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Life journey 2021-11-25 17:11:51

Written in 2021 year 11 month 7 Japan

Lying in bed in the morning , Listen to the north wind blowing in the dark sky outside the window . It clattered through the leaves , Rattle the window , Swish across the ground ……

Inertia took the opportunity to enter , Corroding my will to get up early . Open the Jane book , I saw grandma Xibao's more Wen today 《 running —— Lidong 》, She has kept running and clocking in 966 God , And keep recording what you see and feel during running . I left a message in the comment area : I admire people who can keep exercising , It's winter , Please take care .

I not only admire people who can keep exercising , I also admire those who insist on getting up early and writing every day . Actually , What I admire is to achieve my goals , Be able to persevere 、 Perseverance .

The reason why I admire , Because I long for that , meanwhile , I don't have the perseverance to persist for a long time . I'm always easily assimilated by the environment , Then find all kinds of excuses to give up . Although only temporarily give up , But on the way of growth, there are breakpoints one after another . Look back , Every breakpoint is like a deep sigh , Or a powerless confession .

When I realized that I was not diligent enough , No worries , But choose to accept . Everything is the best arrangement . Acceptance is the best way to get out of the moment .

It's agreed to get up this morning , The family goes to breakfast first , Then go to the photo studio to take a family photo as a souvenir . Because Mr. is going abroad soon , It will not be back until half a year , Aaron will go to the army next March , No family visits for two years .

Last night, my husband played cards at a friend's house , I came back late to rest , I can't get up in the morning . If it was before , I will complain 、 Will be angry , But now , I don't think it's any . He finally came back to get together with his friends 、 It's normal to have fun .

Aaron went to Wuhan to work for a month , Because the company's efficiency is not good, layoffs , I came back . I hope he can run more when he is at home , Read more books , Play less mobile phones and computers , Keep early hours . This is my idea , He has his schedule and practices . Don't call him every morning , His morning starts at noon .

All my thoughts are my view of the outside world , It's all my delusion , Maybe this is not the case . therefore , I don't want to control others now 、 Change people , Including my lover and children . It's foolish to want to control and change other people's ideas , It will only annoy others , I'm in pain . So accept what the children are showing now , It's love , It's harmony .

I get up at about seven , Chanting Buddha 、 read , Then wash and dry clothes .

Dobo opened his eyes and asked me what I was doing , I told him I was reading . I can only grow myself now , Make oneself an example , Teaching by example is better than teaching by words .

He said he was hungry , Want me to cook noodles for him . I boil water , Cooked him a bowl “ Tangdaren ” Instant noodles , And added half a ham sausage 、 Some green vegetables and some scallops .

After eating , Mr. told dobo about math for more than half an hour .

Dobao is going to school this afternoon , According to the family's plan, it failed . But , What does it matter ? If you have the time , We are happy to leave a beautiful moment together , It's certainly good as a permanent memorial . Since they didn't get up on time , There is no best state , Why should I complain so long and reluctantly ? Would it not be worse for everyone's mood ?

Today is the beginning of winter . Winter is coming , No matter how cold it is , The heart cannot be cold , And the only thing that can make people feel warm is love , Unconditional 、 Pure love without regrets .

The beginning of winter , We are healthy 、 Safety 、 Happy together , Is the happiness of ordinary people !

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