"The forerunner": the beauty trap and the counter plot come on stage one by one. The last few episodes are so exciting!

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《 Forerunner 》 The last few episodes were so thrilling , To capture 《 Confessions 》, The forces of all parties have reached the point of madness , The beauty scheme 、 A counter plan 、 Spies and spies come on stage one by one , There's nothing to do with it , And fan Yaluo's pregnancy , It has become the fuse of this white hot competition . Japanese beauty trick

We all know Lu Yi's true identity , She is a head to head Japanese spy , This vicious woman , She spent seven years in Shanghai .

She deceived everyone with her identity as a Chinese , She started with French bill , Why did she choose Bill ? because , Bill was using his foreign firm , Selling drugs for the top echelons of the French Concession .

And Lu Yi through Japanese intelligence , She knows Bill's identity , therefore , She began to approach him deliberately , She wanted to find a way to the top of the French Concession through bill .

Her beauty trick worked , Bill soon fell under her pomegranate skirt , thereafter , She has the identity of a French wife .

later , Bill was killed , She immediately stared at Ma Tianmu , because , She took a fancy to Ma Tianmu's ability , And she just needs a capable person to help her run a foreign firm , As long as the opium business of foreign firms continues , She still has a chance to get close to the top of the French Concession .

Sure enough , She used opium to climb up fan Yiting's relationship , Of course , She was just laying out , As Sakai Yingyi said , At that time, she was just an unused chess piece , therefore , Her evil face was not exposed .

But the Japanese came , Their iron hooves are swaggering on the beach , And she finally found her own existence “ value ”, Of course , The game she has laid over the years has also been effective .

The time has come to activate her , Sakai Yingyi is glad that his piece has finally come in handy , Now she is alone , And fan Yiting, the chief inspector of the French Concession , He's alone, too , At this time, fan Yiting is in a high position , therefore , He has high utilization value .

in addition , The Japanese also heard , Now fan Yiting is not only high and powerful , He also compiled a set of top secret files , In his set of files , Almost netted representatives of all forces on the beach .

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