Jin Dong and sun Honglei will come out again. Liu Yunlong and Yu Hewei will join hands. The new year of spy war drama is coming

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Recently, , Directed by Gong Zhaohui , Screenwriter Lang Xuefeng , Zhang Luyi 、 Nie yuan starred , han 、 Cristy 、 Cao Weiyu 、 Huo Qing 、 Zheng Luoxi and others jointly starred in the new domestic spy war suspense drama ――《 Forerunner 》, Although the ratings are good , But word-of-mouth is becoming more and more polarized .

If you count this year 6 month , Once caused super high ratings 、 Another domestic espionage drama discussed with the topic 《 Rebel 》( Tour Director , Zhu Yilong 、 Yao Tong 、 Wang Zhiwen 、 Wang Yang 、 Zhu Zhu and other leading actors );

And the first half of this year , Two contemporary urban espionage suspense dramas with less than ideal reputation 《 Storm eye 》( Yang Mi 、 Zhang Binbin leads the leading role , Douban score 5.7) And 《 Storm dance 》( Chen Weiting 、 Gulinaza leads the lead role , Douban score 3.8) Words ;

Predict the overall performance of this year's domestic spy war drama , It's just 6 A film broadcast in January , At present The Douban score is 7.8 Of 《 Rebel 》, The reputation is the best .

but , even so ,《 Rebel 》 Compared with the previous watercress score as high as 8.6 Points of 《 pretenders 》、8.8 Points of 《 Kite 》、9.1 Points of 《 Red 》、9.4 Points of 《 latent 》、 as well as 9.0 Points of 《 Plot against 》…… Compared with the classic domestic spy war old dramas , There is still a gap .

however , We shouldn't be against the new domestic espionage drama , Loss of expectation !

According to the author's inquiry , Next , both 《 pretenders 》、《 latent 》 Jin Dong, who is waiting for a good work 、 Sun hong2 lei2 , Will be out of the mountain again , one after another Return to Espionage suspense ;

He has directed and acted in two super classic domestic espionage dramas 《 Plot against 》 And 《 Kite 》 Liu Yunlong, a super powerful man , It will also compete with the new Magnolia Award “ Emperor Shen ” Winner Yu Hewei ( With excellent TV dramas 《 The age of awakening 》), Combining the , Bring a quasi explosive espionage epic .

First , Jin Dong's upcoming espionage work 《 No room 》, Compiled and directed by Qidao , Jin Dong 、 Wang Likun 、 Zhang Zhijian starred , Wang Zhiwen especially starred ;

The play mainly tells the story of... On the eve of Japan's surrender 1944 Year , Communist Lu Feng ( Jin Dong Decoration ) To explore the faith of family and country , A battle full of courage and wisdom with hostile forces The game of life and death The story .

It is worth mentioning that , The front foot is here 2021 A popular spy war drama 《 Rebel 》 in , An old drama bone who has contributed amazing acting skills Wang Zhiwen teacher , This time, it's a new work in espionage 《 No room 》 in , Once again assumed an important role .

and , The play was released this year 9 month 9 Japan , Official announcement and killing .

also , This time, sun Honglei's new espionage work about to return , be known as 《 Startling string 》, Sun Honglei and Zhang Songwen will be invited to co star ;

according to the understanding of , The play is currently in an intense preparatory stage , It is expected to start at the end of this year . Will mainly talk about 1941 year , Our party's underground workers Zhang Fan , Harbin under the rule of the Japanese puppets , Brave danger , Fight with the enemy , A thrilling story waiting for the dawn .

One of this summer's Archives 《 Black storm 》, The audience has seen , Sun hong2 lei2 ( Decoration Li Chengyang ) Deep in acting ; At that time, this sun Honglei movie will be released after 12 year , Return to the work of traditional espionage , It is expected to trigger another viewing boom .

Next , It's this one “ Domestic spy war drama is super powerful ” Liu Yunlong directed and acted by himself , Screenwriter Wang Hailin , Yu Hewei starred , Lei Jiayin plays a special role 2022 Domestic espionage epic drama ――

《 A powerful city 》

according to the understanding of , The play may also start at the end of this year , It mainly tells the story of Ling Yunzhou, the male leader who was born in the family of senior officials of the national government ,1939 After returning to China in , With the help of brother Ling Yuezhou , Work in Shanghai financial circle in the isolated island period . Later, inspired by my good friend Luo Ting , Resolutely join the underground party , With the Japanese Colonial institutions 、 And the traitor bank , Several times to prevent the Japanese invaders from seizing real gold and silver from Chinese land , Finally ushered in the legend of the great victory of the Anti Japanese War .

To be fair , If only the director can , Liu Yunlong is definitely worth looking forward to . Just this time Screenwriter Wang Hailin , The most famous screenwriter before , was “ Rolling thunder ” Love idol drama 《 Watch the meteor shower together 》, It is inevitable that people will not be concerned about the quality of this new spy drama with serious theme , I'm worried ;

however , besides , Following Zhang Yimou's Espionage film 《 On the cliff 》 after , Co starring Yu Hewei 、 And the special actor Lei Jiayin , At least two people are Acting , Still quite hard core , More reassuring .

in addition ,2022 In addition to more than years 3 Ministry , Outside the spy war drama with the theme of the Republic of China , There's another one “ three countries ” Subject matter , Directed by Lu Yang , Chen Kun 、 Bai Yu starred , Nie Yuan 、 Chang Yuan 、angelababy Angela Baby 、 Sun Yi 、 Yin Zhusheng 、 Yu Haoming 、 Wang Xiao and other co stars , Dong Zijian 、 Guo Jingfei 、 Li Guangming's special ancient costume espionage suspense drama ――《 The wind rises in Longxi 》, It is also expected to be broadcast .

thus , say The new year of spy war drama is coming , It's not impossible .

Last , I don't know what you think of the above 2022 A new domestic espionage drama to be broadcast 《 No room 》、《 Startling string 》、《 A powerful city 》、 as well as 《 The wind rises in Longxi 》, What are their attitudes ? Which movie are you looking forward to most ? You are also welcome to leave a message in the comment area to share with us .

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