What is the feeling of extreme depression

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It took more than a month to slowly realize , I have a cold , I like to eat snacks with high carbon water very much this month , I'm often depressed , I often feel a lot of pressure , Sometimes I can't breathe , I'm more stressed when I do root canal therapy , Afraid of overcharging , Affect the follow-up treatment effect , I'm afraid that Miss Ding will give me orders , Let me count the countless moments that have made me feel stressed in the past two months .

1、 Mix alginate material , Learn how to take a mold , I find it hard , I don't even know how to pull a quarrel correctly , Even if you know , When it comes to the specific operation, I will forget .

2、 I just went to the Department , The place of life is not familiar , The teacher told me to get something , I don't even know where , Ask this person , Ask the man , A feeling of despair arises in my heart .

3、 It's so stressful at work , Very tired, , Very thirsty , Don't want to talk , But I have to talk , At the first clinic , There are piles of registration lists on the table , It's like a big eye , Staring straight at me , I dare not look directly at it .

4、 In August, I was still with jiojio It's awkward . Make an appointment for a patient to fill a tooth for the first time , I'm so flustered , The hands holding the needle are shaking badly , I'm afraid I'll wear the marrow when I go to rot .

5、 Learn to make films , Sometimes you can't shoot the root tip anyway , Didn't grasp the key points , From time to time, Mr. Ding will ask me to make a film , When you can't get it, I'm afraid the patient will be impatient , I'm afraid the teacher will criticize me .

6、 When I was an assistant to teacher Ding, I would be said .

7、 Miss Ding will let me write medical records , Some patients , I didn't tell you from beginning to end , She'll just ask me to write a medical record .

8、 That day, there was a fool with cracked teeth , At first glance, there is something wrong with the brain .

9、 A lot of trouble , Another internship , I want to take the postgraduate entrance examination again .

10、 When taking a model for a patient , Some patients are very impatient , Last time, sister Xiaomei asked me to take a model for a middle-aged uncle , The uncle chattered like eating shit , Say oh, forget it, you , Let Dr. Song come , Do you think I want to take a model for you ?

11、 I was very tired at the initial diagnosis , Keep talking to the patient , Sometimes I want to curse , some people

The patient is really stupid , Say it many times and don't listen . Some patients are wordy , What are you talking about? You don't have time , Do you him? It's your toothache, not mine , It's none of my business , Idiot . Some patients don't have a good tooth , Just want you to be like magic duang All the problems were solved with a bang , Is it possible? ? Did your mouth look like a ghost overnight ? You've come to where you are today , I didn't do it myself , Don't brush your teeth , Never brush your teeth , Brushing your teeth will rot your teeth .

12、 Go out early every morning , I came back late at noon and in the evening , Prepare for open and closed visits , Sometimes I really don't want to do , Just don't want to do , No why? , I just want to rest in bed .

I find , I find , Every year I 9 There will be mood problems at the beginning of the month , Am I right? ? I think I'm probably seasonal depression . By this time of year , Reduced light , The content of melatonin in the body increases , Endocrine disorders , Or get acne , Or you lose your libido , Or be unhappy , Then self denial , The sense of self-worth falls into the trough , I don't care to do anything . What should I do now , It's a problem. . I thought , This month, Buddhism is a little , Do what you want to do , Like yesterday , Want to see Xu Tao , Just one day , Don't watch today if you don't want to , Your own happiness is the most important , Do whatever you want , Rest when you are free at work , Don't let yourself be too busy , Talk less , Think more about how to make yourself happy , come on. , You'll get through this difficult period well .

It's hard to have a teacher , Often give us a lot of tasks , I have to take the postgraduate entrance examination , Sometimes let's make courseware , A courseware will take a few days , Sometimes I have to help her collect medical records , A whole is a week . Now it's autumn , During this time, it rained continuously every day , Can't get the sun , I suspect that my seasonal depression has committed , This happens at this time of year , Very low , It's negative , Even want to die .

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