On Chen he's 36th birthday, his mother took a lot of childhood photos to celebrate his son's birthday. Zhu Zhen and Yin Zheng sent blessings in the early morning

Tencent Entertainment 2021-11-25 17:14:16

11 month 9 Chen he ushered in 36 birthday , Mom went online early in the morning to dry the video , Celebrate for your son , The copy is concise and comprehensive : Another year , Happy birthday !

Mother came to a wave of Chen he's childhood photos , Each period is very lovely , It's a feast for the eyes .

Chen he loved to laugh when he was a baby , No teeth yet , It is estimated that it is only a few months old , Wear a vest , Little eyes , Laugh like a 200 A big fat man .

Chen he's family should be very good , Look at this fashionable dress, you can see , Blue sportswear is very modern , Wearing a red octagonal hat is so foreign .

Slowly Chen he grew up , Smiling eyes , white T The shirt is tied into shorts , The same sense of fashion .

Chen he, who has learned to ride a bicycle, has begun to take shape , Now it's exactly what the enlarged version looked like at that time , Especially the teeth .

Chen he, who is only a teenager, has a sense of comedy .

In the back is what Chen he looks like when he grows up , This should also be an old photo a few years ago , Chen he jumped happily �Q Youth is full of .

Chen he is taller than his father . Father Chen's name is “ Chen zuzhao ”, He is a national senior art Manager ,2014 I served as 《 So pregnant 》 The production director , A successful career .

Mother also shared a group photo with her son , Chen he pouted and kissed his mother , The suit and bow tie are well dressed and formal , Mom herself is also wearing cheongsam , Elegant intelligence . Mother's name is Hu Xiaoling , He is a national first-class actor , Director of the Chinese Dramatist Association , Former president of Fujian people's Art Theater . It can be seen that Chen he was born in a scholarly family , Maybe he later became an actor , It was his parents who arranged the way for him very early .

Look back on the old photos , Dad was very handsome when he was young , Unfortunately, Chen he may not have inherited .

In addition, good brothers Zhu Zhen and Yin Zheng also celebrated Chen he's birthday one after another .

Yin Zheng shared old photos of Chen he's youth with an attachment : Happy birthday, . The blessing between men doesn't need too many words .

This photo can be called the peak of Chen he's appearance , Three dimensional facial features , The facial contour is angular , It's a divine face ! Modern people think “ Beauty is thin ”, Not just for women , It also applies to gay men .

Netizens have dreamt back with emotion 《 Love apartment 》, And ridicule that you can never go back to the past !

Chen he and Yin Zheng made TV dramas together , I also recorded variety shows together , And both of them are real food , Let them have more common language . Yin Zheng's birthday , Chen he will also send blessings on time , Full of brotherhood .

Zhu Zhen celebrated Chen he's birthday earlier , Attachment two words “ love you ”!

Two people eat barbecue together , I don't know if it's a new picture or an old one , They are more closely connected on weekdays , Zhu Zhen can often be seen in Chen he's live studio , So they not only have friendship , It should also involve the connection of interests , Is a business partner .

I wonder how Zhang Zixuan will celebrate her husband's birthday . Although Chen he's not particularly good in the entertainment industry , But popularity is really good , Live in a mansion with hundreds of square meters in Shanghai , The two daughters are lively and lovely , A happy family , Life has become the envy of many people .

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