Qiu Qiu hasn't married yet. Zhao Benshan's wife is afraid of her daughter being raped and "threatens" her son-in-law to be: small life in her pocket

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Comedy master Zhao Benshan and his wife Ma Lijuan have a pair of children, dragon and Phoenix, children ,1997 Brother and sister born in , Brother Niu Niu is relatively low-key , Rarely open your love life . My daughter has a lot of emotional experience , With your new boyfriend 4 Open love in January ,6 Successful proposal in January .

Now , Qiu Qiu has taken her boyfriend home many times to see her parents , Good things are near . In recent days, , The ball is live with his mother , Zhao Benshan's wife worried about her daughter getting married , Say in the live broadcast :“ I'm afraid my girl will be beaten , Bang, I missed my nose ”, Then Ma Lijuan said with a smile , But my face is red , Eyes were filled with tears .

The ball saw that his mother was serious , I'm really worried about being raped after I get married , His face became serious immediately , Comfort my mother and say :“ He didn't dare , Mom , He won't ”, Mother smiled softly and said :“ Anyway, you tell him , Put your life in your pocket , If my girl gets hurt , I must find him ”.

Let's see the moving picture , Ma Lijuan said she was afraid her daughter would be beaten , Obviously, the eyes are wet , His face was full of worry , I'm afraid my baby daughter will suffer if she gets married , Although ball said her boyfriend wouldn't , But Ma Lijuan still said the softest words , It means a threat , Whoever that man is , If your daughter gets hurt , Then the man's life is good , Uncle Benshan's family will not let him go .

Seeing Ma Lijuan's words , Netizens also joked in the comment area :“ Naked threats ”,“ Say the most cruel words in the most gentle tone ”, More netizens told Ma Lijuan , say :“ Not many dare to do it ”,“ That's absolutely vital ”,“ I dare not eat leopard gall ”,“ Don't worry , No one dare , Unless he doesn't want to live ”.

More mothers with daughters said :“ Baby daughter married , As a mother is in this mood , Miss ”,“ The most intimate little cotton padded jacket goes out , Shit, I'm not feeling well ”.

The ball is the apple of my parents' eyes , From being spoiled to being big , She wants to enter the entertainment industry , Dad paved the way for her , She wants to start a business , Parents also support . The ball is held all the way to grow up , Ma Lijuan wants her daughter to stay with her for a few more years , I even hope my daughter can marry later .

Actually , Not just Ma Lijuan naked “ threat ” Let out cruel words , Whoever hurt her daughter , Let the man put his life in his pocket , Uncle Benshan also has “ education ” Ball passing boyfriend .

Ball boyfriend likes playing games very much , She had make complaints about the studio before. , These days, Qiuqiu took her boyfriend back to Shenyang to celebrate her mother's birthday , Uncle Benshan asked his prospective son-in-law three times “ Do you play games ”.

The man was so frightened that he didn't dare to play games at his father-in-law's house anymore , Instead, spend more time with your girlfriend , Please the ball . It seems that I want to be uncle Benshan's son-in-law , It's really not easy , Or you'll be settled by your father-in-law and mother-in-law .

Qiu Qiu is the youngest child in Uncle Benshan's family , My brother is sensible and never brings trouble to his family , The ball always makes trouble , But always protected by family . Strange to say , The most naughty child in the family , Always spoiled by parents , The most protective , The preferred one .

It is reported that , Ball ball boyfriend is 1990 Born in , The age difference between them 7 year , The man is mainly engaged in investment business , At present, wealth freedom has been realized , This also shows that men are either rich or expensive , But compared with Uncle Benshan's family , Probably not .

I want to be uncle Benshan's son-in-law , It's really not easy , Playing games will be questioned by my father-in-law , In case you hurt your wife in the future , Will be by my mother-in-law “ threat ” Little life in his pocket , It's not easy to be a son-in-law of a rich family .

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