Hollywood blockbusters, tired for a year, have finally hardened

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Before you know it ,2021 There is only more than one month left in .

Looking back on the new films released this year, you will find :

Hollywood blockbusters are obviously weak .

Rotten film everywhere , There are few good works , Only two Douban films have been rated 8.

Just when Uncle Yu had no hope .

A long overdue blockbuster , Lighting up the cold winter .

On line, it has a good reputation , More than 80% of the audience played more than four stars .

So far, it has been strong in 8.3 branch .

See the last , Uncle Yu also expressed the same emotion as the hot review :

「 Tears go on , It's fucking romantic and tragic !」

《 Finch 》


Starring in this film , Just boarded the hot search two days ago Tom ・ Hanks .

as well as , A dog and a robot .

you 're right , This is slightly strange 「 pool of three 」, It's the leading group of the film .

The story takes place in The end of the world In the background .

Solar flares erupt , Destroyed the atmospheric ozone layer .

The earth is wrapped in strong ultraviolet and radiation , The temperature is also surprisingly high .

No longer suitable for human habitation .

but , The eruption of solar flares did not destroy humans .

It's a competition between humans , Caused the present doomsday scene .

Finch ( Tom ・ Hanks Decoration ) As a surviving minority , Struggling to survive in this ruins , Also beware of other survivors with ulterior motives .

Follow his , It's a dog adopted many years ago Goodyear .

Finch loves dogs as much as his life .

Even in such a harsh living environment , He will still bring back the food , All to Goodyear .

but , Due to long-term radiation , Finch's body has developed lesions , It won't last long .

To make sure that when you die , Goodyear can also be taken care of .

He created a new robot ―― Jeff .

It's a little different from the robot settings in most science fiction movies .

Jeff is a The tool man shovels shit .

He was born for dogs .

Finch gave Jeff a special command :

If finch is not here , Jeff must protect the dog .

And this directive , Takes precedence over all instructions .

In order for Jeff to take more professional care of Goodyear .

Finch also transmitted to his brain many books that must be read by excrement shovelers .

Including but not limited to 《 Dog Beauty Collection 》《 Dog care training 》……

Jeff's brain is being infused with huge and complicated data .

But one Super storm Soon to be in 24 Within hours .

This bad weather disaster , Will maintain 40 God For a long time .

They need to evacuate immediately .

Given that the South and the north have been destroyed , There are too many human beings competing for survival materials in the East .

Finch decided to evacuate westward , Destination ―― San Francisco .

But Jeff's brain data transmission , Just finished 72%.

Pressed for time , I can't care so much .

As long as Jeff learns to walk , They started evacuating .

in other words , Jeff was born an incomplete robot .

His brain 、 Limb development is inadequate .

therefore , It is different from the artificial intelligence that seems to hang up in previous science fiction films .

Jeff is like 「 Silly white sweet 」.

There's always an idol drama female master's standard 「 Fall on the ground 」.

Even trip over the data line behind your head .

Balance is pretty bad .

When finch drove them away .

An emergency brake .

Jeff was thrown into the back of the car again .

Because I think finch drives cool , Jeff had the idea of learning to drive .

While Finch and dog are resting outside the car , I secretly began to imitate driving .

But the essence of his imitation , It's not how to drive the car .

But imitate finch's relaxed old driver style .

Put on a CD and play music .

Put on a good driving posture .

Enjoy it all .

Of course , As for what the car looks like , He doesn't care .

Almost scrapped the whole car .

Rather than artificial intelligence , than Artificial mental retardation .

As for the job of excrement shoveling Officer , Jeff is also a master of deception .

How did he communicate with Goodyear ?

Simple and crude , Cross call .

Rather than talking , It's more appropriate to scold .

Although Jeff tried to analyze the data , Learn Goodyear's dog language .

But limited by functional defects , Data analysis is not going so well .

Wrong language , Instead, it annoyed Goodyear .

Language communication failed , And physical interaction .

To be a qualified shit shoveling Officer .

