"Skirt + high-heeled shoes", worn by middle-aged women, are elegant and high, easily creating a sense of advanced

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Many people have some stereotypes , For example, when a woman is old, her figure is out of shape 、 Collagen loss will lose beauty and become a yellow faced woman . Actually , The real beauty is in the bone, not in the skin , Wearing a high-level sense can greatly improve your temperament , Exudes feminine charm from the inside out . And want to wear elegance , Both fashionable and body decorating “ skirt ” essential , With high heels , Instantly full of the charm of mature women !

Ps: It's cold in autumn and winter , Female friends are wearing “ skirt + High heels ” when , Be sure to match with bare legged socks or thick silk stockings , Don't lose the temperature of the shape for style !

Dressing skills 1 : Pay attention to the sense of curve , Highlight the charm

In recent years , The skirt has become a fashion item widely loved by women . however , How should middle-aged women choose a skirt ? What kind of skirt can highlight the temperament better ? The most important selection idea , Is whether the corresponding skirt can wear a curved feeling , Just master this , It's not difficult to choose based on the skirt .

If you want to highlight your body curve, you must not blindly follow the trend , Wear your own style , Pay attention to your body advantage , Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses . Just the right sense of line , It's not that the upper and lower body are tight , Such collocation is not only easy to expose their own shortcomings , It also makes the look “ vulgar ”.

If you have shoulder width 、 Thick back 、 The trouble of having more meat on the waist or stomach , You can choose a shoulder pad design 、V Collar top , To decorate the body lines . With a Hip Wrap Skirt 、 One step skirt this kind of tight and curvy skirt , It's wide at the top and narrow at the bottom , Visually, it presents the visual sense of inverted triangle , Tall and covered , Then match it with stiletto heels , Feminine .

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