He was awarded a patriotic artist and played Huang Feihong 77 times. Guan Dexing paid far more than you thought

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It's hard for the country , expect everyone to do his duty .

Change without fear , face danger fearlessly , Fang shows a man's true colors .

He is a patriotic artist , It's also “ Huang Feihong is a professional ”.

In Hong Kong , Casually mention the name Guan Dexing to an old man , Everyone will give a thumbs up , Praise him .

Mention Guan Dexing ,50、60、70 Maybe I'm no stranger to him ,80、90、00 I might ask after , No matter who he is ?

1905 year , Guan Dexing was born in Guangzhou .

《 The romance of The Three Kingdoms 》 among , The story of the three knot in Taoyuan goes on forever , Guan Yunchang is also known as the second master of Guan .

Coincidentally, , Guan Dexing is also the second in his family .

Just like Guan Erye , Guan Dexing has been different from the children of ordinary families since he was young , The greatest characteristic is courage and insight .

When I was three years old , Guan Dexing was once held away by kidnappers , When passing the gate of the county government , Guan Dexing suddenly burst into tears , Scared, the kidnapper quickly put him down , Be defeated and flee .

That s , If you want to stand out , Only hard work , Because my father died young , The burden of supporting the family falls on the slightly older children in the family .

Guan Dexing grew to 7 At the age of , I only studied in school for one year ,8 He followed his mother back to his ancestral home Hongxi for farming at the age of , Help big families herd cattle during the slack season , In cold winter, I made incense candles with my mother to make money .

Because it's all small business , Just barely make ends meet , Looking at the back of my mother working day and night , Guan Dexing secretly vowed , You must stand out .

That s , If you don't have a skill , Most children from poor families will find work on construction sites , Because although it's hard , But the income is quite good .

Guan Dexing 12 I worked odd jobs on construction sites at the age of , He who is willing to give his strength , One breath can carry 70 Walk a mile with more bricks , The foreman saw that he was willing to bear hardships , Also willing to teach him some technical work , For example, build a shed and so on .

After a slight improvement in the family's economic situation , Guan Dexing will also save pocket money to go to the theatre , Especially those who tell about chivalry , Heroic deeds of loyalty and courage , Guan Dexing listened with great enthusiasm , He also wants to play such a brilliant role .

Hear the excitement , He ran home and told his mother , He wants to learn from his teacher and become an actor , Mother Guan thought he was just on a whim , So I didn't care .

faith moves mountains , sincerity can make metal and stone crack , A few years later , Guan Dexing actually realized his dream of becoming an actor .

1918 year , The first national highway zhangku highway in China was opened , The car team replaced the camel and manpower teams , The traffic environment extending in all directions makes many people ready to move , That year , One after another, people went to Nanyang to search for gold .

Guan Dexing is a person who follows the trend of the times , Years old 13 I followed the gold rush team at the age of , Go to Singapore .

Singapore at that time , A British colony , Guan Dexing took “ Blue smoke ” On the verge of landing , By British soldiers on the grounds that outsiders need to disinfect first , He was ordered to clean it with sulfur at yukou mountain first .

Guan Dexing is like everyone , He was made to vomit yellow bile , Vomit even contains blood , Until this step , The British soldiers were very satisfied to let them land in Singapore .

Guan Dexing found a job handling goods at the Singapore Port , After ensuring the most basic income , Gradually, it has a foothold in Singapore .

A local theater manager had nothing to do with his wife for many years , Because I like Guan Dexing's diligence and ability , So take it as an adopted son , Later I learned that Guan Dexing wanted to learn drama , So I asked a man named “ New North ” My little student took him as an apprentice , Teach carefully .

That s , The trend of respecting teachers and respecting morality has become a social norm , Guan Dexing obeyed master's words , Taking care of master's daily life has never been neglected , Therefore, master's true biography , Learned a good skill .

While Guan Dexing is studying and practicing hard in Singapore , The national protection movement in China is in full swing , The land of China is shaking in the wind and rain , Heroes everywhere rise up , Forge ahead for China's independence .

1921 year ,16 Guan Dexing has achieved great success in his studies , Shifu is very pleased , So I left Singapore safely , Go to the United States to develop .

That year , Guan Dexing returned to Guangzhou to reunite with his mother , With exquisite skills , Take refuge in “ Red boat class ” effect .

In order to improve my attainments in Cantonese Opera , Guan Dexing later became a master and studied under liangyuanheng gate , From the original Dragon Runner , Gradually become a famous character who carries the beam alone .

1927 year ,22 Guan Dexing, aged, is independent , Set up the “ Big boy ”, Became the head of the troupe , Lead theatrical troupes to perform in various villages and towns , Made ten thousand liang of silver , Become a famous 10000 yuan household .

After Guan Dexing saved enough of his wife Ben , Soon got married , Married the daughter of the actor .

1930 year , The domestic Cantonese opera market is depressed ,25 Guan Dexing led the troupe to Vietnam to earn money from foreigners , It took only three months , Just make 100000 Vietnamese dollars .

With the artistic cultivation of self-discipline , Courteous corporal's hospitality , Guan Dexing, who is both virtuous and artistic, has won a lot of praise abroad .

The local Vietnamese overseas Chinese like Guan Dexing very much , An overseas Chinese leader also wrote a long couplet for him as a parting souvenir :“ There are no accumulated habits of actors nowadays , Have the virtue of self-respect ”.

In that era when actors were inferior , Guan Dexing can get such achievements and awards , Enough to show his artistic cultivation , There are different people .

1932 year , As a domestic famous actor , Guan Dexing was warmly invited by the Greater China theater in San Francisco , Perform on stage in the United States .

