Star sea: only those who have moved their hearts can't help being sour and jealous

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When did Fang Hengzhi fall in love with Jane Eyre ? I guess he doesn't know .

Maybe when Jane Eyre spilled coffee on him , He already noticed the girl , After all , I've been doing business outside these years , The probability of this happening , It's very little .

Maybe that time , Jane Eyre helps Liang Bing on duty , Skillfully resolved the material dilemma at that time , He has been convinced by Jane Eyre's wisdom , Although at that time he didn't know what kind of girl was on the phone , But it can be seen that , Across the phone line , He has trusted Jane Eyre very much .

Maybe that time , When Jane Eyre turned the apple into a flower , On Jane Eyre , She saw the girl's playful side , A strong interest in the girl .

Maybe it was after Fang Hengzhi was driven out of Linshi group , Plan to start your own business , After seeing Jane Eyre , When Jane Eyre was ashamed of his experience , He has already fallen in love with this girl , After all, this kind of thing , Most people avoid it , But Jane Eyre is not like this , Also take the initiative to take the responsibility on yourself .

Of course , Really let Jane Eyre enter Fang Hengzhi's heart , At the tender meeting of Linshi group ——

From boss Huang , Fang Hengzhi heard about the bidding of Linshi group , But then “ Hengzhi foreign trade ” Just started , In addition, Fang Hengzhi was driven out by Linshi group , So about the bidding , Fang Hengzhi has no strong interest .

The critical moment , Jane Eyre stood up , Help Fang Hengzhi analyze “ Hengzhi foreign trade ” The advantages of , Let Fang Hengzhi understand , You don't have to wait until you're successful , Even if the bid fails , It's just accumulated experience , For the growth of Hengzhi's foreign trade , It's good .

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Just then , Li Yiming comes “ Hengzhi foreign trade ”, Send a snack to Jane Eyre , Specially bought Jane Eyre's favorite meal . Of course , There is also Zhang Ajiao's reason for this , Although Jane Eyre has repeatedly asked not to disclose her information to Li Yiming , But the girl said it .

When you see this scene , Fang Hengzhi's whole person is not good , Excuse me that I don't have the habit of curfew , Shut the door , Jane Eyre asked Gillian to send him a cup of coffee to refresh him .

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