Dig a wall and sell fake mutton? Enke responded positively to brother Mao, and his quality can be seen at a glance

Oriental Infotainment 2021-11-25 17:11:57

Introduction : The quarrel between brother Mao and Enke , It's no secret on the Internet , They used to be brothers eating at the same table , But suddenly no longer contact , From brother Mao's words , Enke's team has been cheating consumers .

Mao Zige is a careless Mongolian man , His appearance is the same as his character , They are a little Bohemian , Brother Mao is very greedy for small things , When Enke stewed meat at home , He often goes to eat , And rarely bring anything .

Enke is hospitable and generous , Every time I entertain my friends with good wine and meat , Everyone praised him . But brother Mao said , Enke is not authentic , Poached his assistant , His account can't work .

When the news came out , Many people began to condemn Enke , Said he was ungrateful , How nice brother Mao used to be to him , If it weren't for my brother's help , In those days, he might have struggled to celebrate the new year , At that time, Xiaobian was curious , There are so many sheep who have no money for the new year ?

Digging at the foot of the wall , It's really hard to accept , Even if former friends can't get along well for a lifetime , You shouldn't harm each other . And brother Mao said , Enke sells fake mutton , It's not the local cattle and sheep at all .

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