Du Meizhu denies being expelled from school. In fact, it is a good thing for Du Meizhu to give up Zhongchuan

Tencent Entertainment 2021-11-25 17:14:20

2021 The year is about to pass , This year's entertainment industry has been a big melon , And the hottest , It's all about the emotional dispute between Meizhu and a male star , Because of this , Dumeizhu just got the attention of the people who eat melons . In recent days, , It is reported on the Internet that Meizhu was expelled from school , As things heat up , All Meizhu responded positively , In fact, give up the middle pass , It's a good thing for Du Meizhu , What's the matter ?

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After dumeizhu successfully defended his rights , She returned to her life , after that , She rarely updates , But netizens admire her very much , Because she used her own strength “ beat ” Traffic stars in the entertainment industry , The key is , The whole process is reasonable and legal .

Dumeizhu gradually returns to normal life , She slowly started drying some nice photos , Not a word about what happened before , But there are many people , The news that dumeizhu has been dropped out of school came out on the Internet , Others found that she was related to Wang Sicong , After seeing this , Netizens have speculated that Du Meizhu will be a full-time online celebrity in the future .

When dumeizhu dropped out of school, the heat became higher and higher , Netizens began to believe the news on the Internet , Some netizens believe that there is an unspeakable secret that dumeizhu was dropped out of school , Another part of netizens think that no matter what happens , All Meizhu should not give up their studies , Although there are endless news about dumeizhu on the Internet , But dumeizhu never responded positively .

11 month 7 Friday night , All Meizhu started live broadcasting , Immediately attract the attention of netizens , The heat rises rapidly . That night, Meizhu wore a blue cardigan , Pair with a short tank top , A shawl with long hair , It gives people a lovely and pure feeling .

In the middle of a conversation , Du Meizhu responded to the false rumors that he was dropped out of school , It turned out that she was not dropped out of school , Instead, he voluntarily applied to drop out . Du Meizhu is a college affiliated to Communication University of China , According to her original plan , She can take advantage of the situation to become a net celebrity or enter the entertainment industry , But after the incident with a male star , Have a significant impact on the life planning of Du Meizhu , So the trajectory of her life has changed .

Du Meizhu said he would work hard to prepare for the college entrance examination , Then go back to a school , Actually , It's a pity that Du Meizhu gave up the middle pass , But I have to say , This decision is very correct .

After what happened between Meizhu and a male star , It seems that Meizhu won completely , Because it happened , The number of fans of Du Meizhu has soared , Attention is rising rapidly , And start receiving some advertising or promotion , The key is , The end result is that a male star goes in , But we need to know , In the entertainment industry, always put interests first , The benefits of a lot of capital are lost in the water , The most intuitive is 《 Green hairpin line 》 Unable to go online , If all Meizhu follow the original plan , After graduation, you will enter the entertainment industry , This road is almost difficult to walk , It doesn't even work , Unless she chooses to be an online Celebrity .

Du Meizhu chose to drop out and take the college entrance examination again , She will choose a new career , Maybe she will develop better , Career progress will be better .

Dumeizhu will give people a very mature feeling , Or because she came into contact with the entertainment industry very early , Or for family reasons , Personal dress style is very good , But Meizhu is 00 after , Just. 18 A little older , So she will have more opportunities to make choices , After all, it's just full 18 year , The future is worth looking forward to .

Dear readers , How do you think Meizhu chose to drop out , Go back to college ?

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