Recall the youth of writing letters and sending postcards - draft

Life journey 2021-11-25 17:10:12

Literary friends , It's still very lively , Let's exchange words together , And the feeling of meeting yesterday .

I am a straightforward person , Anything will be actively replied in the group , In addition, I also wrote an article summarizing yesterday's feelings .

Received a lot of praise and comments from Jian you , It makes me feel more beautiful to meet . In the group , Everyone seems to be more active , There are several people ( Including me ) Will often bubble in the group , Then talk about a little literature .

Although their views are not particularly mature , But now I think there is a more spirit of communication in it .

Later, the two literary friends were classmates before , Speaking of the postcards they gave each other . It suddenly occurred to me that I had written letters and mailed postcards .

In my memory , I have two very good friends , One is a Qun , One is Lisa , They are my classmates in junior high school and senior high school . A Qun and I know each other in junior high school , At that time , She is a shift student , To our class , Just arranged to sit with me . A Qun is a tall girl , We have the same scores in the middle school entrance examination and the college entrance examination , The only difference is , She studied science in College , I studied liberal arts . A Qun later went to university in Shandong , Married to the North . I'm in a Southern University , Has been working in the south . When I came back from college , We will make an appointment to go to the Internet bar to surf the Internet , I'll stay at her house for a few days , Chat together , A cup of tea , Talk about things in school .

One winter , I said I haven't seen snow for a long time . Ah Qun sent me the letter she wrote , And a picture of her in the snow , It's beautiful ! Pure and beautiful .

There seems to be a postcard in it , The postcard shows the scenery of the North , That beautiful feeling , It makes me feel that this friendship is long , We corresponded with each other for a long time , I used to treasure a lot , But now I don't know where I went , What a pity .

Remember sending a letter before , And several different stamps , Feel the ritual of friends .

Lisa is my good friend in high school , We lie down and see the stars in summer , The summer vacation after college , Or when my family is hard to live , I'll go to her house , Although her house is very noisy , Every morning there will be a sound , But that kind of night goes to bed late , The feeling of waking up in the morning and then falling asleep , Let our high school years be long and meaningful .

Lisa has a lot of books at home , There are many books about character , Influenced by her, I read a lot of Carnegie books , A thick big book , It is interesting to .

About the personality test , We've all done a lot together .

The postcard Lisa sent me , It's from her school , Although we study in the same city , But we seldom meet , We also send postcards to each other .

Now , She went to Shanghai , We seldom see each other . Wechat rarely contacts , With two children , I guess it's stressful .

There is a , Go to Shanghai to play , Live in her home , It feels very kind . I thought of those past years , Now , We're all like postcards , It's time to remember each other .

Time used to be slow , You can have time to write , Send a postcard , That's great . Now , Even if smart phones are developed , We still have less and less contact .

It's all about life 、 For the children , How are they today ? Are you all right , I remember Lisa was occasionally melancholy , A Qun is a naturally cheerful character . And I'm , Always melancholy sometimes , Sometimes cheerful , So I always miss writing letters with them 、 The beautiful youth who sent the postcard .

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