These are the core product lines .

And Ali entertainment 、 Meituan takes a taxi , It belongs to the edge product line .

Talk about small factories

Friends who have worked for several years , Working in a small factory , I can't see the future .

But you can't enter a big factory or the core Department of a big factory , I want to change a small factory at this time .

Or, , Be a screw in a big factory , It's really boring , Friends who want to change to a small factory .

How to judge , How to choose ?

In fact, it depends on three points :

1. Whether it is growing at a high speed

You need to think about joining this small factory , Can you take a shortcut to the workplace ?

This small factory , It must be a state of rapid development , Business growth can cover up many problems .

Wang Xing has a saying , It's a little vulgar but very direct ,Keep growing, fuck everything else.
in other words , Only growth matters , Nothing else matters .

As long as we can maintain high growth , All problems can be tolerated in the short term , cover up .

All kinds of discomfort caused by such a small factory , Including the lack of benefits 、 Lack of training system, etc , Can be ignored .

2. The boss's dream : Is it to make money or have an industrial ideal ?

For small companies , The boss's ideas matter .

There is a standard , You can immediately divide all bosses into two categories .

Love your industry 、 And those who don't love their industry .

Why are there bosses who don't love their industry ?

It's very simple , Many companies can do it , Is affected by the environment , Commonly known as tuyere .

Some bosses , Start a business just to make money , All kinds of pursuits .
Accidentally found one , So the pig took off .

however , Such boss , Don't love the industry , This company will not have a real mission vision values , There will be no in-depth understanding of the industry .

In the long run , The company is nothing more than the boss's money making tool or capital operation tool , Such companies lack sufficient motivation to become bigger and stronger .

Grow to a certain stage , It's likely to start going downhill .
The shortcut you seek to join a small company at this time , There will be no more .

So how to distinguish ? You can find the boss to give a public speech , If filled with all kinds of GMV、 High growth 、 tuyere , Probably just want to make money .

If you have industry insight 、 User Research 、 Thinking from the perspective of users, etc , The probability is that there is an ideal boss in the industry .

3. Whether the boss is willing to share

Many wonderful things about small companies , The root cause is that the boss is unwilling to share .

Join a small company , Stock options are usually issued , In fact, it's hard to cash .

Successful small companies , It's really rare .

But what if it does ? At this time, many bosses who don't want to share , Began to play the option stock in the hands of employees .

What's going on here , There are ten thousand species , In short , You can't play, boss .

Any friend who has suffered such harm , Usually depressed for a long time .

It's even scarier , A boss who doesn't want to share , It will eventually make the company's rapid growth come to naught .

Excellent old employees can't stay , Word of mouth is no longer good. Powerful people don't want to enter , Naturally, the company will not have great prospects .

If you find one that is consistent with high growth 、 The boss has industrial ideals 、 A small company that the boss is willing to share .

So congratulations , Join us bravely , The prospect must be good .

A previous news , The parent tiktok of the parent , There is a senior programmer Guo Yu , It's worth over a billion dollars ,28 The retirement age .

When Guo Yu chose headlines , The headlines are just a small company with hundreds of people .

But the headlines at that time , In line with these three points .

If only 2 spot , such as 1,2, You can also join .

Even if the boss doesn't want to share , But if the company makes some fame , And you played an important role .

Then your subsequent development , It won't be bad .

At this time, I want to enter the big factory , Even choose the core business of large factories , Will be easier .


Choosing large and small factories is not a problem .

The real question is whether our choices at each step bring us closer to 「 Freedom in the workplace 」.

Looking for a job is always passive , Being chased by work , To take the initiative in life .

Whether you can experience a period of rapid development of a business , It's very important for us .

I've had this experience , It's easier for us to get 「 Freedom in the workplace 」.

The individual is always small , Choose the right platform , Let the platform empower you , At the same time, we can continuously improve our ability .

The role of choice is indeed far greater than effort . I hope we work hard at the same time , Make every choice .

I wish every blogger who wants to change jobs , Make the right choice !

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