Hollywood at that time , Sound movies are becoming popular , Guan Wenqing, a famous director in the industry 、 Zhao Shufan strongly invited Guan Dexing to star in the audio film 《 Song girl love tide 》, When the film is finished , Guan Dexing became the first Chinese to make a sound film in a foreign country .

1934 year , Sound films are gradually rising in Hong Kong , Guan Dexing's career in Hong Kong has also been carried out like a duck to water .

He took part in one after another 《 Song of yesterday 》、《 Remnant song 》 Two films .

In the same year , Guan Dexing boldly borrowed from the exotic atmosphere he had acquired during his stay in the United States , This exotic artistic element , Applied to the works of Guangdong opera troupe , Play after play 《 Eighteen years of divorce 》、《 Who is the adulterer of the wind 》 etc. , It's very well received .

In the same year , Guan Dexing is very close to Kuang bingshun, a patriotic overseas Chinese , Under his guidance , Guan Dexing learned the unique skill of using a whip to extinguish a candle , Apply this unique skill to fashion dramas 《 The whip 》 among , Once launched, it has been loved by the majority of the audience .

1937 year , The land of China is filled with gunsmoke , Countless patriots have sacrificed their lives for justice , Fight for a peaceful and pure land for future generations with blood, flesh and sweat .

Under the background of such an era of national struggle , But every hot-blooded man , Will do their part .

Kuang bingshun thinks , As an overseas Chinese , Since you can't use a sharp weapon to defend your country , You should not be stingy with money , Help patriots save the country from danger .

Birds of a feather flock together , Birds of a feather flock together , As a good friend of Kuang bingshun , Guan Dexing also has such patriotic feelings .

Win or lose on the battlefield , Weapons and equipment are essential , At that time, what the domestic air force lacked most was fighters , Because planes are too expensive , The cost of capital invested is the highest .

Hong Kong compatriots at that time , unite , Give generously , Try to buy two planes .

In order to raise funds as soon as possible , Donated one of his famous American cars , As anti Japanese war materials .

At that time, the car became a publicity car , Banners were pulled on the roof to raise money to buy planes , The publicity effect of publicity vehicles in Hong Kong is quite amazing , In a very short time , Raised funds for the purchase of seven planes .

Every victory on the battlefield , It depends not only on the unswerving faith of the Chinese people and the courage not afraid of life and death , The consumption of weapons and equipment is also quite huge .

In order to deliver a steady stream of Quartermaster Equipment to the soldiers in front , Guan Dexing, Kuang bingshun and others have done a lot of publicity and fund-raising work in the overseas Chinese community in the United States .

besides , Guan Dexing also raised a lot of money through charity performances in the United States , With Kuang bingshun “ San Francisco National Salvation Association ” A total of 30 Ten thousand dollars , All donated to the country .

At that time, the national government also gave Guan Dexing a gift “ Patriotic artists ” The golden banner of , The title of patriotic artists comes from this .

1939 year , The national government conferred the rank of major general Guan Dexing , But Guan Dexing only accepted positions , Refuse to accept salary , The moths in the army who make the country rich , I don't know how many people , Secretly laughing at his patriotism and loyalty behind his back .

But Guan Dexing thinks :“ Born a , Don't be indomitable , Just ask for a clear conscience ”.

1941 year , Hong Kong was invaded by the Japanese Army , Guan Dexing felt that the green mountains were left behind , I'm not afraid of burning without firewood , He disguised himself as a hick , Take the opportunity to return to the Mainland , Was sent to a near 2 Ten thousand orphanages did propaganda work for the war of resistance against Japan .

1945 year , Victory in the war of resistance ,40 Guan Dexing returned to Hong Kong , Continue his beloved acting career .

from 1946 Year begins , For three consecutive years , Guan Dexing is building 《 huang feihong 》 The movie series , He likes Huang Feihong's noble righteousness , I also like the patriotism of this character .

Whether film and television works have positive energy , This has a far-reaching impact on society , therefore , Guan Dexing played the role of Huang Feihong many times .

China at that time , For historical reasons , Chinese people's physique is generally bad , Therefore, it has been ridiculed by foreigners as the sick man of East Asia for several years .

1952 year ,47 In order to strengthen the physique of Chinese people , A pharmacy was specially set up on King's road, Hong Kong , Specializing in rheumatic plaster , For the poor who are short of money , He doesn't charge medical fees and medicine .

Guan Dexing's patriotism , Never fade because of the passage of time .

1991 year , East China Flood , Guan Dexing led his disciples , A total of 1200 A relief fund of HK $million , All contributions to the National Emergency Response Fund , In addition, contact domestic 18 A garment factory , The contract is hastened 20 More than ten thousand cotton padded clothes were donated to the disaster area .

from 1949 - 1994 year , Guan Dexing filmed 77 Ministry 《 huang feihong 》 The movie series , Therefore, it is called “ Huang Feihong is a professional ”, When Jet Li played Huang Feihong , I also asked Guan Dexing for advice , learn .

1996 year , Guan Dexing in his twilight years , She was admitted to Hong Kong Mary Hospital because of illness , Finally died of pancreatic cancer , At the age of 91 year .

Guan Dexing was a man all his life , Be frank , His creed in life is :“ As the Chinese people , Never watch your country go to ruin ”.

No skin , The hair will be attached. ?

No country , Where did you come from ?

Social ethos , Determines the aspirations of the people , From the past to the present , Until the future , Every Chinese , Should not forget , In the bloody history of China , Those patriots , They all deserve respect 、 Look forward to !

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