It's silly to be read by Li Chengru. When choosing actors, it's so miserable that no one pays attention. Is bi Zhifei pitiful this time?

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Bi Zhifei , Let's meet each other ?

He is a master of Beijing Film Academy , Doctor of film and television science of Peking University , But with a valve 2.2 The rotten basin 《 Dream of acting circle 》, It has become synonymous with bad film directors .

It is hard to imagine , Recently, I even competed for a variety show in the director 《 Director, please give me some advice 》 I saw him in the .

Because fame is outside , therefore , What happened to bi Zhifei in this program , It became a large toe buckle castle construction site .


The first task given to the director by the program team , Is to go on stage and explain the play you want to adapt , Persuade favorite actors to join their team .

Bi Zhifei just played backstage , That is to say, it is necessary to adapt the Centennial classics and select the best 、 Extremely difficult 、 A masterpiece directed by Fermo 《 Spring in a small town 》.

As soon as the backstage producer listens , He immediately sighed deeply , Use extreme euphemism to express :“ I don't quite understand why he dares to choose such a difficult work .

next , Wang Jing immediately mended a knife :“ I'm afraid of changing any strange effect , Being chased and scolded by Mr. Feimu's fans .”

but , Li Chengru, who always dares to say anything , But you're not so polite . He didn't save Bi Zhifei face at all , Immediately fired a shot at him ――“ You have the courage to challenge this film , I understand , Why are you scoring at a certain valve 2.2.”

Now my expression be like Other directors watching the excitement at this time :“ Oh, yo , Is it so exciting ?”

Although this is a little cruel , But it makes sense . This kind of old literary and artistic film is highly difficult to adapt , Not yet popular with mainstream audiences , Plus your level is not enough , It's a little too much to choose this film .

And when it comes to selecting actors , The scene is even worse , It can be said that we have fallen into a frozen embarrassing moment .

The actors avoided him like a plague , One after another, they have exhausted their unique knowledge , He took out all kinds of euphemism from his pocket and threw it at him .

Because only one actor can be selected in a round , So Bi Zhifei decided to choose a male number one first , He first sent an invitation to Yu Entai, who had found a co Director .

Fortunately, Yu Entai has a decent reason :“ If you had been one step ahead of director Wang , I might come in with you .”

When the host asks another actor, big pan , When you are interested in this short film , He also hurriedly replied that he had a heart , Director Liang Long who wants to step down .

Because no actor is willing to cooperate with him , Bi Zhifei can only choose to change his goal : Find one 25 An actress over years old .

result , But it's a repeat of the scene , Similarly, no actress stood up to express her wishes .

In the quiet embarrassment of the whole audience , The host cast an inquiring look at Zhang Xueying .

Zhang Xueying, who doesn't want to play, is obviously a little flustered , Took out his reasons for refusing to press the bottom of the box :“ I only 24 year , Not yet 25.”

This scene , I've already found a seam to drill in .

But Bi Zhifei is a late stage patient of social bovine disease , I'm not afraid of this scene at all . Although Zhang Xueying's reason is very good , But he just doesn't take it , Just smile and say 24 It's OK .

That's it , Zhang Xueying finally sacrificed the golden eloquence : I already have a heart .

Bi Zhifei struggled for a long time , Even after stepping down, I went to contact Niu Junfeng, whom I especially liked , But in the end, he still couldn't escape the fate of being rejected for five companies , We can only find three actors from outside the program to shoot .

Don't blame the actors for their indifference , After all, Bi Zhifei's bad film has a good reputation , Actors and actresses come here to make good films , No one will be happy to hit the muzzle of a rotten piece of gun ?

Originally , I thought the embarrassment could come to an end here , But I didn't think , The attitude of several new actors towards Bi Zhifei , More ruthless .

When he asked the actors to go to the play , The actress threw him a resounding sentence :“ I don't think you need to go to the theatre to collect your clothes .”

Even after the play , The actress still emphasizes her point of view to bi Zhifei : I don't think it makes sense . Last , The three actors even discussed together : I think as long as we keep the three of us performing .

On the day of the final film report , Other directors have their own actors to accompany them , Only Bi Zhifei is alone .

Asked by the host why the actor didn't come , He can only smile bitterly :“ LV Xingchen's itinerary is quite full , I guess the other two are afraid of all kinds of questions .”

See here , I can only say to bi Dao with heartache : Let's stop torturing ourselves next time, okay .


Yes, of course , My heart is aching , The reason why Bi Zhifei is not respected still lies in himself .

As a director , He has no decisiveness at all .

When I first read the script , He pulled out two plays at once , A crackling and illogical explanation , To sum up, a script is written by yourself , The other was written by another screenwriter .

