Ju Jingyi's female general's appearance was exposed? Reappearance of semi permanent makeup, netizen: This is to participate in the diffuse exhibition

Oriental Infotainment 2021-11-25 17:12:14

In recent days, , Some media exposed a Reuters video of Ju Jingyi shooting a new play , Ju Jingyi turns into a female general , With a high ponytail , Black cloak , The media called her beautiful and sassy , Very lively and lovely .

As soon as Ju Jingyi appeared , An assistant helped her hold an umbrella , Ju Jingyi in the camera is very thin , He is not very tall , She has a cell phone , All the way to the door . Ju Jingyi seems to be in a good mood , I don't know why , Then he laughed .

according to the understanding of , Ju Jingyi's new play is called 《 Hua Rong 》, She and Guo Junchen starred , Hear this lineup , Many netizens said , No longer interested in watching . The acting skills of the two , It is obvious to all , After the refined map of Ju Jingyi's female general was exposed on the Internet , And make complaints about netizens. .

Some netizens say , Ju Jingyi painted semi permanent makeup , This is going to war , still COS Diffuse ? Ju Jingyi leaned against the sandbag , With the script in his hand , The expression is very innocent . The makeup on the face is very delicate , And put some bangs down , Now that we're going to war , Should we be serious , Can you put down the burden of idols ?

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