Secrets hidden in the bottom of my heart (4)

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Yun'er showed the correctional cadres the interview card .

actually , Yun'er's education is not high , But when she was in town , He began to get involved in news writing , Works have been published in several local newspapers , He is a special reporter of a magazine .

To wait for minkai , Yun'er got a job in a large restaurant , And quickly promoted from an ordinary waiter to a business manager .

Mingkai's adaptability is also very strong , He has no complaint , Never pick and choose when working , And actively participate in various activities carried out by the prison , Work hard to learn everything you can learn .

A year later , Mingkai was authorized to open a hair salon outside prison , There is also some freedom , And because of good performance , Got the reward of commutation for half a year .

Yuner changed her job , The new unit has a performance award , She saw Mingkai becoming more and more stable , In order to increase performance . She will visit the prison once a month , Slowly extend it to once every two months or even once every three months .

Yun'er occasionally writes a small article for the newspaper , Discipline saw rhyme's works in the newspaper , Will show it to minkai , There is a , Discipline brought a daily newspaper , Mingkai saw Yuner's picture in the supplement , Smile so brightly .

Yuner's achievements , Make minkai proud and uneasy , It seems that every time Yuner goes further , It means a step further from him . Minkai knows , Yun'er always has pursuers around her , And some are excellent .

And what can you give Yuner ? If it's outside , He can still work hard , Maybe I can barely catch up with her .

But now , As a prisoner , He can give Yuner , Except shame and burden , Nothing can be given to her , It can only become a stumbling block on yun'er's way forward .

He xuyun'er didn't break up , Just because of her inner goodness . Why don't you take the initiative to let go , At least , And leave a sense of self-esteem for yourself .

After a month of ideological struggle , After Yuner didn't visit for more than two months , Mingkai finally ruthlessly wrote a dear John letter to Yuner .

Rhyme :

I haven't written to you for a long time , It seems just because in my heart , I always thought we could exclude language , Talk with your heart .

But how many sleepless nights , Reason says to me again and again : “ love you , Just let you go ! You should have a better life .”

I am now , My heart is calm , It can be said to be unusually calm . Think back on the road we walked side by side , Although most of the steps are sad , But there are also a few sweets that are hard to write in a lifetime .

Since we met , Although I always hope happiness can be with you , But actually , I have never been able to bring you , Even the real happiness of a day ; On the contrary, it brings you immeasurable pain , In front of you , I am an unforgivable sinner !

Now remember , I'm so dissatisfied . Can once have you , For me, a poor boy without virtue and talent , I've been lucky for three years , How can you expect to have it forever ?

before , I'm young and frivolous , Always want to rely on their own hands , Create a bright future for you .

How ridiculous it is now ! In fact, I know , Even if I don't go to jail , There is also a big gap between us . In any way , I don't deserve you , Maybe I spent all my life creating wealth , It's not worth mentioning in your eyes .

And now , The distance between us is getting farther and farther , Maybe one day , You will become the existence I look up to .

Rhyme , Thank you for your love ! Before I met you , I've been living in a dark world . You gave me a clear sky that is always worth remembering , It is you who let me really realize the true meaning of happiness .

Actually , Even if you offer to break up , I have no reason to blame you ……

But I know , You are so kind , You can't speak , Then let me break up !

Forget me , Rhyme , There are too many requests for your forgiveness . I hope after tonight , All our past , Can be like my name , Never appear in your memory !

I'm sorry ! Rhyme , I owe you too much , I can't repay you in this life , If possible , Let me love you in the afterlife .

Without my drag , Your world will be clear .


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