A trip to Bashu

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The first day of departure for Chengdu , Take the train from Qinhuangdao to the east of Chengdu G1704,11 Hours 56 By car .

This opportunity is what I have been looking forward to for a long time , I always say in my heart : Unit to Chengdu 、 Wuhan sends learners , When will we have such a chance . Yesterday morning , The leader suddenly told me , Let me follow you to Chengdu , I couldn't believe it for a moment . But the leader said there was no hesitation , Write free tickets now , Nucleic acid testing , I came to believe that it was true .

It's sunny in Qinhuangdao today , But after Beidaihe , To the west of Tianjin , It has been shrouded in fog , There was a vast expanse of white outside the window , Only colleagues in the same industry feel a little safe . Depend on parents at home , Rely on friends when you go out , This sentence makes sense .

The fog , Very poor visibility

Speaking of Chengdu , Think of the 《 Chengdu 》, Bistro , Width alley , Koi Street , A lot of familiar net red . I don't know when the epidemic is on the rise , Can you go and have a look , Hang out . This business trip is what the leaders strive for , I am grateful , Keep it in mind . After all, the railway department can go to Chengdu , Opportunities are rare .

Cherish the opportunity , Be well protected , Run to Chengdu , Enjoy the scenery all the way .

Enjoy the scenery all the way , Let the wind out all the way

6 O 'clock , Guo Guangyuan ,6:12 It reaches the river from the north , It's not completely dark yet . Once out of the door , Wet rainy days , It's still raining .

Jiangyou North Railway Station

After Mianyang , It's Chengdu East Railway Station . Chengdu east railway station belongs to Chenghua District , Landing is medium risk , And it's right there 5 Afternoon of , Pidu District, where we went to work, has just been classified as medium risk . Things have come to this end. , Have no choice but to , Can only move forward bravely .

Out of Chengdu East Railway Station , The body temperature is very comfortable , I don't feel cold at all . Took a picture , Record Chengdu at night , I've been here !

Chengdu east railway station at night

China Railway Chengdu Bureau Chengdu Railway University sent a car to pick up the station , All the way round , Take the Beltway , Arrive at the destination in more than 40 minutes . Through the window, I saw Southwest Jiaotong University , south 、 You can see both doors in the North , So I admire . Chengdu Railway University of our railway is adjacent to Southwest Jiaotong University , In the campus at night , There are groups of students communicating , There are also jogging in half sleeved shorts , The walking route of the school is very comfortable , All kinds of plants in the garden are also very eye-catching .

Chengtie University shuttle bus

Chengdu Railway University

At ten pm. , The three of us settled in wojin Hotel on campus road, Pidu District , all night 178 element , The conditions are good . I'm so tired this night. I slept soundly . Open the window in the morning , You can see the tall buildings on the street , Soaked in the misty rain , This is Pidu District, Chengdu .

Pidu district

Breakfast is downstairs in the hotel “ Longzhishou in Bayi community ” Solved , It tastes good , Such as northern dumplings, big wonton . Sichuan chili is really hot , It's so hot that my lips and tongue seem to have eaten jumping candy , Crisp . Why call “ Long chaoshou ”, There are different opinions . But before eating , The clerk asked us to use a spoon to copy up from the bottom of the bowl , Power should be the reason .

Chengdu famous food dragon hand copied

After breakfast, go to the street to buy some daily necessities and fruit for the staff , The street view taken all the way 、 folk custom .

Green plants on the street


Butcher shops in residential areas 、 a fruit shop

Chengdu's big sugarcane

It's more than ten o'clock , We went to visit Pidu district where the employees live 363 The hospital , Surprise 㤞 On both sides of the road, people lined up with umbrellas. What were they doing ? Minister Fang of the school said , These are yellow code nucleic acid inspectors . At this time, the confirmed case in Chengdu 16 example . What is space-time risk ? It's the air gap 800 People who collide with medium risk areas within meters . We walked through the yellow line with our heads stiff , Entering the hospital . Today's headlines show , Chengdu 8.2 Ten thousand people have time and space with risks , It is necessary to report and test the nucleic acid !!

There is a long line shooting nucleic acid test upstairs of the hospital 1

Line up for nucleic acid connection 1

363 The hospital tested people in the rain

Out of hospital , As usual, we mustered the courage to cross the Yellow code , For the first time so close to the epidemic ! Looking at the endless queue , Sigh in my heart that the epidemic has affected people's livelihood so much ! But I still quickly photographed the colorful flowers and plants on the roadside .

11 Chengdu street scenery flowers and plants in the month

11 On the streets of Chengdu, flowers and grass

After visiting the staff , Heavy hearted , Eat Sichuan food downstairs at noon : Rabbit pot 、 Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce 、 Sichuan tofu , And a bean curd soup . The soup is delicious !

Before leaving Pidu District , I bought some Pixian bean paste at the convenience store , This place is the origin , Pidu district was originally named Pixian County . The cuckoo city brand is the most authentic .

Chengdu specialty , Pixian bean paste

3:30 p.m. subway 6 Number line turn 7 Line 1 arrives at Chengdu east railway station , Settle down , Take a taxi to visit Chunxi Road in Jinjiang District , Eat hot pot . Upper figure :

Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street

sun yat-sen : the whole world as one community

Hot pot goes well with shopping

Shuangliu mother rabbit head ,¥13

7 Return No , Still taking pictures all the way .

It snowed heavily in the North

Luoyang Longmen railway station

Xi'an north railway station , Near the wild goose pagoda

Crops along the way , residential

scenery 1

scenery 2

scenery 3

Chengdu East Railway Station

Several ticket gates at Chengdu east railway station

Take out for lunch , Get on at Zhengzhou east railway station , Braised chicken and rice 48 element / Share , Poor taste .

Braised chicken and rice

Although this trip is short , Still worth the trip . We take the high-speed rail day trip 2151 km , Via 26 Stop and come to Shuchuan Tianfu . The green water and green mountains here , It is the real Jinshan Yinshan . The first road tunnel from Xi'an north to Chengdu East , Across the Qinling Mountains . Eight hundred Li Qinchuan is full of dust , Thirty million lazy people sing Qin Opera , This is it . I saw the high mountains at the junction of the tunnel , It makes people really realize the difficulty of Shu Road , It's hard to reach the sky ! At the same time, we also saw the opening of high-speed railway lines , The time cost of our railway people , Labor hour cost , And so on …… China's high-speed rail is indeed second to none , Well deserved Chinese business card .

The scenery along this trip starts from the withered and yellow early winter of Yanzhao , To Chongshan green onion 㮋 In Sichuan , Such a long distance , In the Qingming period , It will take a year to get there ! We tasted Chengdu's famous food dragon hand copied , Famous Sichuan cuisine , Authentic Bashu general hot pot , Net red snack Shuangliu mother rabbit head . Food fills the stomach , And most comforting . Take a walk to Chunxi Road, a nationally famous characteristic commercial street , Feel the neon flashes of first tier cities , The economic boom .

I wish I had a chance , Let's go to Kuanzhai alley again 、 Koi Street 、 Wuhou Temple and other scenic spots, take a walk and have a look , Take a picture , Eat snacks .

Fight the epidemic , Strive to realize your wish as soon as possible .

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