It must be playing games with dogs .

Under finch's hand-in-hand instruction , Jeff learned language instructions .

And throw a tennis ball for Goodyear to pick up .

Goodyear didn't cooperate at first , After all, the other party is just a cold machine .

But when it saw that finch's body was getting worse day by day .

It seems to understand , Why does finch trust and teach Jeff so much .

therefore , Goodyear accepted Jeff's game .

A dog and a robot Between , There is an inseparable connection .

Jeff finally changed from a tool man to a real An emotional excrement shoveling Officer .

The next most important thing is to find the materials needed for survival .

Finch began to let Jeff learn his actions .

For example, how to judge the safety of the area .

And how to collect food in a safe area .

But , Inexperienced Jeff , Still made a mess .

He drove all the way to the city .

Food and medicine are readily available here .

But he has no vigilance at all .

Step by step, I fell into the human trap .

Fortunately, Finch was rescued in time , It didn't turn into a pile of junk .

Although temporarily escaped the tracking of other survivors .

But finch's health is getting worse , He knew his time was running out .

Final , Before dawn in San Francisco .

Some people say , The film is Tom ・ Hanks version 《 I am a legend 》.

One man, one dog , Looking for the exit of life in the dilapidated reality .

But in Uncle Yu's opinion , Jeff is the real subject of the film .

As a degree of completion, only 72% Robot , Although there are no senses to experience the world .

But he knows the world and the universe .

Can accurately measure the changes of the weather .

what's more , He is curious about the human world .

Every time I see those postcards printed with urban scenery collected by finch .

His mechanical eyes , It can't be moved at all .

That was the prosperity before the earth became a ruin .

It's something Jeff hasn't seen .

What a beautiful scenery , It can only be stored in Jeff's brain as data .

He likes finch to remember the past .

For example, how the world fell .

How did finch survive until now .

He was also curious about San Francisco, where finch had always wanted to go , What's the story .

In fact, I was searching for food for the first time , When I found popcorn .

Jeff was full of surprises .

That's where it starts .

He's getting along with finch , Gradually realized the joy 、 sad 、 Anger and other complex Human emotions .

Just as 《 Strange journey of soul 》 In the middle of 22 equally .

Jeff is also in the human world , Found his 「 spark 」.

Finch and Goodyear brought him a rich emotional experience , Make him complete .

Until he became 100% Of 「 people 」.

One will be after finch coughs up blood , Give him a hug at a loss 「 people 」.

The theme of the end of the world , It's no stranger to the audience .

But under the realistic background of the outbreak of the new crown , Let's look at the end of the film , It's more like a metaphor .

When the external environment deteriorates , The real end , It's not just the destruction of the environment .

It's a tear within humans 、 Opposition 、 fight 、 Mutual harm .

There is such a scene in the film , Finch recalled his most memorable night to Jeff .

It was in a supermarket , He collected the little food left .

At this time, I saw a mother and daughter with guns , Pulling a shopping cart of food through .

Finch hugged the only packet of noodles in his arms , Hide it , Afraid of being robbed , More afraid of losing my life .

But what surprised him was , Here comes another man .

Then there were a few shots , Years old 9 A - year-old girl and her mother fell in a pool of blood .

Their supplies were robbed .

Only the shivering little life in the backpack ―― Goodyear .

Doomsday present , Compared to human survivors full of estrangement and selfishness .

On the contrary, robot Jeff continues the best side of human nature .

He is sincere 、 Enthusiasm , Still willing to return kindness to everyone , Live up to every trust .

This also allows him to inherit finch's hope and mission .

Arrive at the promised land .

On the surface , This is human 、 The story between animals and machines .

But because of the power of human emotion , The boundary between the three is gradually blurred .

Just like the ending scene .

Jeff is in the grass overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge , Set a tombstone for finch .

And left his name and Goodyear's name .

Even if life is limited , Disaster may eventually come .

But as long as the fire of human nature is not extinguished .

Hope will be like this green grass , The spring breeze blows again .

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