The actors said , Just say which script you want most .

But Bi Zhifei doesn't know why , Always want to show their breadth and , Say to the actors that they prefer to write their own version , But he explained that it didn't matter , If you don't want to , It doesn't matter , I can also change .

If I understand correctly , The director is the one who controls the whole situation , How can actors be allowed to manipulate their scripts at will ?

What kind of play do you want to make , At least I should have a framework in mind . If that's not known , What about artistic pursuit and professional ideal ? Finally, wait until the actor says , Just follow the original script , The work of the crew was able to continue .

When it comes to the play , Bi Zhifei's operation is even more confusing , He seems to have no idea what he's doing .

He asked the actress to play , Although the actress doesn't think it's necessary , But I still went . result , When people play, he just watches his cell phone , I finally raised my head , In the twinkling of an eye, he continued to poke his mobile phone .

He's going to tell the actors , As a result, I didn't even remember the most basic character relationships , Also turn around and ask the staff how we designed it .

The actor emphasized it to him again , We finally decided on the original script , No modification .

As a result, he still couldn't figure out the basic setting of the characters in the script , Finally, the scene became an actor telling him a play .

Just because he knows that his director has no number in mind , That's why the actors will discuss together after the end to ensure their own performance .

But fortunately, the effect of the final short film is OK , Some filmmakers said they had finished watching the film , Make a difference to him .

Bi Zhifei was moved and wronged , And shed tears directly on the stage .

But , He doesn't seem to understand the truth that he will accept whatever is good , He began to talk on the stage again, widening the gap between eastern and Western Aesthetics , It is said that Oriental directors still have a lot of room for progress in realism .

After hearing this , Many filmmakers who have just chosen to recognize his progress , I can't help swearing , Even say to him directly ――

“ It's okay if you don't say this , What you said made me feel , You didn't learn Chinese film history well .”

And the filmmakers questioned him directly : Have you seen several other works of Mr. Feimu ? What are the specific scenes of his Oriental Aesthetics ?

Bi Zhifei smiled awkwardly , There was no answer .

And Li Chengru's speech is as heartbreaking as ever :“ I don't admit it's his work , Your red mold is basically like , It can only be described as , I can't say it's your work .”

Last , Li Chengru also added a cruel remark that hit his heart directly :“ I think he's stupid to read .”

It is said that netizens revealed , The scene even discussed his work for nearly an hour .

In fact, the quality of Bi Zhifei's short film is fairly standard , Compared with before, he has made a lot of progress .

But at the same time , There's another problem : Compared with the original film , Except for moving the Post-s to 90 years , Not many adaptations have actually been made . the 《 Spring in a small town 》 At the beginning, it was called a pioneer , Because it's a film that starts with a female narrator . This is the beginning of psychological realism film , It also means that women have regained the right to speak for thousands of years .

But in this age , And to film the husband giving up his wife to another man , It's too old-fashioned , Therefore, film critics will say that they can't see the new idea of Bi Zhifei's work .

Originally, the filmmakers didn't ask him so much , They all had a tacit understanding and didn't speak , But Bi Zhifei began to float , This led to an indiscriminate bombing .

And it , Bi Zhifei still belongs to tofu mouth , Stone heart , Sometimes, although the mouth is soft and fast , But I'm stubborn in my heart and I'm always unconvinced .

take 《 Dream of acting circle 》 For example , On the surface, he seems to be open-minded about making bad films of himself , Not only did I get the golden broom award in person , Still go 《 Poking fun at the conference 》 Make complaints about guests and audience. .

But when an actor asked him why he was so educated , But when I made such a bad film , His explanation is that the film is too experimental , I wrote a dozen clues in a movie ,17 Protagonists ,11 line .

The implication of the word experiment in the art world , I believe you all know , That is, the mainstream audience can't appreciate it yet .

but 《 Dream of acting circle 》 The level of , It's really not a “ Too experimental ” Can prevaricate the past . Of course, too many story lines and characters are one of the reasons for the failure of the film , But this is not what we call “ experiment ” Caused by , But he doesn't know how much he weighs , The result of forced shooting .

What's more, there are more problems in this film , It's enough to write thousands of words of film reviews to scold just because of low taste .

Will fire conclusion ――

Understand your shortcomings , Of course, it's a good thing to admit your mistake . The audience also understand that people are different from what people are good at , Not everyone is born with the talent to be a good director .

One failure doesn't matter , Or change it , If you can't change it, you can choose to change a track .

But if you just put on a very high attitude , But no real changes have been made , What's the difference between talking on paper and talking on paper ?

obviously , Bi Zhifei still has a long way to go in this regard .

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