He became a child star, won the film emperor many times, married "little Liu Xiaoqing" as his wife, and still rents a house

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as everyone knows , The movie king is definitely the highest recognition of an actor's acting skills , Generally speaking, people who have no ability will not get such a title , And after winning this award , His development in the circle will be much better . Many stars want to put on a trumpet when they win some small Awards , Let everyone know , Because they need to worry about competing for resources .

But there are also other kinds of existence in the circle , He is the rich dragon ,8 At the age of , He has become famous , Later, he who liked acting also stepped into this circle . Near graduation , The students in the class are looking for relationships everywhere , Take care of your post graduation Affairs , Only he doesn't want to do something against his heart because of resources , Stubbornly want to use their real acting skills to find a way out .

So stubborn he , No variety show , No interview , Don't go to the banquet , Will only continue to deliver their own information to each crew , Fight for the role in the most primitive way , But not once was accepted , He hasn't received a role for years , No play can be made . He lost his financial resources , Once I could only deliver takeout for a living .

until 2009 In the year , Skydog's crew contacted him , Ask him if he would like to take the role , But the director also told him frankly , The crew has no money , You may not even be able to pay for the film . The rich dragon attracted by the script , Accepted without hesitation , And he finally proved his strength with this play , Three movie Winners .

And his talent also attracted people called “ Xiao Qing Liu ” My girl Rao Minli , Two people met under the introduction of others , Not long later, I entered the palace of marriage . Although later he had more opportunities , But no business activities , And they are very strict with the script , The economy is still very tight , After all these years , Or rent a house .

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