Six pairs of male main dregs can't make you knock CP: white hair, East Palace and Huaxu Yinna?

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Forget what expert said , The essence of human beings is to knock cp, But there is one kind cp Let you not only knock , The key is not to knock , The man's scum makes you think that the man must take the dog to watch the play , Today, Xiaobian will check this type of TV series for you .

One 、《 White hair 》《 Beacon fire beauty 》

It's unreasonable for a man not to die , White hair is the first in this series , Not because of what he did , Mainly because he didn't have anything do , Just pick up cheap , I'm still wronged , It really makes people want to put Er Qing in his face , Teach him what is style and The rules , So he didn't mean anything else , Just want him to die , It's best to take the woman with you .

And one for Xiaobian The unbearable TV play is called Beacon beauty , The man said he loved the woman , While jealous of someone's ex boyfriend , Ask the hostess to have only her in mind , But I went to bed with all kinds of women , There are more kissing scenes than kissing with the hostess , And all kinds of close ups , All kinds of hugs , What a ruin Three views ! Such a scum man is really rare , Especially in the end, the man and the woman are still together , This ending really makes people want to vomit three liters of blood .

Two 、《 Tianjianxia biography 》《 The hermitage 》《 In the sun 》

These three plays can be said to be the same for every slag man's inventory , It's also a master apprentice inheritance series , Donggong Li Chengyin and tianjianxia It is said that king abiro , Two people can be said to be scum , King arbelow, that's a terrible evil. Finally, even his wife and children Never let go . It's strange that in the end, the goods didn't regret . alas , I'm just bad . What's the matter . Then he went east The Palace , Become Li Chengyin's master , So Li Chengyin is directly the scourge of the nine families of others , Person to person nickname , Dad killing master . as for Under the sun, there is a small sound , Let's not say more , This immortal , It's outrageous , You've done everything you can and can't do , It's not too much to describe poverty, ferocity and evil , Finally, I want other women to fall in love with you , eldest brother , What do you think .

3、 ... and 、《 Hua xuyin 》

This play can be said to be a slag man wholesale market , It's rare to have a play scum man , Slag sister , Scum girlfriends are everywhere , There are so few good people , residue Men's scum is the kind that even chasing his wife at the peak of the crematorium , Everyone doesn't want him to be with his loved ones , The ash has to be raised residue , Every man , They all force their wives black and blue , Take the dog once . One of them is Shen An , Not to mention Ingenuity , That's called a person who doesn't do anything at all , Dog Man , You don't deserve song Ning .

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