First day of suspension

Photography 2021-11-25 17:00:38

The few minutes after receiving the suspension , My heart is actually happy . You don't have to get up from the hot quilt in the morning , Don't worry about clothes in class , You don't even have to wash your face , You don't have to squeeze the bus to work , When you don't open the video , You can drink and eat as you like . There is no feeling of being stared at work by dozens of eyes , splendid .

As a result, I think a lot . Don't get out of bed , The mind is not clear , Unclear mind , Thinking is not agile , Thinking is not agile , Will talk about a problem in a muddle , The teacher is confused , Students will be more confused . Wear clothes that don't fit , Didn't wash your face , Even in the face of no one's camera , Also not confident , Self distrust is a teacher's Achilles heel . Can't see the students , Like an old hen without chicks , Want to protect them , I can't find the direction , I was in a hurry , There is no spare time to drink water and eat , Even when you can take a short break , All tossed by the card network .

most important of all , I used to face familiar students , Is a child eager for knowledge , They are a piece of white paper , What color do I paint them , They are just what color . But now I don't know who is opposite the screen , Anyone can join us , Anyone can share my live broadcast . The opposite may be picky leaders , It may also be a colleague who always wants to listen to my class but can't listen , It may also be parents who are full of expectations for their students , Powerful network , Maybe in a few minutes after class , Just share my class with the whole network .

in fact , I'm more cautious than usual , More passion , Be more patient . The content of the class is that I grind it over and over again , Keep in mind , Every question in class , Every move , Every instruction , I thought it over and over before I decided to use it . Lessons that could have been prepared in an hour , I now use two or even three hours , Courseware is also a few additions and deletions , Delete a few more and add a few more . A one or two word comment on my previous homework , Now it has become a sentence or a few .

I don't know how the students opposite look at me on the screen , I looked at the empty classroom , Ask the blackboard and desk , Do you understand ? Are there any questions? ? In my heart, I miss my students very much . Maybe they are listening attentively , Take notes from time to time , Sometimes meditate , Sometimes laugh at what I said wrong ; Maybe they also eat snacks and drink water , Looking at my sweating guidance ; Maybe they secretly split the screen , Play games while listening to classes .

Hope to resume classes soon . Because of the epidemic , Schools in surrounding cities and counties have been closed one after another , While I envy them that they can have classes at home , Also worried about our teaching after class suspension . The first day of suspension , I'm already praying to get back to class . I hope the epidemic will pass quickly , So that I can face the students , Eye to eye , Smile to smile class .

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