Tibetan Chrysanthemum

Life journey 2021-11-25 17:04:42

Chrysanthemums bloom in winter ,

Hide cold incense and plant it in September .

The flowers are full of green and red leaves ,

Ask life spring grows in .

The first day of winter , It's a little cold , I took a pot of chrysanthemums from my friend to the balcony of my room , The early sunny sun also shines generously on its happy face , Red flowers , Green leaves . In this autumn and winter festival , Only this chrysanthemum is so beautiful that people sigh and praise . Han Ju has found its growing environment again , Still beautiful and likable , Yan is full of youthful vitality . No , It is a kind of catharsis to the vitality of nature , It should be called “ In full bloom ”, Yes , This is a manifestation of life in full bloom . beautiful , It makes people drunk and healthy , This is why I am willing to raise flowers ! Would like to share with you !

Life in full bloom

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