Snow at the beginning of winter

Life journey 2021-11-25 17:04:44

At the beginning of winter, I see snowflakes and cold heels ,

The frost face is cold and the proud bones are frozen .

The open wind deceives the heavenly guest ,

It's beautiful and beautiful .

It was winter yesterday , It's snowing , It's cold , We walk in winter .

The wind is blowing , Snowflakes hit my face , Cool , Refreshing enjoyment .

A hand , Touch the cold , The rose blossoms on the roadside , Just know that it stands proudly in the wind and frost , Stronger than me .

Green leaves , Red mouth , Red and green with beautiful branches . Flowers bloom beautifully in spring , Flowers bloom beautifully in summer , Flowers bloom beautifully in autumn , Winter frost, proud flowers bloom , Even more beautiful , Gorgeous beauty .

Grab the beauty of nature , I walk on the way of wind and snow , Like snow , Flowery , Bloom your beauty !

We harvest together 《 The snow at the beginning of winter 》, Aestheticism is about .

It snows at the beginning of winter , We share the beauty together .

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