What if you're not proud? Life is more bitter than happy

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※ The sky is full of stars , The house is full of moon , What is life like , Why so sad ?

※ Where in the sun , It's all healthy 、 Beautiful , Even the big tree will make a noise , A shout is like standing on the opposite wall and answering .

※ resign oneself to adversity , You say my life is a pity , I don't care , You look dangerous , But I think I'm proud , Don't be proud of what ? Life is more bitter than happy .

※ They say that the people who tear down the wall are , It is said that those who plant trees are , If the mud pit is filled with soil , There is no one .

※ Besides, the widow Wang , Although she has been crazy since then , But she still knows how to sell bean sprouts , She still lives quietly , Although occasionally her dishes were stolen , Cry wildly in the street or on the temple platform , But after crying , She still lives quietly .

※ All in all , Except that a man died in the dye vat house on a certain day , The rest of the world , It hasn't changed a bit .

※ die , This is a sad thing , Father died , The son cried . The son died and the mother cried , When my brother died, the whole family cried , My sister-in-law died , Her mother's family came to cry . Cried once or three days , You always have to go outside the city , Dig a hole and bury the man . After burying , The living still have to go home and live as usual . It's time to eat , having dinner . It's time to sleep , sleep . Outsiders can never see that his family has no father or lost his brother , Even they didn't close the door themselves , Cry once a day . The sadness in their hearts , It's just a visit to the grave every year with the flow of local customs , It's Tomb Sweeping Day in February , Every family carries incense to the tombs , A piece of earth collapsed on some graves , Some graves have several holes in them , In contrast , Sigh with emotion , Burn some wine . If there are distant relatives, such as children and parents , Often and cry ; That crying sentence , Count down , It's like doing an article or reciting a long poem . After singing , Stand up and pat the dirt on your ass , Just as the people who go to the grave return to the city , Back to town .

※ spring, summer, autumn and winter , Go back and forth all year round , That's the way it has been since ancient times . Weathered rain and snow , What can stand is over , I can't stand it , Just looking for the natural results . The natural result is not good , He pulled a man away from the world in silence .

As for what has not been pulled away , Just wind, frost, rain and snow , Still blowing in the world .

works :《 The History of Hulan River 》

author : Xiao Hong

Press. : Green Apple Data Center

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