Learn to drive "in danger"-

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“ I want to get off !   

I want to get off !   

I don't want to learn , 

I'll never learn again ……”   

Whenever I see a friend learning to drive , I will think of this scene of myself : The coach's squint and the hand he wanted to slap , So far in my mind ……   

As more and more people learn to drive around , I also joined the ranks of learning to drive . Originally, I was very cold about driving , But it's a long way to get to and from work , My husband drives alone in case of an emergency , I can't do anything —— Not good either. . So make up your mind , Study hard , For a rainy day . 

  For myself —— I have a clear understanding , Slow response , And easily nervous , Especially low flexibility in operation . Coupled with congenital deficiency of Qi and blood , After a day's work, I don't want to say a word to others , Even if you join the ranks of learning to drive , But I'm still afraid . 

I'm afraid I can't keep up with others , Despised by teammates ;   

Second, I'm afraid I'm slow , Scolded by the coach ; 

  I'm afraid I can't pass the exam , Become a joke for family and friends after dinner ; 

As the saying goes : What are you afraid of —— Come on . I happen to study with a group of senior three graduates , Everyone is young and energetic , responsive , Operate properly , In sharp contrast to me, a middle-aged woman in her thirties . 

Just started training , clumsy , Often disliked by the coach . Fortunately, I have a car at home , After coming back, my husband gave me hand-in-hand guidance , After this meal training , I managed to keep up with my teammates . Fortunately, with the strength of not admitting defeat , Preliminary basic training 、 Reversing and side parking have also reached the standard , There's no consistent way to get the coach to scoff .   

On the day , Let's start the third training —— Banpo starts . The coach talked about the basic steps 1、2、3、4······ That's too much , Listen to me in the clouds , How can you remember , The more the coach emphasizes , The brain is like a filter , Precise skip , Flustered, little by little, like a seedling .

To ensure that everyone goes smoothly , The coach pressed the aura 、 Secondary aura sort , I was arranged to be the last . I don't remember anything , I was very flustered , Ask again , Afraid of being criticized , Let's forget it . In my heart “ Miao ” Like adding super seasoning , Grow up barely .

In order to stabilize your emotions , I sat directly in the training car and watched others operate , Then force yourself to remember quickly over and over again . 

Soon it's my turn to play , Tense my legs --- Shivering , Palm --- Sweating . Inner mechanical back , start : Step on the clutch , Hit the brakes , Hang up a file , Turn on the left turn signal , Whistle twice , Look left and right , Let go of the brake , Loosen the clutch , Release the brakes , Second gear, third gear , step on the gas . I finally went up the slope , It's time to go downhill , The car speeds up automatically , I suddenly forgot the next process , My heart panicked , Step on the accelerator , In a panic , The steering wheel deviated from the track , The car darted to the wall ······     

The road we trained is wide —— Only for cars in both directions , Roadside canal 1 Meters wide , Half a meter away is the wall , We drive on the inside line .

I saw that the car was about to drive into the ditch and hit the wall , The coach didn't have any “ Rescue ” I mean .

In horror, I closed my eyes and shouted :

“ I want to get off , I want to get off , I don't practice anymore , I don't practice anymore ”, 

“ I want to get off , I want to get off , I don't practice anymore. I don't practice anymore ”,   

With a thud , I opened my eyes , Looking at the wall in front of me in confusion , Slowly sideways , See the coach's angry face and raised right palm …… 

The most critical moment , The coach put on the brake . 


For a long time , The coach just put away his hand in mid air , Say in a low voice :“ Drive back to the starting point !” 

I was stunned , The brain suddenly became very clear , start : Hit the brakes , Step on the clutch , Engage reverse gear , Loosen the clutch , Hit left and right , Under your own control , The whole process slowly drove back to the end .   

Get off at , The coach didn't say a word ……   

On the day , I panicked and went home ……   

The next few days of training , Nobody mentioned it …… 

In the next few days , I work overtime through my husband , Pay plane hour training , Finally passed the examination of subject 2 .   

That memory , It's unforgettable !

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