One move for ugly men in ancient clothes

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I've been pulling my crotch for a long time , Often wonder what the filmmakers think of our audience , Does woodcutter reincarnation only love those rugged faces ? In ancient times “ Peerless beauty ” Pull a row out , Nu Wa wants to take the blame and resign , Silence is the essence of rotten wood , Moving is my sister, run , It's even worse to play , Great Xia, act like a toad .

I didn't expect to brush on Saturday B standing , In the dance ensemble 《 Dance Millennium 》 I saw a satisfactory play . It's a sword dance , Two young and middle-aged actors jump together , A solemn and steady , A beautiful and elegant , Like a knight meets a general , The sword wind rises everywhere when the clothes swing . A thought suddenly came into my mind : Go play costume , I want to see you play !

Just look at this sword , What a feast for the eyes !

According to my observation , The ancient costume plays in recent years can be roughly divided into two schools . One is slow motion , The actor turns twice , close-up POSE, Via pushes and pulls with slow motion , Land and finish . It looks scary , I haven't hit the meat for a long time , The Jianghu is full of gentle people .

The following scene is from 《 New Tianlong eight 》, At first glance , How can this famous Lingbo micro step not be driven by its legs ? No , He is murongfu . Qiao Feng rushed across with disheveled hair , It's the 19th of the 18 dragon subduing palms : Weiya Wang baquan .

Let's recall the normal play . The CCTV version Murong answered Ding Chunqiu's fan , Side jump, turn over and spread the force , Then he turned back and took out the sword , A set of movements .

Xiuqing, who plays Murong Fu, has some martial arts skills , Do it yourself , The lens and the whole body don't have to cut , A clean .

Today's second-largest doubles . seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , The actor cut his face away , Doubles hit the wind and water , The camera hides like a thief , I didn't see anything , The actor landed gracefully . There are too many examples , What's more, use comics instead of , The play is really clever , Anyway, perfunctory is a big one . In the final analysis, it is the actor's professional ability , Usually rely on slow motion, rely on doubles , There can be no good play .

The best play is the contribution of professionals , Jet Li 、 Wu Jing can perform master bearing .《 Tai chi master 》 Master Li Xiaowu plays Tai Chi on the Great Wall , A tender face makes an old man .

After all, there are few professionals who look good , The other is that I have learned a little martial arts 、 An actor in opera or dance .

Jiao Enjun, the ancient male god, learned some martial arts , With a handsome appearance , It's enough to be a great Xia . His specialty is that he can turn flowers out of his hands : Turn the fan , Turn the piano , Turn the flute , Elegans . It's not props that rotate , It's my girlish heart !

It's not a handsome guy who turns around , Now some actors can't even hold a sword , I don't know that holding sword flower was the basic operation of ancient costume play , Can't afford that fan, no taste . CCTV 《 Smiling and proud in the Jianghu 》 When Li Linping came to the palace, he had to pull a sword flower first , The lifeblood can be broken , The sense of ceremony should not be disordered .

Li Xie, who plays Lin Pingzhi, dances in primary school , Many of the actors in this edition have good skills , The swords of Huashan sect are like rainbow . Later versions didn't see , Since it's all blind killing , What is the dispute between Jianzong and Qizong ? Can you tell by yourself ?

Ren Yingying, played by Xu Qing, is also very skilled , At that time, many people thought she looked old , But her move made people believe that she was a high-class figure in Wulin . Xu Qing's mother is the leader of the dance team of the song and dance troupe of the General Political Department .

The first thing to look good in ancient clothes is the appearance . Boys should have correct facial features , Strong lines , Jianmei Xingmu is a handsome hero , Crooked mouth and eyes are all sent to play villains . The template of a handsome man's face in ancient costume is plain and white , I have a violent remark , The actor's costume looks good , Look at his characteristics .

Girls had better be round , Goose egg face, red phoenix eyes , Too sharp facial features have no classical flavor . Ancient costume should have temperament , Men and women should be two thin : One is the neck, the other is the waist , Otherwise, no matter how good-looking your face is, it will look stupid .

Recently, I saw the ancient costume modeling of Chen Turin, which was amazing , The slender swan neck is due to the greatness .

I haven't noticed before , Ugly ancient clothes were discovered after reading too much : Manners are also a very important part , Can complement the shape or destroy the shape .

Men should be upright . Look at a little 《 A female disciple came to the Imperial College 》, Xu Kaicheng's model background was very advantageous , But always bow and hunch , The role is the first childe , Looks more like a dandy .

It's not hard to stand up straight , It is suggested to organize a delegation to 《 The chronicles of the great song dynasty 》 Wang Kuan in learning . The figure below shows a gentleman , A dandy , A man from the market , Standing posture can divide .

Play a goddess or a young lady with a point , Don't shrink your neck with your chest . Yang Mi 、 Chen Yanxi has this problem , But it's not unique to them , They're just more famous . Just click to start a new play 《 The new white snake 》, Guanyin is like this ――

The terrible thing is that Bai Suzhen is also her , Where did you come from .

Learn Opera 、 Ballet or classical dancers are generally excellent in this field , Li Qin, who was born in opera , Liu Shishi from Ballet 、 Luo Yunxi , Their shoulders and backs are always straight , The sky doesn't shrink an inch . A strong sense of balance , Keep your posture beautiful on via , It's easy to be immortal and chivalrous to play martial arts and immortal Xia . The scene where Jin Han came out of the circle , The most deadly is not the face and body , But the stumble when landing .

