Definition of happiness

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Some people say you are happy , There's everything , With a job and a husband , You have children ....... But I'm really tired .

And since last week , I'm out of work .

From the moment of unemployment to the present , I'm bored with everything , Always lose your temper for no reason , Of course, I'm just sulking myself .

For middle-aged women , The harm of unemployment is too great .

Who will pity you or care about you ? ha-ha , no one , Only you care about yourself .

Neither , I want to care about myself, but I can't do anything , No job , It's just an identity missing , You're still a wife and mother and so on , You can't put down your work and lie in bed .

Suddenly I feel that life is not what I imagined , Now I want to be a farmer again , A reassuring farmer , At least if I were a farmer , At the moment, I should be the happiest me in the world .

I can enjoy all kinds of customs from the countryside , For example, now I don't have to run around by car , You don't have to be around the computer for so-called income and back pain .

Am I delicate ? No .

Because now I'm not who I used to be , But everyone is still everyone , In everyone's eyes, I am still me , Nothing has changed from before , Even now .

So I want to go back to the countryside and be a farmer , This is my wish now , Maybe I'll be much happier when I'm a farmer .

I used to be so afraid of hardship and fatigue , Everything is so crisp , But now I am so lazy , It's uncomfortable to move a little , Stomach upset , And always dizzy , The doctor said I should pay attention to rest , Anemia is really not a good thing for me now , Especially for me now .

I'm not so sensitive for myself , Do I care too much ? Maybe it is , I want to protect myself and ......., Am I wrong ? ha-ha , Maybe I'm really wrong .

It's terrible now , Every day is either taking a baby , Or stay alone in the room .

Everything around me suffocated me , I can't find room to breathe , In addition to a courtyard, it is also a courtyard , In addition to taking a baby or taking a baby , Now I don't seem to talk much anymore , All lazy , Maybe I will be depressed in the near future .

Happiness for me , It's just a sentence of happiness .

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