Mystery fog of the octagonal pavilion: Why did the audience sympathize with Zhou Yamei when it was clearly an accomplice

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Introduction : TV play 《 Octagonal pavilion mystery fog 》 It's a new suspense play launched by fog theater this year , This TV play tells the story of Yi Xuanliang 、 Xuanmin 、 The four brothers and sisters centered on XuanZhen and xuanzhu and their families have a series of effects caused by XuanZhen's accidental murder . Nineteen years ago , XuanZhen disappeared after school , Then the body was found in the pool of Bajiaoting Park . The case has never been solved , It has also become a mystery fog in the hearts of everyone in the Xuanjia family .

《 Octagonal pavilion mystery fog 》 If you don't care about the leaky details in the play , It's actually a very good TV play .

This TV play tells such a story : Xuanliang, who lives in Shaowu City, grew up after his daughter xuannianmei , More and more nervous about her safety , I even want to follow my daughter and protect her all the time every day .

His almost obsessive-compulsive behavior , It's all because of a murder related to Xuanjia 19 years ago .

Nineteen years ago , The youngest child of the Xuan family , XuanZhen, also Xuanliang's beloved sister, disappeared after school , Later, the body was found and dumped in a pool in a local park , This park used to have an octagonal pavilion , So it's called Bajiaoting Park .

therefore , The case of XuanZhen's murder , Also known as the octagonal pavilion case , That's the name of the TV play 《 Octagonal pavilion mystery fog 》 The origin of .

It is a pity , The murderer of this murder has never been found , This has become the worry of everyone in the Xuanjia family .

Xuanliang was watching his daughter grow up , She found her daughter more and more like her dead aunt XuanZhen , And will the murderer who has been hiding in the dark do something to xuannianmei again , He dared not think of such an assumption , The only thing he can do is protect his daughter .

One : The real killer

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