During the job interview, what means does HR have to know your marriage and childbirth?

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When a woman is looking for a job , The question of marriage and childbirth must be asked . Combined with the experience of changing jobs this year , today , Let's talk about , During the interview hr How to know about your marriage and childbirth .

In general , quite a lot hr By filling in the form , Understand your basic situation , Including study and work experience , Marriage, childbirth and family situation . In the table , The marriage and childbearing column is divided into married and unmarried , That's it . Of course , And some wonderful companies , This has been done to the extreme . In the married column , Set three small options : About whether you have children now . The options in the table are one child 、 A second child 、 Three . You know when you see this watch , How angry am I ? Here comes the three-child policy , I'll put you in the form right away , It's too hard for us . Although I don't interview much , On the whole , I've never seen one accurate to the number of births .

Most of the time , I refuse to fill in these marriage and childbirth information , Only describe some of your own learning and work experience . Of course ,hr Didn't get what they wanted in the information sheet , How could I let you go ? When talking face to face , In the end , They will still mention this problem , I thought it was euphemistic .“ Is it convenient to ask if you are married now ?” What can we choose , Take out 《 Notice on further standardizing recruitment practices to promote women's employment 》 say , You see, this notice clearly stipulates that women's marriage and childbirth shall not be asked during recruitment , You said it was inconvenient for us to ? Maybe let's say “ inconvenient ”,hr Just crossed you off the candidate list , such “ People who don't say anything are not obedient , You can't have ”.

later , Do it with me hr My friends talk about it .

“ I'm really angry ,hr The questions were very direct , I don't want to answer such a thing again , I even want to go to the relevant departments to reflect .”

The friend laughed , It's no use reflecting . After all, your reaction will not have any impact on the company , It will increase your time cost .

“ You know what? , A lot of smart and cautious hr Will take some more euphemistic ways to ask about your marriage and childbirth .” Friends say . Next , Give me some examples . such as ,hr Will ask you , Who do you live with ? How to eat after work ? This way of chatting , You think it's Lala's family , Don't worry ,hr I won't talk nonsense to you , Every word they say has a purpose . Ask these questions about your daily life , Is to infer your current marriage and childbearing situation . See? , I didn't ask you about your marriage and childbirth !

This is something I didn't think of before . therefore , Most of the time , We have no choice , Very helpless . Think about it , Capital is profit-making ,hr All want to use the least cost , Let you maximize your value .

Some time ago , A friend interviewed a large media , written examination 、 Interviews are first . At the end , The leader wants the only boy , She said she felt hurt , Actually , My ability is not bad , Probably lost in gender .

With age , This kind of gender discrimination will become more and more prominent . therefore , People around you encourage you to enter the system , It's not unreasonable . however , Not everyone can go in . What I want to say is , We can change too little . Within your control , Adjust your mindset , Don't be influenced by companies that refuse us . Girls ,We deserve better

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