"Forerunner": the stupidest man was exposed and missed three opportunities. The end was sad

Oriental Infotainment 2021-11-25 17:11:56

TV play 《 Forerunner 》 Starring Zhang Luyi and Nie yuan , And Han Xue 、 Cristy 、 Cao Weiyu and other powerful actors , Play an important role in the play , It is being broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV .

In the latest plot , Fan Yiting, once a generation of owls in Shanghai beach , Become a piece of fat pork in the eyes of all forces . In order to get “ Confessions ”, The Japanese put Lu Yian beside his pillow , Ma Tianmu pretended to be loyal and became inspector general . And Tang Xianping started from fan Yaluo , Unexpectedly, in the end, he really fell in love with fan Yaluo , And the children .

Such an unexpected development , Forced fan Yiting to make a choice , Take refuge in Chongqing , Ready to move to Hong Kong . And this also stimulated all parties to start in advance , Seek from the dark , Become a robbery war . Finally, because of Chen Hengli's betrayal , Lu Yi's death , Fan Yaluo was caught and her life and death were unknown , Fan Yiting suffered a stroke and was at the mercy of others .

Before the tide of history , Choose to be a speculator , Betrayed his country , Fan Yiting's fate can be said to be his own fault , But it also makes people sigh .

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