Luo Yunxi's fan turns well . When I was a kid, I saw 《 Journey to the East 》, The most charming thing is that LV Dongbin turns the fan .

The group of dancers with good dancing skills have no trouble in appearance , Can add a lot of points to the character .

I always felt that Liu Yifei's little dragon girl was dragged down by Xiaoming's Yang Guo , She restored how fairies fight , Grace and power coexist .

Zhao Feiyan of Tong Liya , Light as a swallow, dance on the drum , I can't stand this charm when I'm an emperor .

Sometimes a play has been seen for many years , I don't remember the plot at all , But I can't forget the amazing dance . Zhou jiezai 《 Emperor Tang Ming 》 Jump in the green waist , Tang customs are all in this dance .

Some characters can't do without that dance , Than how Lin is 《 Daming Palace ci 》 The hands in the , I've seen this picture , Will understand that Xiao Taiping played by Zhou Xun thinks he is not as beautiful as one of her toes .

And Yang Liping plays Mei Chaofeng , Using hand movements makes people believe that there are really “ Jiuyin White Bone Claw ”.

However, later, the consumption of dance in ancient costume drama was downgraded . The hardest hit area is the big female master Gu puppet , Disaster stricken areas are in mom's drama , Lin Xinru 、 Chen Jon has unforgettable dance scenes in it , The main process is to pull a long cloth out and fly , Turn left, turn right , Without emotion, open your arms and move a few times .

The spread of bad things is always amazing , This is the recent Zhao Ruth .

Whenever Prince grandson is amazed by their dancing , My heart is only embarrassed .

see 《 Dance Millennium 》 I really realized the fun of the ancient Prince and grandson . It is composed of Henan satellite TV and B The station cooperates to produce , But not just dancing , But a variety show with a plot , It's about Cao Cao who got a book in his dream 《 Twelve wind dance records 》, To find the record “ Dance classics ”, Hold a banquet and dance on the bronze sparrow platform .

The guests played the role of Childe and Minister , Search for the world's strange dance , Not only comment on dance as a recommendation , And jump by yourself , So everyone is from a professional background . Four from the North dance , The public is familiar with Qiao Zhenyu who became an actor after graduation 、 Zhang Xiaolong , Zhang Xiaolong is also the etiquette guide of many ancient costume dramas .

Dancer Hu Yang is the chief of China Opera and dance theater , Hua Xiaoyi is the chief of the North dance youth dance troupe . The only non northern dance guest is Xu Minghao, a member of the men's troupe , He studied modern dance , The beginning of the sword dance 《 Double sword formula 》 He danced with Hu Yang .

The feature of the program is the combination of dance and culture , While watching the dance, you can feel the story and inheritance behind it . such as 《 Double sword formula 》, Cao Pi played by Hu Yang and Cao Zhi played by Xu Minghao jumped directly on the hall , Sometimes brothers work together , Sometimes tit for tat , Can see their love and killing relationship .

I like the second dance best 《 Xianghe song 》, It tells about a woman who has a heart , The story of hope and encouragement and harmony with your sweetheart .

At first it was the people greeting the spring , The woman stood on the high platform overlooking the city wall , See the lover's back flash by , I can't help following up , But missed . A dance across the gauze curtain expresses the woman's heart .

It's the night Spring Lantern Festival , The woman walked in the busy market, but she was unhappy . At this time, the sky is Beidou , At the fair 《 Xianghe song 》 It's on , Several dancers fell from the sky , Dance on the drum .

It's about “ Green Son Jin , Long my heart , Even if I don't come , Zining doesn't inherit the sound ?” Stepping on the Seven Star drum , The disk is Beidou , The drum is the sun and the moon , The drums are stirring , The voice of my heart .

The actors on the show can not only dance , The plot part is also natural , When the plot is not serious , It depends on whether the actor's overall posture and obedience are in place .《 Xianghe song 》 Miss Li and the servant girl are walking in the street , clothing 、 There are obvious differences in posture .

《 Confucius 》 In, Confucius students were guests in the farmhouse , There are chickens in the yard 、 There are sheep , On the straw by the wall lay a dog , Make a fire on the stove and cook , I haven't seen such a small courtyard with rich details for a long time . Actor's wide robe and big sleeve , You can sit straight on a small bench , Eat with your arms high , No matter how simple and polite it is .

Even the dancing part of the guests , It doesn't look like a variety show , More decent than many costume dramas . Everyone is in good posture , Standing with station look .

There is a posture in sitting .

Qiao Zhenyu, an actor among the guests 、 Zhang Xiaolong makes a circle by ancient costume plays , Not by chance . Even the modern-looking Xu Minghao returned to the city with his manners , It can be seen that appearance is not an excuse , Manners are the key .

Watching this program, in addition to enjoying the beauty of dance , My feeling is that costume drama needs a threshold , Don't let people who don't look like you wear ancient clothes . It's not just the ancient puppet ugly man , And some beautiful women , Take your iron makeup , Hard won facial features , How can it be lost by the filter ? Some actors are not necessarily unsuitable , It doesn't fit , Jin Han must be a good villain , Just as Yu hazy can play an excellent AI.

Ancient times are far away from us , So it has some romantic sustenance , Please cherish the simple imagination of our audience . Please be a little prepared when actors pick up ancient costumes , If the hardware conditions do not match , We need to train before entering the group . If the big actors are too full to train , The crew considered , Choose more actors with dance background .

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