Orange light

Life journey 2021-11-25 17:11:54

Xi Xiu 《 Orange light 》 It's been almost three weeks , Meditation has become a part of my daily life .

If one day there is no meditation , You feel as if your heart is beating faster , Not at ease . Now take a seat , You can basically completely calm down , As the music slowly enters the state of meditation .

In this lesson , The teacher put forward several questions worthy of our repeated questioning and thinking .** Who am I ? Where will I go ? How can I bring wisdom to earth ? What can I do to get real freedom ? What can I do to become stronger ? What can I do to broaden my horizons ?**

I can't know for sure , In addition to the present me with flesh and mind , I'm still who ? I don't know before my parents gave birth to me , Who am I ?

But I believe , I am not the beginning or the end of this life . I may have been like a seed , Try to sprout countless times 、 growth 、 Bloom 、 The resulting life cycle . I can also be like a drop of water , After countless evaporation 、 Incarnate as a cloud , Then it turns into rain and falls to the ground , Evaporation cycle again .

Where am I going ? I want to find my real life , Out of the sea of samsara , To the place I yearn . I have strengthened my faith , Understand your direction . What we need to do now is to bathe in positive energy every day , Absorb nutrients , Grow slowly .

stay 《 Orange light 》 In my meditation , Although my eyes are slightly closed , Sometimes you can see bright light , And I try to use consciousness to guide it to automatically ; Sometimes I seem to see a lotus on my chest , As I breathe, I open and close ; Sometimes I feel like a light mass, constantly emitting energy , Sometimes I feel like , Great energy poured down from the void in all directions , Into my body .

No matter what kind of feeling , I don't even chase , Just live in the emptiness of your heart , Let it come , Those who go will go .

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